Chiang Mai attractions, The Local Culture of Thailand

Chiang Mai attractions
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Thailand is always an interesting tourism destination in Southeast Asia including its Chiang Mai attractions. Actually there many reasons to visit Chiang Mai city in Thailand.

First, it could be because of the wonderful terrain of Chiang Mai city. As a matter of the fact, Chiang Mai is a city located in the mountainous region in North of Thailand. The mountainous terrain of Chiang Mai makes there are lots of great spots that offer wonderful sight.

Furthermore, Chiang Mai is also a city rich of culture and history. The Thai culture is actually rooted so deeply among the local people of Chiang Mai. Thus, travelling to Chiang Mai will make your trip very memorable as there are various kind of Chiang Mai attractions.

Chiang Mai attraction
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Chiang Mai Tourist Attractions

Geographically, Chiang Mai is quite large city. Thus, exploring the whole Chiang Mai tourist attraction will make you spend lots of times. To explore the Chiang Mai city, you can choose either to use public transportation or to rent a vehicle.

Well, public transportation might be a bit cheaper. But choosing to rent a vehicle will make your trip become a lot more flexible as you can head wherever and anytime you want to. If you have someone you know in the Chiang Mai, it would be better to get a driver if you choose to rent a vehicle.

Chiang Mai attractions always succeed on attracting visitors from all over the world. The high variety of tourist attraction in Chiang Mai also makes it an interesting one to visit.

Once you travel to Chiang, you will not worry about lack of places to visit around the city. But even you will get confuse of what places to visit in Chiang Mai. Therefore, those are the best Chiang Mai attractions to visit.

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Chiang Mai tourist attractions
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Karen Long Neck Tribe & Chiang Dao Cave

Thailand is a country rich of cultural and ethnic diversity. Even some of the ethnics in Thailand are unique. To see one of the most unique cultures in Thailand, come visit the Karen Long Neck Tribe.

This ethnic actually lives deep inside tropical forest and mountainous terrain of Chiang Mai. But even if reaching the area of this ethic is quite hard and far, visiting and seeing their cultures directly are really worthy one to do.

Once you visit in the living area of the tribe, you can see them doing their cultural activities daily. In this area, you will not only get to see the culture, but also some great natures. Keep in mind that there are two available caves to visit near the tribe’s area. The two are the Tham Pra Nawn Cave and the Tham Seua Dao cave.

bo sang chiang mai
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Bo Sang Handicraft Village

Unlike any other cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai people are a bit more creative. Either in term of culture or any other creativity, Chiang Mai has the best of all.

In the Bo Sang Handicraft Village, the arts and cultures of the local people of Chiang Mai are showcased. Well, you can see lots of unique things around the village. In fact, most of the artworks are handmade.

Surely you must buy at least one to bring those amazing souvenirs to your home country. Around the area, the local bars in Chiang Mai is also interesting to visit.

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doi suthep national park
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Doi Suthep

As Chiang Mai is a city rich of history and culture, the Doi Suthep is the proof of the statement. Since 700 years ago, the Doi Suthep has been standing to support the influence of the Lanna culture throughout Thailand’s region. Statistically, the Doi Suthep is among the oldest landmarks around the Chiang Mai area.

For the locals, the Doi Suthep is a holly place. Therefore, the Doi Suthep contains lots of histories and stories around its building. To get to know most of them, make sure you join its walking tour.

Wat Chedi Luang Chiang Mai
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Wat Chedi Luang

Hundreds of years ago, a famous and great temple called the Wat Chedi Luang was built in the mountainous terrain of Chiang Mai. Uniquely, the Wat Chedi Luang is still standing until today.

Based on research, the Wat Chedi Luang was built around 1385 to 1402 when the King Saen Muang Ma was in reign. The temple’s building is quite unique in term of its architecture. Moreover, the long history of the temple is also something you should interest about. For shopping in Chiang Mai, there are lots around the area.

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Chiang Mai Night Safari
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Chiang Mai Night Safari

Unlike any other safaris in the world, a safari in Chiang Mai called the Chiang Mai Night Safari is a bit different. In particular, you will explore the safari during the night time.

Of course, this is a very interesting experience while travelling in Chiang Mai. During the journey, you will go through 3 animal zones. The three animal zones are Savanna Safari, Jaguar Trail, and the wonderful Predator Prowl.

During the tour in the Chiang Mai Night Safari, various of attractions will entertain you. First, you can go hand feeding directly to the animals. Further, you can also pet the tiger with the light show of a laser light. Those Chiang Mai Attractions are something you cannot miss while travelling to Chaing Mai.

elephant chiang mai
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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

When you come to Thailand, elephant attractions are something you cannot miss. As elephant is the iconic animal in Thailand, there are numbers of attractions offer elephant show within its area.

While you are in the Chiang Mai city, the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai is a place worthy to visit. In this place, you can see and learn a lot about the elephant’s life. It is because the Chiang Mai population of elephant is quite high.

As a matter of the fact, you can either feed the elephant on hand or learn about the elephant biologically. Moreover, the big size of the park makes it an interesting place to explore.

Chiang Mai is a city that will never make you bored during your vacation. It is because the Chiang Mai tourist attractions will always bring you lots of fun and wonder.

The religious tourism, culture, history and great nature will make you realise that Chiang Mai is a paradise in the middle of the mountainous region of Thailand. As Chiang Mai Thailand weather is also quite good for the whole year, the city is always nice to visit.