Best Waterfall in Arizona, Enjoy The Rock, Sun, And Water in Same Time

best waterfall in Arizona
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Arizona, a state in United States full of small to middle size waterfall, has been a famous tourist destination to see best waterfall in Arizona. Even if most waterfalls here are not that big (only some), they offer awesome natural pool for anyone to swim within.

Thus, a travel to waterfalls throughout Arizona will never be boring. With some interesting trails offered as well, great adventure is guaranteed. So, those are best waterfalls to visit in Arizona.

Tonto Natural Bridge Falls
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Tonto Natural Bridge Falls

This waterfall might not be that popular in Arizona, but I put it to be among list of best waterfalls in Arizona because of its beauty and calmness it offers. Even if this one is an underrated one, visiting is worthy more than any other waterfalls in Arizona.

Especially when visit in summer or spring, when water’s flow is not too much rushing down, the waterfall will be at its best view. Located in lush environment as well, the air in the area is very fresh as well as making you fresher than you might ever think while forgetting about world’s problem. In a nutshell, you will drown deeply in to your own mind.

It’s not only beauty though, Tonto Natural Bridge Falls is also reachable even if there is hiking trail required to go through. From the first point of information centre, you only need to hike for a half of mile. It won’t be too tired. Moreover, the rewards given are more than worth its efforts. Indeed, Tonto Natural Bridge Falls deserves to be in discussion of best waterfalls in and around Arizona.

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seven levels of waterfall
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Seven Falls

Seven Falls is literally seven levels of waterfall in an alike of rocky stairs. Underneath, there is a wide natural swimming pool which notably eligible for swimming. Such a beautiful and peaceful view of Seven Falls actually required long hike to reach.

In particular, a hiking trail around 4.6 miles long await every single hiker to get through to reach a place called little piece of heaven. Bring complete hiking gears and be careful of slippery tracks especially after raining. When arriving, you will suddenly realise why Seven Falls deserved to be among the best of waterfalls alongside Arizona region.

In fact, Seven Falls has a magic tough. In the first place, it could turn out every adult back to their childhood when jumping within its natural pool swimming around. Its cold water also has magic to make everyone happy and fresh while on the other hand forgetting crowd and business of city.

When visiting, camp for at least one night beside the waterfall is recommended as there is camping ground nearby. Bring fishing gear as well to catch some fishes for dinner. Surely this will be the best adventure in Arizona ever.

clear blue water falls
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Havasu Falls

Rushing stream of clear blue water falls down from a small river to wide natural pool underneath, it’s all about Havasu Falls. It is famous with its clear water creating wonderful sight. Even in fact, you can see what below its water as some fishes are swimming around below you.

There are two ways to enjoy the waterfall. First, you can swim within its natural pool below the waterfall. The water is very clean and fresh so you won’t want to go out very soon. Second, climb a hill beside waterfall and get a better sight of Havasu Falls from the top view. Please make sure you bring your camera so you would have some great moments to capture.

This waterfall is geographically located in the middle of a brown canyon. So you have to hike through the canyon to arrive. Even before arriving, lots of beautiful sights are around the trail. Thus, you must be happy to be able to come. Well, missing a chance to visit this waterfall while in Arizona is a pity.

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highest waterfalls in Arizona
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Grand Falls

Grand Falls is actually one of the highest waterfalls in Arizona. Offering patrons with its almost 200 metres high, with lots of cascades of water fall down below in a two level waterfall, this waterfall is very beautiful.

Moreover, Grand Falls is located in brown canyon of cliffs which even make it more wonderful. Basically you cannot get too close to the waterfall but surely you can see its beauty from a hill in front of the waterfall.

Well, you actually can visit Grand Falls in wet season when rain comes so often. In particular, it is a time when waterfall is filled with tons of water flows. Furthermore, the waterfall is also actually located in a remote area.

So to visit, make sure that you come with four-wheel vehicle in order to avoid some difficulties on the road. Make sure you bring lots of hiking equipment just in some cases the tracks would be tougher than you ever think. Indeed, this is among the best waterfall in Arizona.

place for watching sunrise
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Winn Falls

A tall one, a stunning one, there is more than those words able to describe beauty of Winn Falls. The waterfall is located right in a rocky cliff surrounded by green environment. The water is very fast falling down to a small river underneath.

At some points of wet season, the waterfall is famous with often rainbow showing up on her body. Basically you cannot enjoy the waterfall too close but you can hike to nearby hill to enjoy its beauty from far sight and top view. Make sure you arrive before noon to ensure that you secure space because it could be very crowded.

Apart from its waterfall beauty, Winn Falls is also actually a place for watching sunrise. Sunrise here is famous with pink sky on top of its waterfall. With golden sun rises showing up its majestic, a view of sunrise here is breath-taking and is unforgettable at once. So, come in earlier morning or stay an overnight camp in nearby camping ground. Surely you will get your best experience ever in Winn Falls.

To conclude, Arizona State truly has something to offer when it comes to waterfall. The majesty of its waterfall is shown on this list of best waterfall in Arizona. Never miss a chance to visit at least one of them in your whole lifetime.