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Detroit tourist destinations
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Detroit is an industrial city located around the river of Detroit and Lake St Clair. A long time ago, it was only a small city built by a French trader.

It was also a part of France until the French lose the war to British. Thus, there are a lot of historical Detroit tourist destinations you can visit.

Detroit Tourist Attractions

Generally, Detroit is popularly known as the centre of automobile industry. Then it has the busiest port in United States as it is also the biggest city in Michigan.

Of course, you can access the port to see how the daily business life in the port.

But although Detroit is not a popular tourist destination in Detroit USA, there are a lot of tourist attractions near Detroit Michigan you can explore.

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Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the best tourist destinations near Detroit Michigan United States

Art is always an interesting thing to explore and to learn. Usually, art is always related to the cultures of the artist. In particular, if the artist lives in an old civilization region.

Detroit institute of arts contain one of the richest artworks in the world. In fact, it reserves the artworks creation even since A.D era.

Furthermore, the artworks are including the artworks from Africa, Oceania, medieval Europe, and even Indigenous America. Make sure you explore this one of tourist attractions in Detroit area with walking tour.

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tourist attractions near Detroit Michigan
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Belle Isle Island is tourist attractions between Detroit and Chicago

Belle Isle Island is quite a calm island located around 30 minutes from Detroit. It is also a very peaceful island.

Even it’s only a small island with 3km square; there are a lot of visitors visiting this island for vacation. However, Belle Isle Island is a good place to rest from our daily life.

Tourist attractions in Detroit Michigan in the island you can explore are the island aquarium and the Great Lake Museum.

tourist destinations near Detroit Michigan United States
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Henry Ford Estate

Did you know a motorsport brand called Ford? It was established by Henry Ford. And this is his former estate while he was living in Detroit.

Henry Ford estate becomes the Detroit tourist attractions since the Ford Company is getting bigger. Then people started to amaze with Henry Ford’s life.

One of the unique things is Henry Ford Estate is this house can produce its own electricity power. The power comes from its own hydropower plant.

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The Masonic Temple of Detroit is the biggest temple of its kind

The most classical attraction you can visit in Detroit is the Masonic Temple of Detroit.

It is designed with the classical Gothic architecture. In fact, the Masonic Temple of Detroit is the biggest Masonic temple in the world.

In addition, it was built with Indiana Limestone which was hardly found.

There are three main divisions that you can explore. Firstly, the ritualistic tower as a place for masonic ritual. The second is Shrine Club.

Lastly, the division you can see is the auditorium which was the place for holding main events.

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Tourist attractions in Detroit Michigan
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Detroit Public Library with the architecture that will amaze you

Have you ever wondered where to find an old book that interests you? Detroit Public Library is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Detroit USA.

In fact, it was built around 300 years ago. Hence, you could find a lot of books from the era it was built.

If you love reading books, then Detroit Public Library might be a place that you want to visit the most.

But actually the unique architecture of the building is also interesting. You can see the very old architecture that you may never see in other places.

Detroit tourist attractions
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Detroit Historical Museum

When you visit a place, then you should know the story behind the place you visit. Knowing the history enables you to see the place differently.

In Detroit Historical Museum, you will see the development of Detroit since a very small city to be the biggest port in United States of America.

The reconstructions of the city are explained in very detail in the museum. Furthermore, there are also walking tours available daily if you want to explore the area.

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Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

As we know, there are a lot of migrants from Africa to America till today. In fact, the migration has begun since hundred years ago even before the British came.

And till today, African-American are also holding big role in America. They are also one of the factors that make America become big country like today.

So, visit the museum to understand in detail about the history and role of African-American in United States.

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tourist destination near Detroit Michigan United States
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Fort Wayne

A long time ago when America was part of France, Fort Wayne was used to defend Detroit city from the unfriendly visitors. This fort contains a lot of history since the France rule the area.

Once you go inside the Fort Wayne, you will see a lot of unique weapons that is still in original. In fact, Fort Wayne was also the military commander’s house at the time.

Walking Around in detroit city
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Walking around the city of Detroit

Walking around the city of Detroit is also a very interesting thing to do. Around the street, you will see a lot of old buildings but improved to be some modern buildings.

Detroit city is a perfect combination of the old and the new architecture. Along the road, you also can find a lot of great restaurant and shopping. And of course, you can see the daily industrial life in Detroit.

tourist destinations in Detroit Lakes MN
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Detroit Lake

Detroit Lake is the tourist destinations in Detroit Lakes MN you can visit. It is a perfect combination of nature with modern life. You can visit the lake to enjoy its calm water.

Also, you can take the boat as well to explore the water. For best sightseeing in Detroit Lakes MN tourist destinations, come in the sunset time.

Detroit, an automobile city as we know it, is actually unusual Detroit tourist destinations. But actually the place reserves a lot of great things.

The mixture of the old and the new in Detroit is a perfect sightseeing in your vacation. It’s a perfect place to learn history, especially history of the United States of America.

But on the other hand, it is also a perfect place to see how a city could grow so fast with industrial side.