The List of Best Toronto Foodie Tour. Taste The Toronto Foodies

Top 6 Toronto foodie tour
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To visit Toronto, then you must know that the city actually has one of the best culinary in Canada. Its  not only a local culinary, but also most of the world’s best.

The good development of the Toronto makes this truly happens as many people from all part of the world migrated to that exotic city of Canada. Of course, visiting Toronto is not enough without exploring its culinary.

Top 6 Toronto Foodie Tour

Around those 20,000 restaurants of Toronto, some of the foodie tours will bring you to do food tasting in some of the best of them. Therefore, those are the choices of Toronto foodie tour Top 10 that should be on your bucket list.

Toronto foodie tour
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King and Queen West Sunday Brunch Tour

This tour is quite a long tour that it would spend up to 4 hours of food tasting. This tour will bring you to the real best restaurants in Toronto.

But even if this is among the best, but the price of that foodie tour is really cheap compared to any other culinary tour in the Toronto. This culinary tour will only cost you for around $88. This is really good for budget travellers who wants to explore the foodie tours Toronto and its history.

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best restaurants in Toronto
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Food Tour at Kensington Market and Savory

Kensington market, the most famous food market in Toronto, offers many of the best foods of culinary in Toronto. Exploring this market will enable you to get to know most local food of Toronto and of course including its ingredients. Further, this market is not only complete in term of food, but also the view of the market is very unique to explore.

This foodie tour is actually among the cheapest foodie tours in Toronto. In fact, it only costs for around $47 to explore the culinary of Toronto with a tour guide. Moreover, the guide is very friendly and would gladly introduce you the history of the Kensington Market and its culinary.

Chinatown Toronto Food tour
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Chinatown Toronto Food tour

China is the best country in term of diaspora. Chinatown is a prove that Chinese can influence a city economically and culturally.

The Chinatown is actually existed in almost every city in the world. This great culture actually also has a great culinary.

While you are in Toronto, you must try exploring Chinatown Toronto restaurants to explore its amazing culinary of China. This is the best highlight of Toronto foodie tour.

Joining the Chinatown Toronto tour actually makes you explore one of the largest ones in the Western Hemisphere. During the tour, there will be a lot of stop for food tasting in some of the best restaurants around this area.

Furthermore, the tour guide will also explain to you about some history of that old fancy Chinatown of Toronto. This culinary tour will only cost you for around $80 including its food tasting activities.

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foodie tour toronto
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Toronto Walking Tour of Hotel Bars

You might think that hotel bars are only visited by those who stay in Hotel. As a matter of the fact, this is actually wrong at all, it is because actually hotel bars are open for public instead of only for hotel’s visitors.

Toronto is actually a place of some greatest hotels in Canada. And of course, those great hotels also have its great hotel bars. To explore some of the greatest hotel bars in Toronto, then you should join a four hour walking tour called the Toronto Walking Tour of Hotel Bars.

The hotel bars walking tour is really special because they only limit a small number of participants. Some of the best stops of this walking tour are the Royal York Hotel, and any other luxurious hotels. Moreover, you will not only try one menu during the stop, but some of its best menus.

best Ossington restaurants
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The Ossington Strip Food Tour

If you see Toronto as a modern city, then you should join a culinary tour called the Ossington Strip Food Tour. In the first place, this culinary tour will make you explore the Ossington Area which looks like the 1970s era of Canada.

This tour is very popular among them who loves old style and history. Lastly, this culinary tour will bring you to best Ossington restaurants, some of them are oldest restaurants in the area of the Ossington.

This tour would cost you for around 151 USD. This might be expensive. But for the tour at this level, $151 is actually really cheap as you will stop in several good restaurants. Finally, you will also get the best culinary tour services in Toronto.

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food tour toronto
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Lawrence Market and Old Toronto Food Tour

If you want to explore the real history of Toronto back to 200 years ago, then you are highly recommended to join the St. Lawrence Market and Old Toronto Food Tour.

During the tour, do not miss the experience of trying its legendary Toronto salmon and Sample Jewish Bagels. The food along this tour is actually traditional food that you hardly find it anywhere else in Toronto. And for this class of culinary tour, this culinary tour is quite cheap that it is only costs for around $71.

Some of the best highlights of this culinary tour are exploring the St. Lawrence Market, walking on the shore of Lake Ontario, and trying some great traditional foods such as Ukrainian pierogies, Indian candy, and some great local cheeses. Moreover, other than food, this tour is very knowledgeable in term of history of Toronto in general.

Toronto is always a city everyone loves to visit. Its culinary always succeeded to make people who visit it want to go back again in the future.

As there are a lot of great culinary, then there are also a lot of culinary tours that take the opportunity to explore those culinary stories of Toronto. As a matter of the fact, exploring Toronto foodie tour by yourself will only make it hard for you. Thus, you should explore Toronto’s culinary with Toronto foodie tour.