Best Waterfalls in Maui List to Complete Your Destination in 2018

best waterfalls in Maui
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Maui, one of the main islands in Hawaiian Archipelago, is very beautiful that it becomes one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Maui has a lot of beauty that makes people would love to visit Maui for vacation.

Its natural beauty from the stunning beaches, islands, mountains and waterfalls are the attractiveness that makes it an outstanding tourist destination. Maui is also a rich place in in term of history. Maui has a lot of stunning waterfalls that become its main attractions. There are a lot of best waterfalls in Maui that you need to know.

Best Waterfall in Maui

Furthermore, reaching Maui is not easy as there are a lot of flights available from Hawaii to reach Maui. You can reach Maui from Hawaii whether by plane or by ship. If you use ship as your transportation, sure it would be a vacation for you while travelling to Maui. You will see a lot of great view around its archipelago.

Maui has a lot of stunning waterfalls around its island. Of course, that is one of the main reasons why a lot of visitors are coming to Maui every year. Those waterfalls stretch along its land. We have listed some of the best waterfalls that you can visit in Maui. So, make sure that you put all those waterfalls on the list to your wish list.

best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, US
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Wailua Falls

Most of the waterfalls along the island of Maui are very high. And of course, all of them are very beautiful. For one of the highest waterfalls in Maui, you should visit Wailua Falls. In fact, Wailua Falls is one of the highest waterfalls that you can visit in Maui. Its high is even reach 80 feet from the water surface. Therefore, the Wailua Falls is a very stunning waterfall.

The beautiful green forests are surrounding the greatness of the Wailua Falls. Enjoying time in the Wailua Falls is very refreshing. Because you enjoy your day with the sounds of water falling down accompanied with bird sounds and rain forests freshness.

The Wailua Falls is very easy to access. It’s because the Wailua Falls is located on the road side. No need a long adventure to reach the Wailua Falls.

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best waterfalls in Maui Hawaii US
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Alelele Falls

When you visit Maui, make sure you also visit its amazing small town called Kipaluhu. Kipaluhu has a lot to offer when it comes to travelling. One of its most visited tourist attractions is the Alelele Falls. Alelele Falls Maui Waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall that will leave you in wonder once you see the Alelele Falls.

To reach the Alelele Falls, you need to spend your energy a little bit. Tt needs about 10 minutes hiking to reach the centre of the Alelele Falls. During the hike, the peaceful forests will accompany you until you reach a wonder called Alelele Falls.

Once you reach the Alelele Falls, you will see its amazing beauty. For best experience during visit to Alelele Falls, you can try bathing in its very relaxing accompanying pool of the Alelele Falls. Therefore, Alelele Falls is the best place for relaxation. This is part of the best waterfalls in Maui.

best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii
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Makamaka’ole Falls

When you have a trip surrounding Maui and past the Kahekili Highway, you can see a beautiful paradise called Makamaka’ole Falls. Actually there are only several waterfalls that has land access to its beauty, including the Makamaka’ole Falls. Of course, visit the Makamaka’ole Falls is a very nice experience as it is really easy to access.

While in the Makamaka’ole Falls, you can do activities such as swimming and bathing inside its small river. Makamaka’ole Falls is a two waterfall. One waterfall is only around 60 feet high, while the other one waterfalls is even reached the 270 feet high. Therefore, Makamaka’ole Falls is one of the best waterfalls vacation in Hawaii.

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best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, United States
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Twin Falls

Road to Hana, the very famous round in the Maui, has a paradise on its side road. This is the closest waterfall from Maui downtown. You can just park your car in the roadside of the Road to Hana, and then walk through the fruit stands, and then you will arrive in the best paradise in Maui, Hawaii.

Twin Falls has two stunning waterfalls. You must love the Twin Waterfalls because both waterfalls have big pool river for swimming. This is a free waterfall tourist attraction in Maui.

best waterfalls in Maui Hawaii United States
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Makapipi Falls

Next, for the hiking lovers, the next waterfall destination you should visit in Maui is the Makapipi Falls. Of course, it is because the Makapipi Falls has a very beautiful hiking trail that you must through to arrive in its paradise. The hiking trail to the Makapipi Falls is quite dangerous, and slippery. This is only recommended for the experience hikers. You must love that track.

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best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, USA
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Makahiku Falls

Hana, a gorgeous small town in Maui, has a very beautiful waterfall called the Makahiku Falls. Of course, the Makahiku is a very wonderful waterfall. the Makahiku Falls is the main reason why people would love to visit Hana and get through the Hana Road. Furthermore, the Makahiku Falls is actually has no accessible road. You need to walk on a hike to reach its paradise of the Makahiku Falls.

You need to hike for about half of a mile. Well, the hike might makes you tired, but surely its amazing view of the Makahiku Falls will recover your fatigue in a nutshell. To reach the hiking trail of the Makahiku Fall, then you must come through the Halaekala National Park in Kipahulu.

The Maui Island has a lot to offer about the waterfall vacation. The Maui’s amazing waterfalls are the reasons why it becomes the main tourist attraction as today. A trip to Maui would cost you a bit. But surely, it will be very much worth for happiness. So, save this list of best waterfalls in Maui.