Best Waterfall in Kauai, Great Tourist Attractions in Hawaii

best waterfall in Kauai
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kauai, a spectacular island full of vacations, deserves to be called as little piece of heaven in the world.

While Kauai is very popular of its beaches, mountains and cultures, best waterfall in Kauai is also something you cannot miss in Kauai.

Especially when you visit in wet season, waterfall could be a good alternative for your destinations.

Tourist Attractions in Kauai

With numbers of awesome waterfalls on the list, trip to Kauai will never be a boring one. To help you, those are best waterfalls to visit in Kauai.

Tourist Attractions in Kauai
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Hanakapiai Falls

Most big waterfalls have big natural pools but not eligible for swimming. But Hanakapiai Falls is the one wherein you can swim freely underneath its waterfall while with its very warm and fresh water.

The view itself is a very stunning with three falls unites as one. Especially on high of wet season, its water turns out to be rushing stream and surely it is very breath-taking. Here you can either do swimming instead of just sitting down or try catching some fishes on river nearby.

In fact, Hanakapiai Falls require hiking trail to arrive. The hike takes around 2 miles long for around 30 minutes based on how fast you walk. During the hike itself there will be lots of wonderful views including some views of Na Pali Coast from far distance.

When you arrive, no more tiredness left because the view of Hanakapiai Falls vanishes all those feelings. Remember, do not bring kids to Hanakapiai Falls because its trail could be so rough particularly in wet season. At the end of the day, a vacation to Hanakapiai Falls will always be wonderful experience.

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best waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii
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Na Pali Coast Waterfall

In the first place, this is an outstanding waterfall to see as its water falls down directly to sea water. The waterfall is very tall amidst rocky cliff with rough environment. A view of Na Pali Coast Waterfall can be enjoyed by many ways.

First, you can hike to get close to waterfall. Keep in mind that the trail is very hard that require skilful climbers to get through. If you prefer a less extreme way to visit, then you can take a boat trip to enjoy the waterfall’s view from sea water as you sit while relaxing on the boat. Indeed, Na Pali Coast Waterfall is a place you cannot miss in Kauai.

waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii
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Waipoo Falls

Nestled amidst Waimea Canyon, there lays a beautiful waterfall with 700 feet tall which notably among the highest waterfalls in Kauai Island. The hike to visit Waipoo itself is very challenging as well as beautiful. Going through the canyon trail, with brown land and cliffs, it is a good view to enjoy too.

Further, there are several rivers that you will go through as well. On the other hand, you can enjoy view of Waipoo Falls from lookout points where you can see its waterfall with beautiful background of the canyon. It is easy to reach the lookout points because it is located just near Highway 550. Indeed, this is among best waterfall in Kauai.

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Tourist Attractions in Kauai, Hawaii
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Opaekaa Falls

Near Wailua Falls, there lays a very beautiful one named Opaeka Falls. This waterfall is located deep within rainforest of Kauai Island. This waterfall is quite unique. In particular, it’s because there are lots of shrimps show up at some points of the waterfall.

That’s why the name of the waterfall is Opaekaa Falls which literally means shrimp. The waterfall is only good to visit in wet season because the water flow will increase significantly unlike ones in summer season.

In fact, there is natural swimming pool underneath the waterfall with blue turquoise water. If you have some hiking skills to get through its hiking trail to reach waterfall’s area, then swimming on its water is a very refreshing feeling to experience. One last reason to visit this waterfall is that it was actually a shooting place for Jurassic Park movie which was very famous.

Kauai tourist attractions
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Secret Falls

Well, Secret Falls is literally a secret one as it is located deep within rainforest. Even the hike to Secret Falls itself is not an easy one to reach. Lots of difficult trails await you ahead of your journey to Secret Falls.

First, you can only go to the trail of Secret Falls through water access. You can either take a boat trip or renting a canoe or kayak. Going with tour guide is very recommended in order to make you understand the direction. After arriving to trail point and going out of river, you need to hike around 1 hour to arrive.

Remember, you better not using hiking boat because it would be very bad to your shoes. Instead, going barefoot or only using sport sandals are recommended. When arriving, all efforts during the hike will be paid off as the view is very spectacular. Staying here overnight is also eligible as there is nearby campsites wherein you can build your tent at.

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Wailua Falls

When talking about waterfall in Kauai, then we must talk about Wailua Falls. Amidst lush environment, there nestled a breath-taking waterfall to see named Wailua Falls. Wailua Falls is a double falls actually. Below, there lies a quite big natural pool with cold and very clear water wherein anyone could swim freely without being afraid of safety.

Being able to swim in a natural pool that has an ability to vanish all the problems in the world is a dream of everyone to come here. With its refreshing environment as well, a visit to Wailua Falls will never be a boring one.

As a matter of the fact, even if the most beautiful one, Wailua Falls is also the most easiest waterfall to visit. You just need to drive car through Highway 56 and then take a stop nearby. Afterward, it’s up to you how to handle the beauty of Wailua Falls.

As a conclusion, Kauai truly never fails to make its visitors happy with waterfalls. In wet months, waterfall is always full of water where you can truly enjoy its beauty. Thus, go visit at least one of this lists of best waterfall in Kauai.