Lombok, Worth to Visit But First Choose Best Time to Visit Lombok

best time to visit Lombok
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Indonesia, a tropical country rich of natural beauty, is the best tropical and cultural destinations in Southeast Asia. Around Indonesia, there are too many beautiful things that you can see. It’s started from its various exotic and stunning beaches, its gorgeous standing mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and even beautiful cities and its people.

In particular, best time to visit Lombok is the best destination in East Indonesia. Its beautiful landscape is very stunning from beaches to the top mountain of Rinjani. Of course travelling to Lombok will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. You will not only get to see its stunning nature, but also you will get to know to its warm people.

Best In Lombok Indonesia
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Best Time to Visit Lombok

Lombok is a two season island. In Lombok, you can only get rainy season and hot season. But of course, the two seasons give you its own characteristic of attraction to explore. But in fact, there are several times that Lombok is getting really crowded or getting really wet. And most importantly, there are better time to visit Lombok depend on your trip purposes. But in fact, Lombok is very beautiful all year round. No need to worry about it.

To visit Lombok, it’s very important for you to get to know its situation from month to month. Thus, you will be able to make up your travelling plan to Lombok. In particular, choosing the best time to visit Lombok island is very important.

In Lombok, rainy season is quite wet and there will be less shiny days around its tourist attractions. Rainy season in Lombok is occurred between Octobers to March. But in fact, the rain will get much worse during December up to February. Moreover, it even could get rain every day. Knowing best time to visit Lombok weather is very important.

A lot of rain in Lombok does not mean that there will be fewer visitors in Lombok. In fact, the amount of visitors does not much differ with dry season. The coming visitors to Lombok during we season are most likely to visit outdoor tourist attractions such as mountain and water falls. Well, there are a lot of beautiful and hidden water falls around Lombok. And you will see its best stunning view and water flow during wet season.

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best time to visit Lombok island
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Get Cheap Price Travel in Lombok Indonesia

In fact, rainy season in Lombok make the price of accommodation around Lombok get cheaper. Furthermore, the beach and green forest resorts are getting quieter than in dry season. And most importantly, Lombok during wet season is a very friendly island for backpackers and budget travellers alike. You can find the lowest price for your travelling budget.

In fact, mid-December up to the middle of January is a peak season in Lombok. It’s because there are several great events held in Lombok. The biggest event celebration during those times in Lombok is the New Year event. Many people erupting to beaches and top of Rinjani mountain to celebrate New Year in front of the most beautiful view in Indonesia. But on the other hand, February and March is quite low season. Thus, you can find cheapest accommodation’s prices during those times.

During wet season, there is still several events held in Lombok such as Bau Nyale Festival. In fact, Bau Nyale Festival is the most traditional event held in Lombok annually during February or March. The other events are Chinese New Year, Idul Adha and Islamic New Year.

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best time to visit Lombok 2018
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Visiting Lombok in dry season

Dry season, often called as summer season, is the best time to visit Lombok if you love to see stunning view of beaches, golden sunset of beaches and sunrise from Rinjani Mountain. Dry season occurred in Lombok during May to September. In fact, dry season is not hot in Lombok; otherwise it’s quite cold on the air. Well, Lombok might be located in Southern hemisphere, but it’s not hot as you think. But of course, it is dryer than wet season when mostly rainfall.

To explore Rinjani Mountain and any other hiking track, summer time is the best time. It’s because the track will be easier to pass. But the best time to visit Rinjani Mountain is at the beginning of the summer which is during May and June. In fact, the flowers and many beautiful plants around Rinjani Mountain are blooming beautifully. It’s all best time to visit Lombok you need to know.

In fact, July and August is a peak season in Lombok. During peak season, a lot of people from locals up to visitors from all over the world are visiting Lombok. And of course, as it’s a peak season, the accommodation and any other prices are rising so high in Lombok. In fact, if you visit Lombok during peak season, you need to make reservation several months in advance. And of course, to get several moment such as romantic dinner, will be harder to find.

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Cultur in Lombok Indonesia
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Cultural and Traditional Events in Lombok Indonesia

During summer, there are also a lot of cultural and traditional events held in Lombok. Most of the festivals are unique and only celebrated in Lombok not in any other Indonesian region. Some of the best events in Lombok are Gendang Beleq Festival in April, Senggigi Festival in July, Ogoh Ogoh Festival and Bau Nyaleh Festival in March. When you visit Lombok, make sure that you join the celebration of those great and unique events. So, this is best time to visit Lombok 2018.

In conclusion, Lombok is a very best tourist destination in Indonesia other than Bali. Its culture and greenness is very refreshing to enjoy during your holiday. If you are interested in culture, than Lombok is a must visit destination for you.

Furthermore, in order to choose the best time to visit Lombok, it depends on what kind of travelling you like. Of course, Lombok is really nice that you can visit it all year round and still get its beauty and its best. But of course, travelling plan is still very important wherever you want to go around the world.