Best Seafood Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina
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Located in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach draws many travelers in to enjoy the beautiful brown sand. They are not only drawn by the beauty of the sand beach though.

There are also best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach that offer foods that make you drool. It’s obvious that you can’t take a vacation near the beach without enjoy some seafood even a little bit.

Best Seafood Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

Enjoying seafood accompanied by the sound of the ocean is exactly what a beach vacation is. With the beautiful of the beach, eating can’t be more special. This can be experienced if you go to restaurants near the beach.

If you find that restaurants near the beach don’t satisfy your taste-bud, you can try to go to the following places. The following are restaurants that offer seafood to match your beach vacation. Sea, beach, and seafood, it completes your vacation.

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Best Seafood Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach
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Aspen Grille

This restaurant is where you want to go if you want to eat somewhere classy. Aspen Grille has been used by many couples to celebrate their anniversary by having dinner here. If you are taking vacation in Myrtle Beach as a couple, this is where you want to go to impress your partner.

Aspen Grille is certainly one of the best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This place obviously takes reservation since many couples have gone to celebrate their anniversary here. Just like any other restaurants which offer classy dinner, Aspen Grille doesn’t take delivery. You don’t need to worry if you want to take home the delicious menu you eat here. It’s because Aspen Grille accepts take-out.

Menu and Price at Aspen Grille

Aspen Grille mainly offers American and seafood as the menu. Among the menu, there are several chef selection. One of the chef selections is Market Fresh Fish. This menu consists of the freshly caught fish that day so you have to ask what kind of fish you’ll be getting. Aside from fresh fish, it also consists of Carolina white rice, lime tarragon crème fraiche, field pea & corn succotash.

As it’s said before, this place is used as anniversary dinner by many couples. Therefore, Aspen Grille is quiet and upscale ambience. This place is especially good for dinner. You can take your partner or business acquaintance to have dinner here. With those good points, this place is obviously not good for kids.

If you are interested to take a reservation, you can call (843) 449-9191. Aspen Grille is located at 5101 N Kings Hwy Myrtle Beach, SC 29557. It opens from Tuesday until Sunday from 4.30PM until 9.30PM with Monday closed. Since Aspen Grille is for fancy dinner, the price range isn’t quite cheap. It ranges from $31 to $60.

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good seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach SC
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Hoskins Restaurant

This restaurant is where to go if you are taking your whole family to eat. The price is also affordable with various delicious menus available. Even the locals claim that Hoskins Restaurant is one of best seafood restaurants in North Myrtle.

Being cheap places to eat in North Myrtle Beach, don’t be surprised if you find people lining up to eat here. With the local claiming that this place is great, the price, and the kinds of dine in, Hoskins Restaurant is very popular. Many travelers share their experience at hearing and seeing how popular this place is. At first they can’t believe it but after eating here, they believe with what they hear and see.

Menu and Price at Hoskins Restaurant

The menu available is truly various. There are sandwiches and salads with choices such as fish sandwich and oyster sandwich. For seafood choices, there are Seafood Platter which consists of shrimp, flounder, scallops, oysters, and crab cake. There are even lots of variation of kids menus available.

The affordable price is one of the why people like to eat here. You will be able to eat with price range $11 to $30. If you are interested to fill your stomach here, Hoskins Restaurant doesn’t take reservations and delivery. You have to line up outside if there isn’t table available.

Hoskins Restaurant is located at 405 Main St North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582. It opens almost every day with Monday closed as the exception. Since Hoskins Restaurant is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it opens early and closes late. You can enjoy breakfast as early as 7AM. Hoskins restaurant opens at 7AM and closes at 9PM.

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best rated seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach
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Boardwalk Billy’s NMB

Boardwalk Billy is one of the best rated seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach. This place is where to go if you enjoy eating in casual surrounding. Boardwalk Billy has outdoor deck that is rarely empty and quiet. You will find yourself eating with chatter coming from other tables. This kind of setting is perfect if you are going with a group of friends. The laid-back atmosphere totally matches with groups eating.

Laid-back atmosphere in outdoor seating is totally one of the good points of Broadwalk Billys. This place is good for lunch and dinner. The full bar also becomes favorite of many travelers as well as the happy hour. No delivery and reservation is available. However, just like places above, Broadwalk Billys also accept take-out.

The happy hour is every day from 4PM to 7PM. During the hours, you will be able to get certain menus such as sushi, sashimi, and wines in special deals. The menus are categorized into starters, sushi, seafood, burgers or sandwiches, drinks, and wines. This happy hour is certainly a point for making this place as one of good seafood restaurants in North Myrtle Beach SC.