Best Waterfalls in New Jersey, Be Your Favourite Vacation in US

best waterfalls in New Jersey
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New Jersey, a state in the Northeast in the edge of Atlantic Ocean, is a very beautiful state with its various tourist attractions. In fact, most people visit the New Jersey State to enjoy its stunning coastline beaches.

Moreover, the nature of the New Jersey attracts people to come to New Jersey for vacation every year. The New Jersey State always offers great paradise for people who visit its tourism.

Even there are visitors that stay for several months to enjoy New Jersey tourism as a whole. At the end of the day, best waterfalls in New Jersey New Jersey will be your favourite vacation while travelling to United States.

Best Waterfalls in New Jersey

New Jersey is actually not only a place for beach vacation, but there are many other kinds of tourist attractions that you can travel in New Jersey.

One of the best of them is waterfall. As a matter of the fact, New Jersey has a lot of outstanding waterfalls hidden inside its green forests and mountains. Thus, if you want to visit the best of waterfalls in the east of United States, then New Jersey is a must visited state for such occasion.

In order to explore waterfalls in New Jersey State, of course you would like to know the best waterfalls in New Jersey. Therefore, those are the best waterfalls in New Jersey that you need to know?

the best waterfalls in New Jersey
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Boonton Falls

At the first journey of travelling, people sometimes find it hard to get best of their vacation. In particular, it is because first impression of a place is very important.

In order to get the best impression when travelling to New Jersey, then you must visit the Boonton Falls for your first visit. Most importantly, it is because the Boonton Falls is very beautiful for your first exploration.

To visit the Boonton Falls, a hike for a couple of hours is needed. But surely, the hiking track of the Boonton Falls is very beautiful to walk on. At the end of the day, you will love your first visit of waterfall in New Jersey. This is the best waterfalls in New Jersey.

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NJ best waterfalls
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Ramapo Falls

Travelling in winter season does not mean that you cannot visit the natural attractions. Well, there might be some of the natural attractions that being closed during winter.

But in fact, there are several tourist attractions that are not closed during winter. Even, they sometime become the best when the winter season comes. Therefore, for winter travelling, the Ramapo Falls is a must visited waterfall in New Jersey State during winter season.

The Ramapo Falls is a waterfall located in Mahwah, New Jersey. As a matter of the fact, the Ramapo Falls is very beautiful to visit during winter. The environment around the waterfall will be covered with a lot of wonderful snow.

Those wonderful snow is accompanied with the white water that drops beautifully in the Ramapo Falls. This is surely the best waterfall for winter vacation in New Jersey.

New Jersey best waterfalls
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Tumble Falls

Usually, the best time to visit waterfall anywhere in the world is after the rain. In particular, it is because the waterfall will be filled with more water flowing in its waterfall. In the New Jersey State, the best waterfall to visit after the rain is the Tumble Falls.

This rocky waterfall is actually one of the most visited waterfall in New Jersey because of its wonderfulness. Even on weekend, there are a lot of locals that visit this waterfall.

The Tumble Falls has a little natural swimming pool below its water drop. If you visit the Tumble Falls after the rain, then you can swim on its natural swimming pool.

Fun is always offered in the Tumble Falls. Surely, the Tumble Falls will give you the best fun of the waterfall. The Tumble Falls is actually also the best waterfall for family vacation in the New Jersey State.

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the best waterfall in New Jersey
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Hacklebarney State park Waterfall

Swimming below a waterfall is always gives us relaxation and of course, fun. In the New Jersey, you can visit several small waterfalls in the Hacklebarney State Park to swim on its natural swimming pool.

There are actually a lot of choices of waterfalls in this State Park. And most of them actually has its own small natural pool for visitors to swim. Swimming on those waterfalls is free. But of course, you should keep its nature as clean as possible.

After swimming on those waterfalls, you can visit the highest place in this State Park to see some of the best view of its waterfalls. A bit hiking will not make you tired. Even it gives you chances to see its stunning view.

best waterfalls in NJ, New Jersey
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Great Falls

If you do not want to choose a waterfall in the middle of a forest, then you can visit the Great Falls in New Jersey. The Great Falls is actually located near a bridge of New Jersey.

As a matter of the fact, people actually see this waterfall very often when they cross the street. But actually, if you stop a while in this waterfall, the Great Falls actually gives a very wonderful view for relaxation. In fact, the Great Falls is the easiest to visit waterfall in New Jersey.

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The best beauty waterfalls in New Jersey
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Silver Spray Falls

When you are in the Walpack Township of New Jersey, then you are highly recommended to hike on Hidden Falls Trail. At the end of this hiking trail, you can see a stunningly beautiful waterfall named the Silver Spray Falls.

This middle of jungle waterfall is actually very famous among travellers in New Jersey. And surely, this is the most visited waterfall during winter around the Walpack Township area. Its beautiful water drop through river rocks make it view the best in New Jersey.

At the end of the day, waterfall is a vacation that everybody love. You would not expect any better destination other than waterfall to relax and get away from crowded. Furthermore, waterfall will always give you a lot of fun with its beautiful view and challenging hiking trail. Thus, those list of the best waterfalls in New Jersey should be on your bucket list.