TOP 6 Best Restaurants in Yerevan for Romantic Dinner

Tourist Attracions in Yerevan
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Yerevan City, the capital city of Armenia, has been the major tourist destination in the county.

In the first place, visitor would love to visit Yerevan because of its amazing historic heritages, but on the other hand its culinary including best restaurants in Yerevan are also astonished things.

Yerevan Restaurants

Indeed, travelling to Yerevan is not complete without exploring its culinary. Most importantly, culinary in Yerevan is not merely local one, but also some other international options even if the local culinary also offers perfect taste.

To help you with that, those are the best restaurants to visit in Yerevan based on our recommendation.

best restaurants in Yerevan
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Charentsi 28

A humble, simple, and beauty restaurant, Charesntsi 28 Restaurant is among the top romantic spots in Yerevan. Patrons could choose either to enjoy romantic dining on its indoor section in a cozy balcony or in its front courtyard adorn with green and colourful environment.

In its romantic venue, the restaurant could serve up to 90 guest without even decreasing the romantic feeling of the place. The menu features international dishes that truly melt your feeling with its deliciousness.

In particular, Indian culinary, Mexican, Mediterranean and of course, local Armenian is combined perfectly by the chef. You do not have to worry if you want vegetarian food, because Charentsi 28 is also good in term of vegetarian foodie. Enjoy a romantic night with its fresh dishes and drinks.

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The Club

The Club is a classy dining destination and is a perfect place for fine dining or even romantic dining occasion. This place is a bit unique and actually a bit different from Yerevan culture.

But indeed, spending romantic time in the restaurant would be your best highlight with your couple. It’s particularly creates European and Armenian combined ambience.

The menu also features the combinations between both culinary. Enjoy its innovative food varieties with its live classical music with your couple. Sure, romantic dining in The Club Restaurant would be truly memorable.

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Divino Restaurant

Divino is a quite new one. In exact time, it was opened in the beginning of 2015 marked the celebration of valentine day. But although the restaurant is a quite new one, it has been very popular in the city among the young people.

Its cozy atmosphere, modest ambience, fully decorated with dominated purple coloured decoration, with many wine bottles surrounding the walls, the Divino Restaurant creates very romantic ambience. Moreover, its excellent service is also the one that enables this restaurant to be among the most popular in the city.

In term of food, the restaurant offers very high quality food just like its venue. The food offered is the combination between Armenian culinary with contemporary culinary from all over the world mainly from Europe.

Indeed, those combinations are even more perfect with its international wine selections. Try ordering its red wine and you surely get its best.

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Malkhas Jazz Club

Jazz is always perfect companion if you want to have romantic dinner. Restaurant named Malkhas Jazz Club is located in Pushkin Street. Jazz music live and its ambience is truly very strong characteristically of this restaurants.

Most importantly, dining in this place is even more perfect with its excellent service and great food selections. In fact, the restaurant has been awarded several times as among best restaurants in town.

Dining options in the Malkhas Jazz Club features various menus such as pasta, pork chops, and including steak selections. Indeed, you will always remember a dining experience in this restaurant.

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Wine Republic Restaurant

It’s so often that wine is related to lover for romantic occasion. While in this restaurant, wine is its best thing offered to the patrons put aside its delicious food.

The ambience is dated back to many centuries ago exactly the architecture and interior or 8th century. Furthermore, the restaurant also brings back the memory of Wine Republic which was an ancient country on an island in the middle of ocean which story was created by old people of Armenian and become reality until today.

Nowadays, Wine Republic has already become an icon of wine in Armenia. Enjoy wine selections in this restaurant while enjoying its great French cuisine from steak selections up to some tapas and other great foods.

Lastly, prepare your budget a bit to truly enjoy everything in this restaurant. It might be quite expensive, but the taste is worth.

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Mozaic Sky Restaurant

Mozaic Sky Restaurant is a restaurant located in a rooftop of Elite Plaza. Dining in such venue with great view of city with a mountain in far distance would be a great occasion.

It’s either you come for lunch or dinner, all time would give you its own beauty.

Moreover, dining with its combinations of Mediterranean and Western culinary which notably very delicious, added with best menus such as salmon rolls, filet mignon, and its salad selections are very great thing to experience.

The interesting fact is that the Mozaic Sky Restaurant is quite affordable in term of price.

In conclusion, culinary in Yerevan is truly a gem. With such best restaurants in Yerevan, surely your vacation in the city would be worth especially for romantic occasion. Indeed, do not miss those places and visit at least one of them.