Best Waterfalls in Texas

best waterfalls in Texas
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Who’s in the world does not know Texas? Texas is known as a very popular state in the United States. It is also known as a city that has a lot of modern tourist attractions such as Space Centre Houston and LBJ Presidential Library.

But who knows that in fact Texas actually has a lot of stunning natural attractions? There are a lot about natural destinations that you need to know existed in the Texas State. Indeed, some things need to know are the best waterfalls in Texas.

Best Waterfalls in Texas

For having a vacation in Texas, you can visit places such as stunning beaches, numerous outstanding mountains, rivers, and also historic places such as museums and fort. Thus, no wonder why visitors from all over the world visit Texas for spending vacation every year.

Texas is a very friendly state for travelling. You can go around Texas easily as public transportation is very easy to find. Moreover, the hotels and restaurant’s prices are varied from the most luxurious up to the cheapest one for travellers are available.

As a matter of the fact, one should know that Texas is actually a heaven for waterfall vacation. There are dozens of waterfalls existed along the stretch of Texas region.

In the same fashion, those waterfalls are also the best around the Southern of the United States. Its border near Mexico also makes its waterfalls very beautiful to visit.

But in order to have a waterfall vacation in Texas, you must know first what waterfalls that you will visit. Therefore, to accommodate your needs, we have already listed some of the best waterfalls that you must visit.

best waterfalls pool in Texas
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Hamilton Pool Waterfall

As there are too many waterfalls available in the region of Texas, you might a bit confused from where you will start. And as first impression is very important, you are highly recommended to visit the Hamilton Pool Waterfall on your very first waterfall’s visitation.

Hamilton Pool Waterfall is chosen because it is actually a very beautiful waterfall, the most beautiful one especially. In the Hamilton Pool Waterfall, you can see the water drop wonderfully from a river in a hill to the lower pool ground. In fact, the Hamilton Pool Waterfall is like an underground natural swimming pool.

Of course you can go down to the pool safely using the woody tracks that already made. Prior, to visit the waterfall you must walk for a couple of hours first.

But surely the long hike you do will never make any regret. In particular, it is because the beauty of the waterfall is great enough to be the gain of your fight.

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best waterfalls hiking in Texas
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Westcave Preserve Falls

The Texas State region contains a lot kind of stunning and unique waterfalls. One of the most unique waterfalls in the Texas State is the Westcave Preserve Falls.

The Westcave Preserve Falls, located deep inside the rainforest of Texas, is a unique waterfall that located right beside a cave and lush vegetation. In fact, reaching the Westcave Preserve Falls is quite hard.

You need to hike on a challenging hiking trail. But even if you are an experienced hiker, you still have to use a tour to visit the Westcave Preserve Falls. Do not worry; the tour would only cost you for $10.

Once you arrive in the waterfall, you will feel its amazing peaceful environment. And of course you would like to swim on its very clean and peaceful swimming pool.

Swimming on that waterfall is very safe as long as you do not swim while the water flow is big enough. Therefore, never visit this waterfall without guided tour.

best waterfalls in Bend National park Texas
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Waterfall at Boot Springtail

No wonder why people would love to call Texas as the home of the best waterfalls in the world. In fact, the Waterfall in the area of Boot Spring Tail is one of its best waterfalls in Texas.

This waterfall is located deep inside the Big Bend National Park. Technically this waterfall is not that kind of waterfall because it is quite small. But surely, even if the waterfall at the Boot Spring Tail is quite small, but surely it is a very breath taking view.

If you visit the Big Bend National Park to visit this waterfall, make sure that you also visit the other waterfall inside the Big Bend National Park. Most importantly, the Big Bend National Park contains at least four waterpark on its area.

Thus, visiting the Big Bend is one of the best experiences in the Texas State. For the sake of Texas, the Big Bend hold some of the best waterfalls in Texas.

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best waterfalls in McKinney Falls State Park Texas
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McKinney Falls State Park

Next, a wide waterfall must be a nice view to enjoy a day. In the Texas State, you can get to see that kind of waterfall in the McKinney Falls State Park. The McKinney Falls State Park is a wonderful wide and big waterfall.

In the rainy season, you can get to see its amazing water flow drop to lower ground in a fast speed. Of course, visiting the McKinney Falls State Park is a good way to relax from crowded places like cities and towns.

If you want to visit the McKinney Falls State Park, then you have to walk on its hiking track. You are much recommended to visit this waterfall after the rain. At the end of the day, you can feel its amazing paradise.

best waterfalls in Texas for family
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Dolan Falls

The last list of best waterfalls on our recommendation is the Dolan Falls. In fact, the Dolan Palls is a quite small waterfall with only 10 feet high. But in the light of the small size of the Dolan Falls, the water drop wonderfully in its waterfall and its part of the river.

Equally important, the Dolan Falls is a very good place for swimming and water playing activities. Thus, the Dolan Falls is often visited by family who do family vacation.

Texas, although known as a modern city, is actually has lots of wonderful waterfalls. If people usually used to visit Texas for modern attractions, then trying to visit Texas for waterfall’s vacation will never leave you in any regret. Thus, save the best waterfalls in Texas list and include it on your bucket list.