Best Waterfall in Oahu, Hawaii. Another Exotic Travel Attraction

Best waterfalls in Oahu
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Oahu, the city capital of Hawaii State, is a very amazing tourist destination in the Hawaii. In fact, the Oahu Island offers many outstanding tourist attractions along its main land.

A lot of travellers are visiting Oahu every year whether on family trip, friend’s trip or even solo trip. Its stunning beaches, mountains, tropical forests, local cuisines and drinks, and parties are only a bit of reasons why people really love Oahu Island.

For the travellers, Oahu is the real paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And of course, you need to know best waterfalls in Oahu

Best Waterfall in Oahu

Best waterfalls in Oahu Hawaii
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Furthermore, Oahu is actually the home of the greatest waterfalls in the world. Oahu reserves dozens of wonderful waterfalls stretches around its green tropical forest. The waterfalls from high waterfall, wide waterfall, peaceful waterfall, swimming waterfall are the kind of waterfalls you will see in the Oahu.

And of course, there are waterfalls that reachable by road access and there are waterfalls that need to explore by hiking trail.

Whatever kind of waterfalls in the Oahu, keep in mind that it will show you the waterfall you like. And of course, you need to choose the waterfall’s destination that you want to visit before your arrival in Oahu.

You are recommended to create a travelling plan. But in order to set a traveling plan and travelling budget, of course you need to know your destination’s choice. Thus, those are the best waterfalls in Oahu that you must include in your bucket list.

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Best waterfalls in Oahu, Hawaii
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Waimea Falls

A tropical waterfall in a tropical green forest is a very wonderful thing in everyone’s mind. And of course, it is existed in the Oahu Island of Hawaii State.

The name of the waterfall is the Waimea Falls. Of course, you should visit this waterfall. In fact, Waimea Falls is a very calm and peaceful waterfall in the middle of the Oahu tropical forest. Furthermore, this 45 feet high waterfall will show you what natural wonder is like.

In fact, the Waimea Falls is the best waterfall for having fun whether with friends or family. In particular, you can swim in its natural pool and have fun on the area. On the other hand, you can also choose to only relax on the area because Waimea Falls is very peaceful and wonderful.

the Best waterfalls in Oahu Hawaii
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Sacred Falls

As its name Sacred Falls, Sacred Falls is actually a real sacred place for the waterfall lovers. The Sacred Falls is quite mysterious waterfall as it is located deep inside the tropical jungle of the Oahu Island.

To reach the Sacred Falls, you need to hike along its hiking trail for around 2.5 up to 3 hours. In fact, it is a very challenging journey because you will have to hike through the dangerous cliffs, hills, and rivers.

One should be experienced enough to hike and visit the Sacred Falls. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you bring complete hiking gear.

Sacred Falls is a very amazing waterfall that people often say it as one of the world wonders. It is a multi-level waterfall that consist of at least 5 waterfalls around its hills. Of course, visiting Sacred Falls will be one of your best experiences while travelling to Oahu Island Hawaii.

The Sacred Falls is already closed right now by the local government. It was because there were several fatalities happened in the track reaching Oahu Island.

But there is no need to worry that you cannot visit this waterfall. Even if it is illegal, but of course there still a lot of visitors visiting the Sacred Falls. You just need to be really careful.

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the Best waterfalls in Oahu, Hawaii
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Laie Falls

Swimming in the natural pool below waterfall is always an exciting experience. It really refresh your mind bathing in the natural condition.

To get that experience while travelling to Ohau, you should visit the Laie Falls. To visit the Laie Falls, you need to walk on its 6 mile hiking track through its tropical jungle. Once you arrive in the Laie Falls, surely all of your tiredness will be paid off.

Even if Laie Falls is not a big waterfall, but its beauty does not lose with any other bigger waterfall. The Laie Falls is a very peaceful and comfortable place for relaxation. Swimming in its natural pool will really make your day. Best waterfalls in Oahu things you need to know in Oahu.

the Best waterfalls in Oahu
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Waipuhia Falls

Next, you should visit the Waipuhia Falls during your trip in Oahu Island, Hawaii. In particular, it is because the Waipuhia Falls is a very unique waterfall.

Once you arrive in the Waipuhia Falls, you will see that the water flow in the Waipuhia Falls is like falling upward. But in fact, it is because the wind is too strong in the Waipuhia Falls area so that it is like the water is going upward.

In fact, it is not hard to visit the Waipuhia Falls. It is only beside the Pali Highway that you only need to park your car and walk on a short hike. Furthermore, the best time to visit the Waipuhia Falls is in a windy day.

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the Best waterfall in Oahu Hawaii
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Maunawili Falls

Are you the one who love an adrenaline experience? Are you the one who love cliff jumping? If you do, then you must visit the Maunawili Falls while travelling to Oahu, Hawaii.

The best experience that you can do in the Maunawili Falls is to try the cliff jumping activity. Of course, jumping on a 30 feet high waterfall would be an amazing experience.

There are several jumping spot that you can choose in the Maunawili Falls. But of course, you really need to check your falling spot depth carefully if you do not want to get injured on that activity.

In conclusion, the Oahu Island offers a lot when it comes to talk about the waterfalls. No wonder why people named the Oahu Island as the heaven of waterfalls. Therefore, visiting Oahu for waterfalls is the best choice you could make. Best waterfalls in Oahu are worth visited.