Best Waterfalls in Georgia, Tourist Attractions that Worth to Visit

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Georgia, a state in United States of America, holds many beautiful waterfalls deep within its evergreen forest and its rocky mountainous region. Fairly to say, best waterfalls in Georgia provide challenging hiking trail all along.

Best Tourist Attractions in Georgia

Indeed, adventure lover would love to visit Georgia all year round either. Especially when rainy season comes, waterfalls would look even more beautiful than usual. If you prefer a short hike one, then Georgia also have some.

Whatever kinds of waterfall destination you like, Georgia is ready for you. Thus, it’s not a wonder why Georgia is regarded as the heaven of waterfalls in United States. For your guideline, those are best waterfalls to visit in Georgia.

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Jacks River Falls

For an adventurous trip, then you can visit the Jacks River Falls. Deep nestled within the Cohutta Wilderness Forest, there lays Jacks River Falls in the end of the trail. To visit, there are two trails that you can choose particularly either Jacks River Trail or Beech Bottom Trail.

Along the journey itself you will find lots of interesting things to see about environment of its evergreen forest. If you want to get more challenging trail, then you can go through the Jacks River Falls.

Keep in mind to bring complete hiking gear because the trial sometime could be slippery. If you want a closer trail, then go to the Beech Bottom Trail. When you arrive, all tiredness will lose as you can feel refreshing environment of the waterfall or even to swim within its natural swimming pool.

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Panther Creek Falls

In the first place, Panther Creek Falls is among the most popular waterfalls alongside Georgia. Surely, visiting them requires fit body to hike its challenging hiking trail. The hike here requires you to walk for around 7 miles through evergreen forest.

Basically this is a quite difficult trail so you have to prepare well with complete equipment as well. Alongside the trail, lots of campsites are available so you can choose to rest or stay overnight and wait for sunrise to continue. With several rivers waiting on its trail, you can catch some fishes for dinner.

When arriving, no regret will show as the waterfall is truly beautiful with some rocky stairs and big fresh natural swimming pool below. Indeed, a vacation to the Panther Creek Falls would be a very good one to remember.

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Amicalola Falls

Probably the most breath-taking waterfall in Georgia and is the tallest waterfall in Southern Part of United States, it is a must to visit Amicalola Falls. Surrounded by mountain, this waterfall nestled amidst them as it looks like a rocky stairs waterfall.

When visiting Amicalola, test yourself by walking 600 stairs to reach the top of Amicalola Falls. From there, a more than stunning view to describe lies in your eyesight. In addition, it’s also famous with a bridge crossing the waterfall as a place to relax and watching surrounding environment of the falls.

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Toccoa Falls

Nestled in rocky mountainous region, Toccoa Falls offers a breath-taking view of its big waterfall as water fall sliding down to ground notably creating beautiful natural pool. In fact, Toccoa Falls offers a quite short hiking trail and is good alternative for family trip and if you prefer a short trip one.

The hike would only take around 15 minutes until you arrive in the area. Swim there with kids, try catching some fishes as well; surely this will be a great experience for your family. One more, keeps in mind to bring your own food stock so you can have lunch with family while watching the waterfall’s view. Follow my recommendation and it would be a truly great experience to have.

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Raven Cliff Falls

In the first place, remember that Raven Cliff Falls is only for experienced hiker. First, you will walk through a trail with gravel road but then slowly you will just turn out to be inside an evergreen forest. Afterwards, lots of sloping rocky trails which notably very slippery awaits anyone to hike them.

Keep in mind to be careful either for slippery trail or wildlife that could just attack you in a sudden move. When arriving, climb through cascading rocks to arrive in the water which actually located literally flanked between cliffs. Indeed, a journey to visit this waterfall is challenging but surely when you arrive you can find a very stunning view to enjoy.

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Tallulah Gorge Hurricane Falls

A hike to the Tallulah Gorge Hurricane Falls is actually quite short than any other its counterparts. But the hike is very tough that it requires more energy and skill to arrive. The hike will be going down to a place deep within rocky mountainous region of the trail.

In fact, it will be around 1000 feet down from a place where you start the hike. Be careful during the hike because the rocks and small cascades could be very slippery. When arriving, you can see beautiful view of waterfall with rushing steam creating natural pool underneath it and surely a stunning one to see. Indeed, this is among best waterfalls in Georgia.

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High Falls State Park

A waterfall good for swimming with a beautiful white beach located sided right next to the waterfall. Only around a half hour of hiking, you can enjoy this beautiful tourism destination. In fact, lots of visitors would come on weekend to have picnic around its beach and waterfall’s area.

The waterfall itself is a breath-taking one to see as you can enjoy view of rocky waterfalls with rushing stream. Its natural pool is very fresh as the water is quite cold. Have some chills there while catching some fishes with fishing equipment.

To summarize, Georgia truly deserves its calling name as the heaven of waterfall. With numerous amazing waterfalls on the list, providing spectacular hiking trail as well, a vacation to Georgia will always be an exciting one. Thus, keep in mind to explore at least one of this list of best waterfalls in Georgia.