Best Waterfalls in Costa Rica, Other Best Destination in Costa Rica

best waterfalls in Costa Rica
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Central America has a lot to offer when it comes to summer and tropical vacation. Although all of its countries has many best tourist attractions in the world, but no doubt that Costa Rica has it all best.

Around the Costa Rica, there are a lot of choices of tourist attractions. And of course, most of them are really best around the Central America.

Costa Rica is a very friendly place for budget travellers. Thus, Costa Rica is a really best destination in the Central America. Indeed, you need to know also best waterfalls in Costa Rica.

best waterfalls tours in Costa Rica
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Best Waterfalls in Costa Rica for Summer Vacation

You might visit Costa Rica for visiting its natural beaches. You might also visit Costa Rica for its culture. But it’s no doubt that you cannot deny the beauty of the waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Around the landscapes of Costa Rica, there lies dozens of great waterfalls that you can visit. In those waterfalls, you can do amazing activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing and even camping. At the end of the day, this will be a very fun and relaxing trip.

In the first place, you might wonder what best waterfalls in Costa Rica are. There might be many great waterfalls, but only some becomes the best based on our survey. Indeed, those are the best waterfalls around the Costa Rica that you need to know.

best Costa Rica waterfalls tours
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Rio Celeste Waterfall

You might find very clear blue water in the sea. But in Costa Rica, you can find a clear blue water in the middle of its land. In particular, you can find such great view in a waterfall named the Rio Celeste Waterfall.

Rio Celeste Waterfall is a very wonderful waterfall with its blue water view. Of course, this is a very unique waterfall that you can only find few of them in the world. And amazingly, Costa Rica has one of the best of them.

When you want to get to a heaven, you actually need to spend more fight to get its paradise. And to arrive in a paradise of Costa Rica called the Rio Celeste Waterfall, you must hike on its hiking trail.

The hiking trail to arrive in the Rio Celeste is around 1.5 mile. Even if this is a quite long hiking trail, but this long trail has many great and outstanding view. Thus, even before you arrive in the paradise, you can see a lot of beauty of Costa Rica.

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the best Costa Rica waterfalls
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La Paz Waterfall Garden

Your visit to the Rio Celeste Waterfall was beautiful isn’t it? You might be very happy to find such amazing place. But the thing you need to know is that it is only a small of the waterfall’s paradise in Costa Rica.

On your next seeking of paradise in Costa Rica, then you can visit a waterfall named the La Paz Waterfall Garden. You might usually come to a flower garden. But who does not happy to be able to visit a waterfall garden?

This wonderful garden called the La Paz Waterfall Garden actually has up to 5 waterfalls. And most of them actually offer very wonderful view. To arrive on those waterfalls, you must hike on its quite long hiking trail.

As a matter of the fact, the hiking trail in this waterfall garden even reach 5 miles long. But surely, along this long trail, you will find waterfall to waterfall that will leave you in wonder. At the end of the day, this will be your most amazing experience while visiting Costa Rica for vacation.

the best Costa Rica waterfalls tours
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La Cangreja

Next, you might not believe that Costa Rica still has a lot to offer after seeing many beautiful places in Costa Rica. If you visit the   Rincon de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica, then you must visit its most beautiful place called the La Cangreja Waterfall.

This is actually a very wonderful and relaxing waterfall. In fact, even the La Cangreja always comes on top on the list of the best natural destinations in Central America.

Well, the hike to the La Cangreja might be quite long. In particular, it needs a hike for around 4 hours to arrive in the La Cangreja.

But surely all of your tiredness will be paid out after you arrive in a paradise called the La Cangreja. Once you arrive, you can do several great activities such as cliff jumping and swimming on its wonderful natural pool.

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waterfalls tours in costarica for family
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Montezuma Waterfall

Costa Rica is also very popular with its Mayan heritages. And as a matter of the fact, the Mayan does not only has man made heritages, but also natural heritages.

Near a site of the Mayan site, you can visit a very wonderful waterfall called the Montezuma Waterfall. On this very high waterfall, you can swim freely on its big natural swimming pool. Swimming below this waterfall is very fun as you also can see its outstanding view of great high waterfall.

But to visit the Montezuma waterfall, you need to hike a mountain a bit. At the end of the day, the Montezuma Waterfall is known as the best waterfall in Costa Rica.

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Llanos de Cortes Waterfall

Lastly, you can visit the Llanos de Cortes Waterfall on your last exploration of waterfall in the Costa Rica. This waterfall is actually very unique waterfall. Llanos is wide and rocky waterfall made it looks like several waterfall in one waterfall. It’s a little confusing right? Then you must visit the waterfall area to find its truly unique waterfall.

Visiting Costa Rica will make your travelling times very fun. Moreover, if you visit the Costa Rica tourism for waterfalls it would be nicer. In fact, there are actually still lots of waterfalls available in Costa Rica.

But of course it would need more time visit those all waterfalls. Thus, visiting those greatest waterfalls of Costa Rica is enough to make you wonder of the beauty of Costa Rica. At the end of the day, this list of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica should be on your bucket list.