Summer Vacation In Hawaii? Come and Visit Best Waterfalls in Hawaii

best waterfalls in Hawaii
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Who’s in the world does not dream of visiting Hawaii for travelling? Hawaii is a dream of everyone for summer vacation. The place for seeking fun for anybody come to its paradise, Hawaii.

Hawaii is actually also the paradise in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Hawaii might be in the middle of an ocean, but surely it is one of the best places for vacation in the world.

In the first place, the natural beauty of Hawaii attracts many visitors from all over the world to visit the pacific paradise called Hawaii. At the end of the day, Hawaii is an American dream. Lastly, best waterfalls in Hawaii are need to know things.

the best waterfalls in Hawaii
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Best Waterfalls in Hawaii you need to visit this summer

Hawaii has a lot of outstanding natural attractions around its beautiful landscapes. Starting from beaches, mountains and cultures, all are best in Hawaii. Hence, no wonder why a lot of people would really love visiting Hawaii for their travelling destination.

But in fact, there are other kind of natural attractions that you should visit in Hawaii, it is called the waterfall. Even if Hawaii is not popular with its waterfall’s destination, but surely Hawaii has some of the best waterfalls in the world.

If you visit Hawaii for waterfall’s vacation, then you do not make a wrong choice. Even you will find a lot of wonder and fun during your exploration of waterfalls in Hawaii. As a matter of the fact, there are too many waterfalls existed in Hawaii.

And most importantly, you actually cannot visit all the waterfalls in Hawaii. But you can only visit some of the best of them. Thus, you need to know what are the best waterfalls destinations in Hawaii. Therefore, we have listed some of the best waterfalls in Hawaii that you must visit this summer.

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Hawaii best waterfalls
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Manoa Falls

There are actually a lot kind of waterfalls in Hawaii. You can find a waterfall for hiking, swimming waterfall, cliff jumping waterfall and even waterfall that is easy to visit.

But if you are the one who love hiking experience, then you need to visit the Manoa Falls. In Oahu, Maona Falls is actually their most popular waterfall around the island. This waterfall is very beautiful in view, but you must go through a hiking trail to visit the paradise called the Maona Falls.

After around 3 hours of hiking, you will arrive in the Manoa Falls. This middle of forest waterfall offers very outstanding view of its waterfall. The water drop beautifully through its rocky landscapes.

To visit the Manoa Falls, you are recommended to come after the rain. In particular, it is because the Manoa Falls will be at its best after the rain. But of course, you need to be careful to walk through its hiking trail as it would be very slippery.

visit the best waterfalls in hawaii
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Rainbow Falls

Rainbow is always be a beautiful natural occasion to see. Moreover, if the rainbow is mixed with the waterfall it would be even more beautiful.

To see such amazing view, then you can come to the Rainbow Falls while you are in Hawaii. As a matter of the fact, it is very often that the Rainbow Falls discover rainbow near its waterfall area. Thus, the view of the Rainbow Falls is very amazing.

If you are interested to visit the Rainbow Falls to see its clear rainbow, then the best time to visit the Rainbow Falls is on a rainy season. It would be best for you to visit the Rainbow Falls after raining time.

Further, other than rainbow, there actually some other activities that you can do in the Rainbow Falls. Once you arrive in the Rainbow Falls, you can swim on its beautiful and calm natural swimming pool.

Its natural pool is quite big, thus it is a really nice place for swimming. Moreover, you will swim in a very relaxing place in the middle of jungle. Next, you can also do swimming near the waterfall’s area. There are a lot of big fish that you can fish easily on its river.

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list of best waterfalls in hawaii
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Papalaua Falls

For an outstanding view of a high waterfall, then you can visit the Papalaua Falls for your next visit of waterfall in the Hawaii. In fact, this 1200 feet high waterfall is actually one of the highest waterfalls in the Hawaii State of the United States. But you actually need to hike on its challenging hiking trail. But surely, you will find some of very great breath taking view along its hiking trail. This is also popular of best waterfalls in Hawaii.

Most importantly, it is actually hard to arrive near the Papalaua Falls. But you actually can reach the area where you can see the whole Papalua Falls from a high distance. Surely, the view of the Papalaua Falls will leave you in wonder. No wonder why a lot of people called the Papalaua Falls as one of the world’s natural wonder in Hawaii.

waterfalls in hawaii for family
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Akaka Falls

On your next visit of the best waterfalls in Hawaii, Akaka Falls should be your next destination. This 420 feet high waterfall offer very wonderful view with a very big natural swimming pool. A lot of people come to the Akaka Falls every day.

Some would come for enjoying its amazing view. Some others would come to the Akaka Falls to swim below its big waterfall. And some others would do camping near the camping ground of the Akaka Falls. At the end of the day, the Akaka Falls offers a lot of fun for any visitors visited.

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waterfalls for family vacation in hawaii
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Sacred Falls

Next, this waterfall is very must visited waterfalls during vacation in Hawaii. It is very sacred to visit this waterfall for anybody who loves waterfall. As a matter of the fact, the name of the waterfall is Sacred Falls.

Sacred Falls is located in the middle of jungle of Hawaii. And actually, the hiking trail to arrive in the Sacred Falls is already closed. But as an alternative, you can see the amazing beauty of the Sacred Falls with helicopter. There are actually some tourism agencies that offers helicopter tour to see the Sacred Falls from above.

Even if visit Hawaii to see its stunning beaches and mountains, but waterfalls will give you an extra fun. At the end of the day, you will never forget the experiences of visiting those best waterfalls in Hawaii.