Good Things to do For Your Travelling, Visit Waterfalls in Wisconsin

waterfalls in Wisconsin
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Western of United States is always become a fascinating destination for travelling. There are a lot of states that focus on its tourism development, including the Wisconsin State.

The Wisconsin State, a state in the Western of United States, is one of the best travelling destinations around the part of region. The Wisconsin has a lot of natural beauty on its landscape. It has stunning beach that becomes its best summer vacation.

Then it has also stunning mountainous lands on its landscape.There are a lot of waterfalls lied secretly around those beautiful mountains and high lands. Further, visiting waterfalls in Wisconsin is also good thing to do.

In like manner, waterfall is an amazing place for spending vacation. In particular, if you really love to visit a peaceful place for relaxation. But on the other hand, waterfall is also a good place to have fun.

In the light of it, you can do activities such as swimming, fishing and kayaking around the waterfall. As a matter of the fact, the Wisconsin State has a lot kind of those waterfalls.

Even if the Wisconsin is not famous of its waterfall vacation, but surely Wisconsin has the best waterfalls around the western part of the United States.

best waterfalls in Wisconsin
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Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

In the first place, you need to arrange a travelling plan before you depart to the Wisconsin. First, you should know which destinations that you will choose while travelling around the Wisconsin State.

Knowing the waterfalls destinations around the Wisconsin enable you to choose and arrange your plan and budget. Therefore, you need to read carefully the list of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin below.

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the best waterfalls in Wisconsin
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Granite Quarry Waterfall

Usually, a waterfall is a natural made waterfall. But in the Wisconsin, you can see a beautifully man made waterfall named the Granite Quarry Waterfall.

In the past, the Granite Quarry Waterfall’s area was an area to produce tomb material such as granite and quarry. As time goes by, the landscape that used to be a mining place becomes a very beautiful waterfall. You can enjoy your day in the Granite Quarry Waterfall while learning its mining history.

Actually, you cannot get really close when you visit the Granite Quarry Waterfall. But you only can watch the beauty of the Granite Quarry Waterfall.

Even if you cannot swim or play on its water, the Granite Quarry Waterfall is always worth to visit. Make sure that you document its beauty while you visit the waterfall.

Wisconsin best waterfalls
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Cascade Falls

A stunning, outstanding, and wonderful waterfall seems like good words to describe the beauty of the Cascade Falls. The Cascade Falls, a waterfall located in the middle of Wisconsin State, is a quite big waterfall with 25 feet high from the ground.

This waterfall is often producing big flow in the rainy season. Thus, you are highly recommended to visit this waterfall during rainy season.

To visit the waterfall, you need to hike a bit. Around 30 minutes of hiking through its forest is needed to arrive in the waterfall.

Once you arrive in the Cascade Falls, you will see an outstanding statue of Seminole Chief Osceola above the waterfall. And then you will be able to see the beauty of the Cascade Falls.

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Wisconsin best waterfall
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Stephen Falls

When you go south of the United States, surely there are several waterfalls and tourist attractions that you can visit. But keep in mind that a Stephen Falls is a must visited waterfall in the South of the Wisconsin State.

Stephen Falls, a wonderfully hidden waterfall in the lush jungle of Wisconsin, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the South of Wisconsin State.

In order to visit the Stephen Falls on your travelling time, hike a bit for around 1 hours through the Wisconsin’s forest. Then after a bit hiking through a beautifully lush jungle, you will arrive in the area.

For safety reason, you are highly recommended to take guided tour to go to the Stephen Falls. It might be quite tiring to hike, but surely the wonderful view of the Stephen Falls will pay out your fatigue.

Wisconsin the best waterfalls
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Dave Falls

Next, when you travel to the Wisconsin State and stay near the Pike River, then you should visit a wonderful waterfall called Dave Falls.

Dave Falls is the most popular place for swimming and having fun on the water around the area of Pike River. Further, the Dave Falls is actually a small waterfall but rocky. But surely, even if the Dave Falls is small one, but Dave’s fall has one of the best stunning view in the Wisconsin State.

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Wisconsin the best waterfall
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Siskiwit Falls

Who would deny the joy of swimming? In particular, swimming and playing in the water below a waterfall is always an exciting experience.

To get such experiences in the Wisconsin, then you must visit the Siskiwit Falls. In Siskiwit Falls, you can spend the whole day playing and swimming around its beautiful water below its waterfall. This is actually a very popular waterfall for family vacation.

In addition, if you like a bit more adrenaline activities, you can choose to kayak around the Siskiwit Falls. A rocky river would give you a very challenging experience for kayaking. But surely, it will be you most memorable moment while travelling to Wisconsin State.

After a long activity around the Siskiwit Falls, you might want to rest a bit and enjoy the beauty of the Siskiwit Falls. For best experience, try fishing in its river area and get as big fish as possible.

And then you can do some camping and roasting your fish near the waterfall. At the end of the day, you would really love that experience and want to try it again and again.

The Wisconsin will always comes on top when talking about waterfall’s beauty. Lots of waterfalls should you choose in its area makes it the best tourist destinations in the Western of the United States.

But even if there are many choices of waterfalls, surely those 5 list of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin should be your priority.