The Rich And Wealth Environment of Beverly Hills Tourist Attractions

Beverly Hills tourist attractions
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A city with a lot of luxurious things is always known as the really developed city. Beverly Hills, one of the most luxurious city in United States, is a city located in California.

In particular, the city of Beverly Hills has a lot of luxury tourist destinations around its city. Visiting this city would offer its own unique experience. Once you arrive in this Beverly Hills city, you will soon notice the rich and wealth environment of Beverly Hills tourist attractions.

Beverly Hills Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of luxurious experiences that you could try in Beverly Hills. Its restaurants, cafes, shops, spas, and other famous high-technology tourist attractions are among the best in the world. Hocking hills tourist attractions are here.

In fact, it’s not hard to find tourist attractions around the city of Beverly Hills. If you stay in the downtown of Beverly Hills, you could easily find a lot of tourism spot just by walking. But actually there are several best tourist attractions in Beverly Hills. Those are the best of beverly hills california attractions.

top tourist attractions in beverly hills
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Greystone Mansion and Gardens

The Beverly Hills is known as the home for many world star and billionare. And of course, most of them got a house in this city, especially a very luxurious house.

One of the most famous Mansion that visitors could visit is Greystone Mansion and Gardens. The owner, a billiounare Ned Dohne Jr. and his wife Lucy, make a house for public visitors only available on Saturday only.

Moreover, if you want to visit the house then you need to book the ticket in earlier months before. Of course, you don’t want the ticket to finished before you book them.

In fact, the Greystone Mansion and Gardens has 55 rooms and a very beautiful garden. No wonder that hundreds of people are visiting this house a year. Of course you will be amazed with the luxurious things showcased around the mansion and its garden. Beverly Hills attractions sightseeing are here.

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Tourist attractions in beverly hills
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Virginia Robinson Garden

The other luxurious house and garden is Virginia Robinson Garden. The uniqueness of this Virginia Robinson Garden is that the house has not only one garden, but a lot of garden.

Furthermore, each garden has its own style and architecture. One of the best architecture is the Italian Renaissance Terrace Garden. The other most famous garden is the Rose Garden. This around the texas hill country tourist attractions.

texas hill country tourist attractions
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The Paley Centre for Media

In the development process of Beverly Hills, The Paley Centre was a very important landmark that boost the development of Beverly Hills.

In the past, it was the Museum of Broadcasting but now has turned out to be a Paley Centre. The Paley Centre for Media is currently used for the discussion on creative things and culture. This is a very unique tourist attractions in Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, you can also watch a lot of television and radio shows in the past. In particular, a lot of channels during 1990s are the most popular one.

Of course, you can take a tour to explore the Paley Centre for Media to know its history and functions. Tourist attractions in beverly hills are the best.

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Beverly Hills attractions sightseeing
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Franklin Canyon Park

If you are bored enough to explore the downtown, then you should come to nature side of Beverly Hills. One of the best natural destionations is the Franklin Canyon Park.

It has several outstanding lakes and Oak forest surrounding it. And of course, you can explore this lakes and forests during your tour to Franklin Canyon Park. It’s a top tourist attractions in beverly hills.

In fact, one of the best ways to explore Franklin Canyon Park is to hike around the area. There are a lot of hiking tracks that you can choose in the area of Franklin Canyon Park.

If you are a beginner hiker, then you should not worry because the hiking trails is not that difficult. Thus, they are very accessible to everyone and you do not need to bring any special hiking equipment.

beverly hills california attractions
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Rodeo Drive

If you come to Beverly Hills, then it’s a must to visit Rodeo Drive. In fact, a lot of visitors from the whole world come to Beverly Hills to visit its Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive is a luxurious shop located in the heart of Beverly Hills. A lot of things are sold here such as fashion and entertainment.

Furthermore, the area of Rodeo Drive also contain a lot of history. The history of Rodeo Drive is actually quite interesting. You can explore the history by taking a walking tour around the area. In fact, Rodeo Drive is the most famous tourist destination in California.

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Hocking hills tourist attractions are here
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Mulholland Drive

A lot of famous world star celebrities are living in Mulholland Drive. Of course, most of the houses of the celebrities are among the most expensive houses in the world.

During your trip to the Mulholland Drive, you will get a very outstanding view of Beverly Hills city from its high.

Well, Beverly Hills is not that famous without Mulholland Drive. It is a very important supporting factors for the development of Beverly Hills.

And of course, there are a lot of company that provide tours to particular celebrities houses in Beverly Hills. It’s a part of beverly hills ca tourist attractions.

To sum up, the Beverly Hills is a very luxurious city with a lot of luxurious destinations. Based on our survey, the Beverly Hills tourist attractions are not only good for family trip, but also a romantic trip.

Make sure that you come to Beverly Hills on the summer, because most of the tourist attractions will show a lot of events only for summer. Most of the events are actually amazing and of course, luxurious.

As a luxurious city, it doesn’t mean that backpackers or budget travellers cannot visit this city. Actually there are a lot of choice for staying in cheap hotel around downtown of this city. Of course, you will get very fascinating experiences of getting romantic holiday in Beverly Hills.