Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA

Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA
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Pismo Beach, a city beach located in California coastline, is the best beach vacation in California United States. The view from the beach is really stunning with blue sea water in front, white sandy beach, and several brown cliffs near the beach.

In fact, the Pismo Beach is one of the most peaceful beach in California. Of course, spending one week is not even enough to enjoy its beauty and tourist attractions around the beach. For staying, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA is best resort around the Pismo Beach CA.

Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA

Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA has got a lot of great reviews from visitors. Of course, when you travel to a place, you would expect a very nice place to stay and even good, green, and peaceful resort.

Most of coming visitors in Pismo Beach is staying in Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA during their stay on the beach. In fact, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA is good from every aspect.

In fact, enjoying beach vacation in Pismo beach is not enough without travelling plan. There are a lot of great things to do in Pismo beach and near the Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge.

And if you try all of them without choosing selectively where you will go on your vacation, it will be over budgeting. Hence, you need to know things to do around Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge first in order to set your plan.

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Pismo Beach California
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Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a very stunning beach in California. Its natural beauty is really nice that people are coming to Pismo Beach. No wonder that millions of people come to Pismo Beach every year just to see its natural beauty.

The white sandy beach, stunning blue water and view of brown cliffs on the seaside is really amazing things to see in Pismo Beach. Furthermore, Pismo Beach is also very rich in biodiversity. Thus, there will be many good things to do when you travel to Pismo Beach.

Well, there are many reasons to choose Pismo Beach as your next travelling destination. Aside from the stunning beach and brown cliffs, Pismo Beach has a very great resort to stay called Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge.

In fact, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge is the best place for watching sunset and sunrise. During the evening, a lot of tourists will sit around the Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Resort to watch sunset. Make sure that you make a reservation several months in advance to secure the rare spot.

Moreover, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge also provides several facilities to help tourists get their best experiences during their travelling.

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Wild Whale in Pismo Beach CA
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In fact, Pismo Beach is a place with rich of biodiversity. In particular, the wildlife around Pismo Beach is really diverse and beautiful. The good thing is that visitors can see its wildlife directly. To see the wildlife around Pismo Beach, of course you need to do some effort first. In fact, there are several unique wildlife activities that you can see near the Pismo Beach such as otters, whales and elephant seals. Thus, to see those unique underwater animals, you need to go offshore at first.

Furthermore, the butterflies are also beautiful wildlife to see around Pismo Beach. On some occasion, there will be lot of butterflies flying around beaches. Of course, it will be the one of the greatest experiences around Pismo Beach that you could feel. Or for best experience, you should visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove. In Monarch Butterfly Grove, you can see many butterflies exhibitions and learn about them as well.

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Best Wine in Pismo Beach CA
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Drink wine from one of the best vineyard in United States

Paso Robles, a city near Pismo Beach, is one of the best sources of vineyard in the United States. The wine produced in Paso Robles has been distributed to all over the world. Moreover, it is well known as one of high qualities wine in the world. Around Paso Robles, you will see vineyard stretches in wide array to the far distance. The grape plants in those vineyards are treated really well that it becomes very good wine.

Furthermore, there are several tours that provide touring around the vineyard and wine production in Paso Robles. During the tour, you will learn a lot about wine production process. Of course, you are also able to drink wine in its own vineyard. Of course, there is no better experience for wine lover other than drinking wine in its vineyard directly.

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Hiking in Pismo Beach
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Hiking experiences

Around Pismo Beach, there are beautiful wide hills stretches along its landscape. Those brown hills are form in a very beautiful cliff formation. Of course, it makes those cliffs one of the best views to see around the Pismo Beach. Along those outstanding cliffs, there are a lot of hiking trails available. Thus, when you stay in Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA, you can visit those hiking trails just 30 minutes from the resort.

Hiking around the hiking trails of Pismo Beach is not that hard, even the beginner hikers are easy to do them. In fact, the hiking tracks are not that hard. But even that so, you still have to prepare safety hiking gears in order to hike around the brown cliffs near Pismo Beach.

In fact, one of the best times to hike around Pismo Beach is at the sunrise. Of course, it enables you to see the golden sunrise from the cliffs. Well, the view of sunrise sided with beach view is one amazing thing to see.

In conclusion, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge Pismo Beach CA is the best resort to stay in Pismo Beach. Its great facilities and near things to do are the reasons why a lot of visitors chose it as place to stay. In order to secure spot, you need to make reservation several months in advance.