Best Travel Reward Credit Cards 2017

Best Travel Reward Credit Cards 2017
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Traveling costs lots of money. By the time of this year, traveling is probably the last thing on your mind. However, here we list the best travel reward credit cards 2017. Surely, if you want to start on your traveling plan, a credit card is on the list.

If you work hard now, you can play hard later. After all, who wants to be buried in tedious work all year round. There are lots of things out there we do not know yet. There are so many things possible to be experience. Work hard, make a plan, and get your life refreshed. We only live once, right?

Let’s get back to traveling essential: a credit card. Not to break the news, but a credit card is sort of compulsory. Have you listed the advantages of having a credit card while traveling? If the answer is no then take a look at some of them first. After that we can get you into the best travel reward credit card 2017.

Why Credit Card is Travel Essential

So, imagine you are traveling in a faraway country. Not so much of an unknown one, who wants to having a nice trip to the unknown. You have no complete knowledge of this faraway country. You don’t know the rate of the possibility of criminal activities happening. And there is this you a foreigner not in your own land.

Believe us, it is surprisingly easy to spot someone out of place. There is this vibe of a deer in a headlight. You will look the perfect target for getting mugged. From this you already have the picture, haven’t you?

You only bring cash and you are getting mugged. When cash is gone, it is gone. So, it is much easier if you are traveling with a card. However, a debit card won’t do the trick. It must be a credit card. Why is that?

It is because a debit card is connected directly to your saving account. When you wallet is lost, you debit card will be used to empty your account. After all, data theft of debit card is more vulnerable than a credit card.

With a credit card when it is lost, you will only need to make a phone call. This phone call will prevent your lost card to be used into your bill. After all, a credit card is not connected to your saving account unlike a debit card.

Travel Credit Card with Rewards

There is a variety of credit card choices offering rewards out there. Of course the rewards are not the same for each card. We have listed the best travel reward credit cards for you to choose. Each of them has their own strength in rewards. But the rewards are travel rewards regardless.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

We have chosen Chase Sapphire Preferred Card as one of our listing of best travel reward credit card offers. This card is chosen for its overall rewards offered. By using Chase Sapphire Preferred, you won’t be charged for foreign transaction you make.

The other excellence is that there is no certain restriction set when you want to redeem your points. Furthermore, this card offers a sign-up bonus. The bonus is worth $625 when used to book travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Using this card, you will get a point for each dollar spent in every purchase.

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Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This card is the right choice for those who travel often. When used often to purchase travel arrangement, you can earn impressive rewards. Although Capital One Venture Rewards doesn’t offer no annual fee, its fee is below the industry average.

Like many others, Capital One offers a sign-up bonus. You are required to spend $3,000 in order to earn 40,000 bonus miles. This is only eligible when the purchase total is made within the first three months. 40,000 bonus mile is worth for $400 in travel purchases!

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Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

If you prefer for a travel credit card with impressive hotel rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest is the one. Furthermore, this card doesn’t come with foreign transaction fees. Thus, you don’t need to worry when you make many purchases abroad.

Starwood properties are more than 100+ in various countries. It makes this card perfect choice for overseas companion. It is why some regards this card as one of the best travel reward credit cards Canada.

The rewards you will get is 2 Starpoints for purchases at Marriott Rewards hotels and SPG. You will be rewarded 1 Starpoint when you spend for other purchases. Starwood Preferred Guest also comes with a sign-up bonus. You can earn 25,000 Starpoints if you make $3,000 purchases within the first 3 months.

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Discover it Miles

Finally, we get to the one of the best travel reward credit cards with no annual fee. With Discover it Miles, you won’t be charged for annual fee. Furthermore, you also won’t suffer from foreign transaction fees. These two points make Discover it Miles a great card to travel abroad with already.

The rewards from Discover it Miles is redeemable for travel and statement credit. You will get 1.5x miles for each $1 dollar you spend on all kind of purchases. With this card, you can book a trip flights with any airline. You don’t have to worry because it can be done anytime without blackout dates.

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Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

We have chosen Barclaycard Arrival Plus for its fixed-value. The rewards offered are pretty simple. You will earn 2x miles for each $1 spent. This is impressive since others mostly only offer 1x point with their own special bonus.

Like a great travel credit card, Barclaycard Arrival Plus comes with a sign-up bonus. This bonus is able to be earned when you have spent $3,000 in the first 90 days. The sign-up bonus is 50,000 points. Every time you have made redemption of your points, you will get 5% back. This is a nice start to save your points again for the next point redemption.

Bring a credit card when you go traveling. Not only it is safer, it is also convenient. Best travel reward credit cards 2017 above is the start when you are about to apply for one. The credit cards have their own unique offers. Choose one which is the most suitable for your traveling.