Visit Best Waterfalls in CT is Worth, Before Another Attraction In CT

best waterfalls in CT
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South of United States region holds a lot of outstanding tourist attractions whether nature or history. Connecticut, a small coastal state in the South of United States, contains most of the best tourist attractions along the Southern of United States.

From the natural attractions such as sea, beaches, mountains up the historic attractions such as museums and Gillette Castle State Park, most of them are the best in the South. Indeed, knowing best waterfalls in CT is very important.

best waterfalls in CT Connecticut
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Best Waterfalls in CT

In the first place, the Connecticut is actually the best tourist destinations for visiting the waterfalls. As a matter of the fact, the Connecticut reserves so many waterfalls.

And most of the waterfalls are the best in the South of United States. Correspondingly, the Connecticut has various kinds of waterfalls from the wide one, high one, up to the unique one such as the Wadsworth Waterfall. Hence, visiting the Connecticut for waterfalls will never leave you in regret.

In addition, prior to visit the Connecticut State, you should know which waterfalls that you will visit once you arrive in the destination. Of course, first you should choose the options of where will you go around the Connecticut.

To accommodate your needs, thus we have already listed some of the best waterfalls in the Connecticut that you need to know. Equally important, those should be on your bucket list.

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Diana’s Pool one of the best waterfalls in CT Connecticut
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Diana’s Pool

To explore the whole best waterfalls in the Connecticut, we recommend you to start from visiting the Diana’s Pool. Diana’s Pool is actually a small section in the Natchaug River.

And Diana’s Pool is actually only some small waterfalls. But although the Diana’s Pool is quite small, but of course playing and swimming on the pool is an exciting experiment.

A lot of locals and visitors visit the Diana’s Pool on the weekend to play and swim around the area. To get the best experience, the best time to visit the Diana’s Pool is on the weekday. Most importantly it is because the Diana’s Pool will be less crowded than on weekend.

Wadsworth Waterfall best waterfalls in Connecticut
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Wadsworth Waterfall

Enjoying the day watching a big flow of waterfalls is very relaxing. To get that kind of experience, then you should visit the Wadsworth Waterfall.

The Wadsworth Waterfall is a waterfall that has the biggest water flow in the Connecticut State. Of course, this kind of view is very spectacular. In the end of the day, enjoying a day watching the Wadsworth Waterfall is very interesting.

To get to arrive in the Wadsworth Waterfall, you actually need to walk on its hiking trail. Hiking for a couple of hours is needed. But surely, there will be a lot of breath taking view along the track that you will see.

Further, your hiking will not be bored as there are challenging track ahed of you. Therefore, you need to bring complete safety hiking gear to visit the Wadsworth Waterfall. At the end of the day, you will admit that this is one of the best waterfalls in CT.

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Best Waterfalls in CT Enders Falls
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Enders Falls

If you are the one who really love waterfall, you must know that a multi-level waterfall must be very wonderful. As a matter of the fact, to get such kind of thing, then you must visit the Enders Falls while travelling to Connecticut State.

In the Enders Falls, you can see an amazing and peaceful 5 drops waterfall. Also, the surrounding environment of the waterfalls is very wonderful. Thus, such kind of things makes the Enders Falls one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Connecticut.

In the light of the beauty of Enders Falls, you can do swimming on its calm natural swimming pool. The pool is quite deep, and surely its deep is really good for swimming. If you go to the waterfall with your kid you can swim in a shallower place. In the end, you can take a rest on a small garden near the waterfall after swimming.

Mill Pond Falls, The Best waterfall in Connecticut
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Mill Pond Falls

Usually, to visit waterfall in the United States you would have to hike the mountains to arrive in the waterfall. But in Connecticut, you actually can visit waterfall without hiking on a long trail.

You can just park your park near and walk on a short footbridge and then you will arrive in the waterfall. Where can you do that in Connecticut? You can feel that kind of experience in the Mill Pond Falls.

Mill Pond Falls, a small waterfall near the Connecticut Highway, is a small but wonderful waterfall. There is no need to hike to visit this waterfall.

In the first place, the Mill Pond Falls is very wonderful especially on winter. Visiting the Mill Pond Falls on the winter enables you to see its water flow surrounded by a lot of snowy rocks.

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Kent Falls, The waterfalls in Connecticut CT
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Kent Falls

On your next destination in the Connecticut State, Kent Falls is a must visited place. Kent Falls, a waterfall located in mountainous of the Connecticut, is the highest waterfall around the Connecticut State.

This multi-level has around 250 feet high. Once you arrive in the Kent Falls, its breath taking view will leave you in wonder that you have just seen a very amazing and wonderful waterfall.

Coupled with the beauty of the Kent Falls, first you need to fight a little bit to arrive in the Kent Falls area. Hiking for around 1 hour is needed to enjoy the Kent Falls paradise.

After you arrive, you are highly recommended to swim on its natural pool so that will reduce your fatigue during hiking. The Kent Falls is actually the wonder of the Connecticut so that people often called it as the heaven of mountainous Connecticut.

Visiting waterfall is always a nice experience. The less crowded environment will make your day fresher than ever before. Further, a vacation to waterfall also could be a stress released activity.

Moreover, you can do activities such as hiking, swimming or even fishing in the waterfall. Of course, those are the best things to do to relax during vacation in the Connecticut. If you are the one who will visit Connecticut, keep in mind that those best waterfalls in CT are in your bucket list.