Treat Your Eyes and Soul With the Best Waterfall in Oregon

best waterfalls in Oregon
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Oregon, a state in the northwest of United States, has various kind of beautiful landscape around its region. The people of Oregon are known to not really spending vacation on other states because they already have very beautiful places to visit in its own region.

The beautiful landscapes are including beaches, old farms, restaurants, rivers, and mountains. If you visit the Oregon State for travelling, you would never run of choices of destinations.

In the light of it, you even would need more time to go around the Oregon tourist attractions. Indeed, you need to know best waterfalls in Oregon.

the best waterfalls in Oregon
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Best Waterfalls in Oregon

Oregon is beautiful, of course. Those beauties of Oregon’s region attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. Most beautiful tourist attractions in Oregon are hidden deeply in mountains and forests, including waterfall. Equally important, even if Oregon is known as a coastal state, but Oregon actually reserves some of the best waterfalls in the Northwest of United States.

Waterfall is not the main tourist attractions in Oregon, but surely visiting Oregon for waterfall will even leave you in wonder. But even if there are a lot of waterfalls around the Oregon region, but of course you need to choose which waterfall you need to visit.

Arranging a travelling plan does not only make your vacation more manageable, but also to reduce your spending budget. Those are the list of the best waterfalls in Oregon that you need to know.

best waterfalls in Oregon USA
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Multnomah Falls

In a part of the Columbia River Gorge, there lies a very beautiful waterfall. That beautiful waterfall is called the Multnomah Falls.The Multnomah Falls is known as one of the most wonderful waterfalls in the United States.

The Multnomah Falls is also one of the highest waterfalls in the world with the total height of 620 feet high. And in the state of Oregon, the Multnomah Falls is the highest one.

The Multnomah Falls is famous of a bridge that crosses its waterfall. The Mutnomah Falls is divided onto 3 part of waterfall in different drop. And that bridge lied wonderfully between those divided parts of waterfalls.

When you visit the Multnomah Falls, there are two places to enjoy its stunning beauty. First, you can watch the waterfall’s beauty from its strong bridge. Next, you can watch the whole waterfall including its bridge in the lower place.

Furthermore, the Multnomah Falls is also a good place for taking photograph. Therefore, no wonder why a lot of people would love to visit the Oregon for the Multnomah Falls.

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the best waterfalls in Oregon USA
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White River Falls

The White River, a wonderful river in Oregon, reserves a lot of natural beauty along its river line and water flow. One of the best part of the white river is the White River Falls.

This is the most beautiful part of the White River. The White River Falls lies wonderfully and divided onto six different segments. Those rocky segments of waterfalls are very beautiful with its big water flow.

To arrive in the White River Falls, you need to hike through the forest because it is lied deep inside the Oregon’s rain forest. Hence, walking for a couple of hours is needed. But surely, once you arrive in the White River Falls, hold your breath long enough because the view is really amazing.

best waterfalls in Oregon, USA
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Punch Bowl Falls

Next, you might want to relax in a peaceful waterfall that you also can swim below them. To get such destination, the Punch Bowl Falls is the best destination in Oregon State.

The Punch Bowl Falls is a wonderful waterfall with around 35 feet high and a big wide natural pool below the waterfall. This beautiful waterfall is a place you can swim freely and enjoy its beautiful nature.

In the light of its beauty, you can enjoy your day peacefully in this waterfall. Of course, relaxing in this place far from crowd and problem is a really good thing to do while on vacation. You can relax a little bit before going back to work again.

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the best waterfalls in Oregon, USA
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Sahalie Falls

A green waterfall in the middle of the Oregon State’s jungle called Sahalie Falls is a very stunning waterfall. This McKenzie River waterfall is a very wonderful one with 73 feet high.

In the first place, the Sahalie Falls is not only a waterfall for relaxing a day, but a best waterfall for kayaking activity.

Kayaking in the McKenzie River through the Sahalie Falls is a very challenging experience. Of course it would be quite dangerous, so kayaking with guide is highly recommended. Do not make your hunt of fun treat your life in future.

Correspondingly, you need to walk for around half hour to arrive in the Sahalia Falls. There will be a lot of natural beauty you can see along the track until you arrive in the Sahalie Falls. Indeed, this is one of the best waterfalls in Oregon

Great waterfalls in Oregon
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Metlako Falls

A waterfall in a lush environment would be an amazing one for the one who seek peaceful place. At the same time, the Metlako Falls is a waterfall that answer that question.

The Metlako Falls is a wonderfully lied waterfall in the Oregon State that most people visited. It is a quite high waterfall with 100 feet high. Hence, swimming below the Metlako Falls would be an amazing experience.

The Metlako Falls is actually quite unique waterfall. It is actually lies between two big cliff, so you need a challenging climb down to arrive in the waterfall’s area. But if you want an easier way, you can just follow a small path to reach the natural pool of the Metlako Falls. Lastly, the Metlako Falls is actually also a best place for kayaking in the Oregon. It is very thrilling!

Waterfall, although not a main destination in Oregon, but is a wonderful thing that will leave you in wonder. Visiting the waterfalls of Oregon State would need a quite long time.

It is because those waterfalls spread in some different parts of Oregon. But if you have little time, make sure you visit those 5 best waterfalls in Oregon.