Best Waterfalls in Northern California

Best Waterfalls in Northern California
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North Carolina, a State in the middle of United States, is a very wonderful state that contains a lot of natural beauty. In fact, the natural attractions lies around the land of North Carolina are mostly very outstanding.

Starting from its stunning beaches, mountains, green forests, and of course, its cultures are only several wonderful things you will find in the North Carolina. No wonder why a lot of visitors are visiting North Carolina every year to spend their vacation.

North Carolina is very well known as a State that contains a lot of stunning waterfalls lies secretly deep inside its evergreen forests. And of course, you need to know some of the Best Waterfalls in Northern California.

Best Waterfalls in California
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There are a lot of stunning waterfalls around the region of North Carolina State. Those waterfalls are actually has its own unique characteristic.

All of them are very wonderfully amazing waterfalls. Choosing waterfalls as your main destination would be a very amazing experience while travelling to North Carolina.

Most of the waterfalls in North Carolina State are the rocky waterfalls. Thus, those waterfalls offer very amazing outdoor experience.

Before you leave on vacation to the North Carolina State, it is better for you to make your travelling plan. Travelling plan would help you setting your travelling budget and know what destinations that you will choose during travelling to North Carolina.

But in order to set a travelling plan, first you need to know what destinations available in North Carolina. Therefore, we have listed some of the best waterfalls in North Carolina. Keep in mind that those waterfalls are chosen based on its beauty and comfy.

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the Best Waterfalls in Northern California
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Dry Falls

Dry Waterfall is a quite unique waterfall from its name. In fact, the waterfall’s name is ‘dry’ but actually it is not a very full of water waterfall. Therefore, it is a unique waterfall. Furthermore, Dry Falls is actually a very wonderful waterfall in North Carolina.

As a matter of fact, it is lies deep inside the Nantahala National Forest. Thus, the journey to find this waterfall will be filled with a lot of adventures during its journey.

If you visit the Dry Falls, make sure you try walking on the path behind the falls to get better view of the waterfall. In fact, this path is a very amazing place to see the waterfall that a lot of people took selfie on that path. Moreover, this 75 feet high waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in the North Carolina.

Best Waterfall in Northern California
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Rainbow Falls

The next waterfall inside the deep forest of the North Carolina is the Rainbow Falls. Of course, Rainbow Falls is a very wonderful waterfall that you need to visit while travelling to North Carolina.

The Rainbow Falls is located deep inside the Pisgah National Forest. In fact, there are a lot of hiking trails available to reach the Rainbow Falls. Thus, the Rainbow Falls offers a lot of outstanding experiences for the hiking lovers.

The Rainbow Falls is quite popular because it is very often showing rainbow around its falls. Of course, seeing the rainbow directly in the waterfall is an amazing thing to do. In fact, you can also do swimming activities in the natural pool of the Rainbow Falls. Thus, this will be one of the best experiences in North Carolina.

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Best Waterfalls in Northern California(NC)
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Eastatoe Falls

While travelling to North Carolina, Eastatoe Falls is a must visit waterfall. Eastatoe Falls is a multi-level waterfall lies wonderfully in the middle of the North Carolina. If you are the one who would love to visit a waterfall that has a road access, then Eastatoe Falls is your best destination.

The Eastatoe Falls is a private property but the owner allowed its wonder are shown for the public. Thus, this is a free tourist attraction in the North Carolina.

Furthermore, Eastatoe Falls has a natural swimming pool below its falls. Thus, swimming in the natural pool of the Eastatoe Falls would really reduce your stress. This will be a real vacation for you. This is one of the Best Waterfalls in Northern California.

the Best Waterfalls in Northern California(NC)
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Glassmine Falls

A high waterfalls offer its own great view rather than any other waterfalls. Thus, if you love to visit high waterfalls, then you need to visit the Glassmine Falls.

The Glassmine Falls is a very high waterfall that it even reach 200 feet high from the water’s surface. When you visit the Glassmine Falls, you can watch its amazing view whether from the distance or directly near the waterfall.

If you want to see its amazing high from quite distance, then you should visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. Of course, you will see its outstanding view while sitting on this place. But if you want a nearer view, then you have to walk through its amazing hiking trail. This will be your best experience in the North Carolina State.

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the Best Waterfall in Northern California(NC)
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Grassy Creek Falls

North Carolina offers a lot of beautiful hiking trails alongside its evergreen forests. One of the best of them is the hiking trail to reach the Grassy Creek Falls.

The beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Parkway and its surrounding forest will accompany you during your hiking journey to the Grassy Creek Falls.

The hiking journey might tire you, but of course once you arrive and see the outstanding wonder of the Grassy Creek Falls, your fatigue will recover in a nutshell.

Furthermore, Grassy Creek Falls is actually one of the best places to take photograph. The Grassy Creek Falls is also very instagrammable. Thus, this is a very great destination.

You can also do swimming activities around its natural swimming pool. In fact, the pool is quite wide so that you can swim freely around its water.

There are a lot of wonderful waterfalls around the region of North Carolina. But even if there are lots that you can choose, those 5 waterfalls are actually the best of them. Therefore, North Carolina is the heaven of waterfalls of the United States. Of course, you need to know Best Waterfalls in Northern California.