The Best Waterfalls in Kauai, Hawaii. The Garden Isle

best waterfalls in Kauai
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Are interested of doing an adventure to find great waterfall in the middle of the forest? Are you the one who love to do a challenging hiking trip? If you do so, then keep reading this article until its end. And indeed you will read best waterfalls in Kauai.

Waterfall is always a great place for vacation. In the waterfall, you can relax your mind. As relaxing time is very important to release your stressful feeling during working days, waterfall is the answer for this problem.

Also in waterfall, you can gave a lot of fun on the paradise its given. The fun activities such as waterfall swimming, fishing and camping will even make you the happiest person on earth at that time. And as a matter of the fact, the Kauai State is actually reserved a lot of wonderful waterfalls that you can find deep inside its green forests.

Kauai Best Waterfalls
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Waterfalls Tourist Attraction in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, a small island in the State of Hawaii, United States, is a very wonderful place for summer vacation. In fact, all the time in the Kauai is actually summer. Thus, the Kauai island is an island you can visit for the whole year.

Usually, people might love to visit Kauai for visiting its stunning beaches. But in fact, the Kauai Island has many great waterfalls. and to explore those great waterfalls in Kauai, you need to do hiking activities to arrive in the waterfall’s area.

In order to have waterfall’s vacation in Kauai, you need to know what waterfalls in Kauai are. In particular, it is because you need to not be confused during your travelling time in Kauai.

Therefore, we have listed some of our best recommendations of best waterfalls in Kauai. At the end of the day, those are the best waterfalls that you can visit in Kauai. Keep in mind that those waterfalls should be on your bucket list soon, very soon.

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Kauai, Hawaii best waterfalls
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Wailua Falls

Hawaii is the best place for summer vacation in the world. And Kauai Island is actually one of the best vacation destinations that you can visit in Hawaii. In Kauai, there actually some of the best world’s destinations for vacations. And its best waterfall is located in Kauai.

As a matter of the fact, the name of the waterfall is the Wailua Falls. Wailua Falls is a deep forest waterfall. But even if it is located deep inside the jungle, but its view is very incredible that you will hold your breath for a very long time once you see the Wailua Falls for the first time.

As a matter of the fact, the Wailua Falls is very popular for visitors in Hawaii. Thus, many people visit the Kauai Island only to visit the Wailua Falls.

To visit the Wailua Falls, of course you need to have a short adventure to see its great view. The short adventure is the hike through the jungle of Kauai Island. And in fact, it needs for around 3 hours to arrive in a paradise called the Wailua Falls.

Once you arrive in the Wailua Falls, you will soon realize that God created this island while he was smiling. In particular, it is because the Wailua Falls is very wonderful waterfall in Hawaii.

bestwaterfalls in kauai, hawaii
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Secret Falls

Usually, a secret thing is a good thing or a beautiful thing to know. A lot of people would try to break a secret because they are really curious about it.

And that can be true in Kauai Island. In the first place, it is because there is one waterfall called the Secret Falls in the Kauai Island. And in fact, the Secret Falls is a very wonderful waterfall and even one of the best waterfalls in Kauai Island.

Furthermore, the Secret Falls can give you a lot of fun if you visit them. Other than its beautiful view, you can do a lot of great activities in the Secret Falls. First, you can do swimming on its natural swimming pool.

Most importantly, this natural swimming pool of the Secret Falls is a very relaxing place that you can even sleep while you relax inside them. Next, you can do camping activity in the camping ground area near the waterfall. Having a camping time in the Secret Falls is the best thing to do in Kauai Island.

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Waterfalls attraction in Kauai, Hawaii
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Waipoo Falls

Next, you must be exited to see a high and outstandingly wonderful waterfall of Hawaii. The name of the high waterfall is the Waipoo Falls. The Waipoo Falls is a waterfall located in the middle of the Kauai Island jungle.

Hence, you need to hike through its jungle to visit this paradise. This is actually a really wonderful waterfall that you can visit it from two ways.

First, you can enjoy the Waipoo Falls near its waterfall. Right in the Waipoo Falls, you can do activities such as swimming and fishing. As a matter of the fact, fishing near the Waipoo Falls area enable you to get some of its big fishes. Thus, this is your best experience in the Kauai Island.

Waterfalls attraction in Kauai
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Opaekaa Falls

In the Kauai Island, the waterfall that you really must visit is the Opaekaa Falls. It is because the Opaekaa Falls is a really wonderfull waterfall in the Kauai Island. In fact, the Opaekaa Falls is one of the best waterfall in the Kauai Island. And even the Opaekaa Falls really often become the visitor’s favourite waterfall.

In the first place, the Opaekaa Falls is often called as the paradise of the world. Its wonderful multi-level waterfall make everyone who already visited it want to visit this waterfall again and again. And surely, the Opaekaa Falls is the last waterfall you should visit in the Kauai Island.

At the end of the day, you will have your best time possible in the Kauai Island if you visit those best waterfalls in Kauai. If you have not have time to visit the Kauai Island, make sure that those waterfalls should be on your bucket list next time travelling in Hawaii.