Da Nang Vietnam Attractions, The Beauty of Small City in Vietnam

Da Nang attraction
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Right in the coastal side of Vietnam, the Da Nang city is slowly becoming the major tourist attractions in the Southeast Asia. Since long time ago, Vietnam has been a great vacation destination in Southeast Asia.

And as a matter of the fact, the city of Da Nang played a big part to enhance the development of Vietnam as a tourism country. The Da Nang city actually has a bit unique landscape.

Its tropical paradise such as tropical forest and beaches make everyone want to visit that small city while travelling around the Southeast Asian Da Nang Vietnam attractions.

Da Nang Vietnam attraction
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Da Nang Attractions

Da Nang is a city that holds the most history of Vietnam country. A visit to Da Nang city always worth the money you spending on.

The Da Nang city will never bored to make every coming visitor get a lot of fun on its tourist vacation. As the Da Nang city grow as the major tourist attraction in the world, its city is really worth to visit on your vacation time.

Well, Da Nang might be a small city, but it has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions in Da Nang. As it has too many tourist destinations to explore, visiting only some of its best is quite good if you have only limited time travelling in Vietnam especially Da Nang. To get you accommodated, those are the best tourist attractions that you can visit in Da Nang.

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Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang
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Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang

As Da Nang is a coastal region, its coastal reserves a lot of hidden beauty. You might usually see a crowded beach around the Da Nang’s coastline, but this time I will recommend you a very peaceful tourist attraction to visit in Da Nang.

The name of the place is the Son Tra Peninsula. In fact, the Son Tra Peninsula is a very peaceful tourism area that you can see the wonderful ocean view accompanied with a lot of green trees around its coastal.

The Son Tra Peninsula is considered as a hidden paradise in Da Nang city. In particular, you need to go through forest to arrive in the area of the Son Tra Peninsula.

A day relaxation around this area watching the ocean view under a lot of banyan trees are very enjoyable thing to do in this area. Even a lot of people usually have a picninc in the Son Tra Peninsula. Moreover, its camping ground is also worth a place to build a camp.

Da Nang Vietnam attractions
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Museum of Cham Structure

Among the best Da Nang tourist attraction, this museum worth to know. The Da Nang city does not only offer nature tourist destination. As a matter of the fact, the culture of the Da Nang city is also an interesting one to explore.

The Museum of Cham Structure is one of its best exhibition museum to explore in Vietnam. The collection of history and culture in this museum is very complete so that you can learn a lot about Vietnam in this awesome museum.

If you visit the museum of Cham Structure on certain occasion, you are likely to see some wonderful cultural performances around the museum’s area. Around the museum, the terracotta, statue, shrine and some plaques should not be missed while exploring the museum.

A visit to the museum always worth as you can learn lots about Vietnam culture and history in this place. To make the visitor get better understanding while exploring the area, the museum provides free walking tour services daily.

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Da Nang Marble Mountain
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Da Nang Marble Mountain

As the most famous tourist attraction in the Da Nang city, the Marble Mountain is always getting crowded especially on the weekend.

For the locals, Da Nang Marble Mountain is a very spiritual place. But this place is very interesting to see for the visitors. Most importantly, the beauty of the view from the area always attracts a lot of visitors around the area.

Furthermore, the Marble Mountain is actually a site that contains a lot of temples and caves around its area. In fact, most of the caves and temples in this place is still very mysterious that nobody found out its history. A visit to the Marble Mountain Da Nang is enough to answer your curiousity about this mysterious place.

Da Nang Vietnam beach
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Da Nang Vietnam beach

In the coastal of the Da Nang city, the Da Nang beach is a place that always getting full every day. The beauty of the Da Nang beach always offers a lot of fun for any coming visitors. Moreover, the luxurious resorts around the Da Nang beach are worth to visit as its offer very great service and of course, wonderful view.

In the Danang Vietnam beach, you can do several great tourist activities. In the light of it, there are many attractions available around the beach. But if you just want to be a little bit relaxing in this area, swimming on its warm blue water is enough.

The Da Nang Beach is also really worth to visit in the evening. Most importantly, the golden sunset view from the Da Nang beach is among the best sunset watching spot in Da Nang city. No wonder why people are itching to come to Da Nang tourist attractions in Da Nang.

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Ba Na hills Da Nang
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Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Away from the coastal of Da Nang, the Ba Na hills are a nice one to visit. The beauty of its resort called the Ba Na Hills makes it a very famous resort among travellers in Da Nang.

In this resort, you can try and enjoy its cable car system Ba Na hills Da Nang. This resort is actually formed just like an amusement park. A walk to its French village is also really worth to do while visiting this awesome resort.

In the end, Da Nang attraction will make you realize that it has only the beginning of the Vietnam’s Da Nang tourist attraction. Da Nang city is a place where the fun begins. But it is also a place to enjoy the beauty of the tropical nature of Southeast Asia.