Best Time to Visit Ubud Bali Indonesia

best time to visit Ubud Bali Indonesia
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Bali, a very exotic island located in Indonesia, is always on the top list of best tourist destinations in the world. Most people know that Bali tourist attractions are all about beaches. But in fact, Bali is not only beaches, but it has many other tourist attractions such as green mountains, hills, and green plantations.

Furthermore, Bali is also an island with rich biodiversity, culture and history. And of course, Ubud is one of the best tourist destinations in Bali that you must visit. Choosing best time to visit Ubud Bali Indonesia is very important.

Ubud, a very green place in Bali, is a home of culture and beautiful resorts in Bali. In Bali, Ubud is the most visited place other than Denpasar. In fact, it is a perfect place to have a relaxation during your vacation time. It is also a place to see the beauty of Indonesia starting from its nature and culture. Of course, cultural experience in Ubud is one of the best in Indonesia.

To come to Ubud, you need to make a travelling plan prior to your departure. It is very important because you would not want to have any fail during your trip. Knowing weather condition and peak and low seasons is very important to choose time to visit Ubud. But before choosing best time to visit Ubud Bali, you need to know the best things to do in Ubud first.

best time to visit Ubud Bali
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Things to do in Ubud

Well, Ubud is all about green forests and cultures. There are a lot of good things to do in Ubud. First you can visit Ubud Monkey Forest. Here, you can walk around the beautiful green forest with a lot of monkeys playing around you. Then the next thing to do in Ubud is Tegallalang Rice terraces. In fact, rice terraces in Tegallalang is the most beautiful landscape around Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there are also a lot of cultural souvenirs that you can shop around the Tegallalang Rice Terraces.

The other things to do in Ubud Bali Indonesia are Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, Puri Saren Royal Palace, Campuhan Ridge Walk, Ubud Art Market, and Bali Bird & Reptile Park. Of course, there are a lot of best things to do around Ubud Bali Indonesia.

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Rainy Season in Ubud Bali
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Visiting Ubud Bali Indonesia in rainy season

Rainy season in Ubud occurred between October to March. During rainy or so called wet season, Ubud is quite cold and wet. And of course, rain is more likely to happen every day. If you visit Bali during this wet season, you should avoid visiting tourist attractions around beaches and coastlines. In fact, it’s because Bali beaches are more likely to get dirty during wet season. So, Ubud is the best escape for your travelling time to Bali.

In Ubud, rainy season is a low season. So, there are less visitors visiting Ubud. Well, of course Ubud is a very peaceful place, but during low season, Ubud is getting more peaceful than ever. Hence, if you love a relaxation trip around the green forests, then Ubud is the best place to visit in the world.

Low Price In Rainy Season

In fact, Ubud is a very friendly place for backpackers and budget travellers. But actually hotel and other accommodation prices are getting low during low season in Ubud. So, it is really good to visit Ubud during wet season as it is very cheap and more peaceful. But you just need to be ready for any consequences if rain is falling every day in Ubud.

Furthermore, rainy season make Ubud even greener than before. Even if it’s quite risking to visit Ubud during wet season, but its view is still best around the Indonesia archipelago. Those are best best time to travel to Ubud Indonesia.

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best time to travel to Ubud Indonesia
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Visiting Ubud Bali Indonesia during summer

Dry season, or so called as summer season, is a season when many visitors from locals and any part of the world visiting Ubud. Well, even if Ubud is located on the Southern Hemisphere, but its weather condition is not that hot during summer. Of course, the air is really fresh and cold in Ubud during summer time. Thus, Ubud is a heaven of travelling destination in the world.

Even if you can visit Ubud all year round, but visiting Ubud during summer is better than wet season. One of the reasons is that you can enjoy its nature and tourist attractions without getting interrupted by rain falls. And of course, the shiny sun make it a better place to enjoy for traveling.

Furthermore, Ubud is more likely to get more crowded during summer season. Thus, summer season is a peak season in Ubud. Many beautiful resorts are full and need to be booked several months in advance to get the best experience. Furthermore, getting best restaurants for romantic dining is also will be harder as the reservation is often get so full. This this is more likely to be best time to travel to Ubud Bali.

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Morning Sport in Ubud Bali
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About Ubud Travel Price in Summer

As summer season is a peak season, the accommodation, hotel and resort prices are also getting higher. But higher price does not mean that the service does not match its prices. Of course, you will never regret spending much budget in Ubud because the things you will get is all very beautiful things to see.

Ubud, a place well mix of luxury, is well known as Indonesian heaven. Visiting Ubud is always a fascinating experience whether for Indonesians or foreigners. Of course, anyone can visit Ubud. In fact, Ubud is a place where the vacation from the lowest budget vacation up to the most luxurious vacation existed. No wonder why people from all over the world are visiting Ubud every year.

To sum up, there is no specific best time to visit Ubud Bali Indonesia. In fact, you can visit Ubud all year round and still get its Indonesian beauty. Ubud is a dream of everyone to travel to. Even spending one week of holiday in natural resorts in Ubud does not feel enough. But of course, you still need to plan and choose time for vacation in Ubud according to your budget and what kind of holiday you want.