Best Waterfalls in India Tourist Attractions, Just Visit and Enjoy the Beauty

best waterfall in India
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India, colourful country full of tourism destinations, offers truly memorable vacation with its high variants of beauties.

Natures, ancient histories, temples and including best waterfall in India have been a major destination in India as well. Indeed, a vacation to India will never be a boring one as you will have lots of options to take.

Tourist Attractions in India

All of them are fairly accessible even if some are located in remote area. But even if so, exploring them are still worth thanks to beauty it offers. Thus, for your best experience, those are best waterfalls you must visit in India.

waterfall in India
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Athirappilly Waterfall

Kerala, a region of India full of outstanding pure natural beauties, contains a breath-taking waterfall named Athirappilly Waterfall. Well, no hiking is required to visit the waterfall. But you need to go to a remote village with vehicle to visit this waterfall.

It is a very big waterfall with rushing stream of water while falling directly to water. A view of this waterfall truly makes your mind peaceful creating calmness. In a nutshell, all problems about worlds and crowd of city are vanished with this waterfall’s miracle.

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India Best Waterfalls
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Dudhsagar Falls

In the first place, one of the biggest waterfalls in India, a tall one with 310 metres tall, offers a beauty of its white water falling down through its rainforest. As a matter of the fact, there is one more thing that make this waterfall famous.

In particular, it’s a train track which going through near the area of the waterfall. Thus, if you visit the outlook point to see waterfall from far distance, a view of train going through with waterfall as backdrop is very beautiful and unique.

In fact, Dudhsagar Falls literally means milk water. In particular, it’s because the water of this waterfall has colour look exactly like milk especially in a bright day. Visit this waterfall if you have a chance at least once in your lifetime.

best India Tourist attractions
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Dhuandar Falls

Among many wide waterfalls in India, this one should be number one. It offers rushing stream of water with breath-taking view to see. It is actually connected directly to river and swimming is not eligible for safety reason. Well, it’s not a wonder why Dhuandar Falls is often called as Niagara of India.

Visiting this waterfall requires you to go on its hiking trail which notably very challenging. Make sure you have some hiking experiences and fit body condition if you do not want to find it hard hiking there. With complete equipment, it will be a lot easier to do. Indeed, a vacation to this waterfall will be very memorable.

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Tourist attractions in India
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Chitrakot Waterfall

A popular one among the locals, the waterfall has been one of the iconic natural tourism of India. It is a three waterfall united as one falling directly to big lake of green water underneath. Well, I would recommend you to visit this waterfall because of its amazing beauty.

There are lots of spots around to enjoy its view. Whether you come to a spot where you can see the waterfall from top and seeing water falls down beside you or to enjoy the waterfall from the front’s view in nearby hill, everything will always be a wonderful one.

Never try to swim below because it’s very dangerous and water could be very rough. Just enjoy its beauty and get some calmness enough to help you forget all problems of the world.

As a matter of the fact, this waterfall is also a place where locals would held monsoon event every monsoon. Visit and see some spectacular cultural performances with many unexpected shows of cultures. Surely, this experience will be amazing. Indeed, this is among best waterfall in India.

India Tourist attractions
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Talakona Waterfall

Lush environment, rainforest, rushing flow of water falling through rocky stairs, that’s all about Talakona Waterfall.  Exactly has 270 feet high, its view is spectacular when seeing from below.

This waterfall would be a good alternative as you can enjoy yourself alone with your thought not only because it’s less crowded, but also because there are lots of spots around.

Well, to get a heaven then you must make some efforts. In particular, you need to hike around 1 hour to arrive through some slippery trails. Indeed, you truly must visit this one when travelling to India.

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best waterfalls in India
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Jog Waterfall

Underneath the waterfall, there lays a yellow water river which looks like a small lake. But on top of this yellow water river, there is a high and spectacular waterfall named Jog Waterfall. Seeing it is very fresh as the environment is purely nature surrounded by rainforest and fresh air.

With background of mountainous region, coming here will never be regret for any coming visitors. In fact, Jog Waterfall is also a great place for watching sunrise. So, prepare yourself hiking in early morning to see sun rises on top of waterfall. With some rainbow views as well, a day in Jog Waterfall is perfect.

best Tourist attractions in India
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Kune Falls

Kune Falls is only the one you can see from far distance. But seeing it is very peaceful feeling as you can just choose to take a seat and having some Indian teas in a café nearby. Right in the middle of green cliff, the Kune Falls always succeeded making everyone relax when seeing its view.

Locals say the Kune Falls has magic. It could be true because once you visit, you will forget all problems you have in the world and just dating yourself with your own thought while thinking about many unexpected things to behold.

Well, after all those waterfalls information, India is not only an ancient historical country, but also a country with full of natural beauties. Waterfall is the example of how beauty India is. With long history of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, best waterfall in India is full of story and history behind as well. Thus, go explore them while you have chance to do so well.