Cuban Tourist Attractions, The Most Tourist Destination in Cuba

Cuban tourist attractions
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Travelling to a tropical island in Caribbean is always an exciting experience. The hot beaches, tropical forest, great mountains are always seen so great in tropical island.

Cuban Tourist Attractions

Cuba is one of the best tourist destinations in Caribbean for travelling. It is the biggest island in Caribbean and is contained the most Cuban tourist attractions in Caribbean islands. At the end of the day, travelling to Cuba will be the best experience in Caribbean.

Furthermore, Cuba has a lot of culture, history, and outstanding natural landscape. The beaches on the island are very beautiful. In fact, it has around 3000km long coastline with a lot of great beaches.

When you visit Cuba, Havana would be you entrance and exploring Havana at first is recommended. Then you can start travelling around the island to discover its greatness of nature, culture, and history. So, what is cuba’s tourist attractions.

what is cuba's tourist attractions
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Havana is one of the oldest towns in Cuba. Thus, it reserves a lot of historic tourist attractions in Cuba. There are a lot of interesting old buildings around the street.

Walking around the street in Havana is also a tourist attraction that you can enjoy. Moreover, there are a lot of historic tourist attractions in the old city of Havana. To explore the historic site of Cuba, you must start from the old city of Havana itself.

In fact, old city of Havana is counted as UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are a lot of historical landmarks that you can visit in the city of Havana.

The history is started from its kingdoms era, cold war and today’s era. Furthermore, historic city that you must visit are Catedral De San Cristobal, Bodeguita del Medio, and Plaza de la Catedral. Thus, Havana is the best city for exploring the history of Cuba. This is cuban major tourist attractions.

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cuban major tourist attractions
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After visiting the old city of Havana, the writer recommends you to visit the city of Trinidad. Trinidad, a city of tourism in the middle of Cuba, is also one of the oldest city in Cuba.

There are a lot of histories about Cuba that you can explore here. In particular, this city contained a lot of history of colonialism era in Cuba. If you see the old building around the street, most of them are the proof of colonialism in this city.

Trinidad is a very friendly city for tourists. So if you go around the street, you will see even more tourists than local walking around. If you come to this city, we recommend you to stay around the city centre.

In fact, city centre is a very good starting point to visit tourist attractions near cuban in this city. Furthermore, you can go to places such as the Museum of Colonial architecture, Casa de Aldeman Ortiz, Plaza Mayor, and Curch of The Holy Trinity. This is the answer for what are cuba’s tourist attractions.

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After visiting historical cities in Cuba, you might want to explore natural tourist attractions in Cuba. The next destination we recommend you is Varadero.

In fact, Varadero is one of the most famous beaches in Cuba. The tropical beach of Varadero offers you a very memorable Caribbean vacation. This is one of the best Cuban tourist attractions.

Aroud this white sand beach, you will see a lot of visitors from all over the world. Around the beach, you also could enjoy tourist activities such as surfing, sailing, kayaking and sun bathing.

Furthermore, there are other tourist attractions near the beach as well. Firstly, it’s Parque Josone which is a beautiful flower garden. The others are the two caves called Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de Musulmanes.

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what are cuba's tourist attractions
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Playa Paraiso

Cuba, a country of tropical beaches, is the best country for summer vacation. One of its best beaches is Playa Paraiso. In fact, Playa Paraiso is located in Cayo Largo de Sur Island.

The beach of Playa Paraiso offers you a very nice beach with a clean blue sea wide in front of the beach. Moreover, the beach is quite long and peaceful.

This beach is also best for your romantic trip. You must visit this beach if you want to enjoy a peaceful summer vacation rather than a partying one.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy several activities around the beach. Exploring the sea near the island is one of the best experiences in Playa Paraiso.

You can rent a boat to sail around the island. The next is kayaking and paddle boarding. The calm water around the beach allows you to do them. Spending one week in Playa Paraiso is enough to refresh your mind.

best tourist attractions in mexico city
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Parque Nacional Vinales

After exploring beaches, the place you need to visit is Parque Nacional Vinales. In fact, Parque Nacional Vinales contains both historic and natural tourist attractions.

Just like other historic cities in Cuba, Parque Nacional Vinales is also declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the reasons is because the mixture between history and nature is so perfect in this city.

In fact, Parque Nacional Vinales is a beautiful green valley. The valley offers you a great view with unique landscape around the valley.

To enjoy them, you can go around the valley with biking or even horse-riding. Well, there is no better vacation other than riding horse in the middle of green valley with hills surrounding. This is best tourist attractions in mexico city.

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tourist attractions downtown Cuban
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Santa Clara

Finally, after all the historic and natural attractions in Cuba, Santa Clara is your next destination. In fact, Santa Clara is the most cultural city in Cuba.

You can see a lot of cultural attraction in this city. One of the best cultural attractions in Santa Clara is Teatro de La Caridad. Teatro de La Caridad is an old theatre built in 1885. Furthermore, the buildings around the city also show the original culture of Santa Clara and Cuba itself. It’s a tourist attractions downtown Cuban.

In conclusion, Cuba is the best vacation for your summer in Caribbean. The mixture between nature, culture and history gives you a very memorable vacation.

Furthermore, those Cuban tourist attractions are quite a safe place. So you do not need to worry about your safety or your stuff. We would like to recommend you to stay in hotel near the crowded place instead of quite place.