Best Waterfalls in Hamilton, Great Tourist Attractions in California

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Hamilton, a mountainous region in in California, offers many amazing waterfalls deep within its evergreen forest. Well, it’s fair to say that Hamilton is a heaven of waterfall as there are many options for you including best waterfalls in Hamilton.

Best Waterfalls in Hamilton, Great Tourist Attractions in California

Whether you want to visit waterfall with hiking trail, family trip waterfall, peaceful waterfall to relax within lush environment, all are available around the region of Hamilton.

Thus, never miss a chance to visit them at least once in your lifetime. For best experience, those are best waterfalls you must visit during vacation to Hamilton.

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Borer’s Falls

A high waterfall reaching 50 feet tall, seeing the Borer’s fall is very refreshing. Amidst mountainous region in Hamilton, in a cliff, there lies this beautiful waterfall. To visit, you will walk though lush environment and evergreen forest.

Especially in wet season, the waterfall is even more beautiful with very rushing stream. Surely, the view is even better rather than in any other seasons. Underneath, you can swim on its purely natural swimming pool. Indeed, a vacation to the Borer’s Falls would be a good way to refresh your mind from business of the world.

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Albion Falls

A truly epic waterfall, probably the most beautiful one throughout Hamilton region, Albion Falls is a must visit. Nestled deep within Red Hill Valley, a journey to Albion Falls require long hiking trail but a very beautiful one.

The surrounding environment is lush environment that you can breathe its fresh air easily. But what matter the most that I talk about this waterfall is that Albion Falls is good to visit during winter months.

The combination between its white water with white snows surrounded the waterfall creating a very peaceful feeling when you enjoy its view. When you visit it, remember not to hike down the waterfall in winter because it’s very dangerous and could kill you in a nutshell.

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Tiffany Falls

An amazing spot for climbing sided with rushing stream of water; the place is called Tiffany Falls. To visit, you will need to hike through lush environment and some rocky lands. Even if the waterfall is not that high, the view is breath-taking with tis 20 feet tall waterfall.

Underneath the waterfall lies very beautiful natural pool that sometime creating rainbow view after raining. When winter comes, the waterfall is even prettier that many climbers visit it for ice climbing. At the end of the day, Tiffany Falls is a place for you to relax as well having date with your own thought thinking about life and universe.

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Tews Falls

A wide and tall waterfall, notably the tallest waterfall throughout Hamilton region, looks like a small version of Niagara Falls, has been among the most popular waterfall destinations in Hamilton in recent years. Relaxing on top of a boulder nearby while listening to very calming sound of rushing steam falls down to the ground would be good one.

Especially if you are the one who just want to get away from crowd of the city this waterfall is really good to visit. Lastly, remember not to visit Tews Falls in late summer because water could significantly decreased during that time. For best experience, visit Tews Falls in wet months especially after raining days then water flow will be increase a lot. Indeed, this is among best waterfalls in Hamilton.

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Webster’s Falls

A visit to Hamilton without a vacation to Webster’s Falls is a waste of time. In the first place, Webster’s Falls is actually number 1 most popular waterfall in Hamilton. As it offers very friendly environment and easy to visit, and then it’s notably a great place for family vacation.

The best advice we can give to you is to prepare a camera prior to your departing to this waterfall. In particular, it’s because there will be lots of wonderful moments to capture with your camera. Further, there is also a picnic site nearby which is good for family to have quality time together. Bring your own food stock for having lunch together. In addition, the waterfall is good to visit both during summer and winter.

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Sherman Falls

Just like a rocky stairs waterfall, the Sherman Falls offers breath-taking view with natural pool at once. As a matter of the fact, Sherman Falls is a popular spot for swimming within its fresh and cold water. The water is very clean even you can see what below water and some fishes swimming underneath you.

This waterfall actually nestled amidst the area of Ancaster Creek which notably offering challenging but short hiking trail. Walk a bit through rocky trail from parking lot and you can see a little piece of heaven named Sherman Falls. Indeed, Sherman Falls deserves to be in discussion among the best.

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Devil’s Punchbowl Falls

In the first place, even if not that popular, I would regard this waterfall as among number ones waterfalls in Hamilton. The waterfall is very amazing to see as it is nestled in a round hole of cliff. Underneath the hole, there lies big natural pool. Well, basically it’s quite hard to hike down the waterfall but you can try if you have good hiking and climbing skill.

Especially in winter, the water would be cold so it creates beautiful view but never try to walk down the hole otherwise it would create any danger to you. Well, for locals this waterfall has lots of myths therefore they named it Devil’s Punchbowl Falls thanks to some haunted stories told.

To conclude, it needs more than ‘amazing’ word to describe waterfalls in Hamilton. Indeed, a vacation to Hamilton will never be bored as there are lots of options. With those numbers oof waterfalls, your vacation will be very colourful.

Especially if you love hiking and adventurous trip, then Hamilton is a right destination for you. While hiking, keep in mind to keep your safety because the trail could be dangerous and slippery sometime. But never forget to put this list of best waterfalls in Hamilton on your bucket list soon.