TOP 10 Best Restaurants in Yaletown. Best Place to Enjoy Meals

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Yaletown, a city located in British Columbia, is a home of many international restaurants. The vibrant is amazing as most of the best restaurants in Yaletown available are offering very nice venue not only great food.

Yaletown Restaurants

Aside from that, the food is also cooked in many unique ways to attract the patron to come. Therefore, those are best restaurants that you must visit in Yaletown.

best restaurants in Yaletown
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Tuc Craft Kitchen

A small but beautiful restaurant, the Tuc Craft Chicken is always full of visitors every evening to nights. In recent years, this modern restaurant has been local’s favourite for a night-out dining while also having very good time with its cocktail selections.

With its dominated wooden interior along with its architecture, the restaurant creates classical but modest ambience. Moreover, its venue is also very instagrammable.

Food offered is local Canadian options. But with great innovation to mix them with some contemporary cooking techniques, there are several new foods selections on its menu.

Its crispy bacon and eggs and their signature chicken and waffle are truly best. Lastly, this restaurant is not only food based on its food and venue, but also price which notably very affordable. It’s especially if you visit come during happy hour and would see how its price decrease a lot.

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best restaurant in Yaletown
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Blue Water Café

Probably the best fine dining venue in Yaletown City, the Blue Water Café is a place you cannot miss. The venue is classic with some unique interior and architecture.

In fact, the restaurant is only open starting from evening as it is specialises for dinner only. As the staffs serve the patrons with formal casual dress, the Blue Water Café shows how classy they are.

When talking about its food, the Blue Water Café restaurant is known for its Japanese food selections with focuses on seafood ingredients. Of course, you get to love this place because its seafood selections are truly delicious especially its sushi. Among must order menus are sablefish and scallops.

restaurants in Yaletown
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Banter Room

A local Canadian restaurant, the Banter Room is an old local’s favourite. It’s so often that visitors visit Banter Room for special dining occasion especially for family dining. Take its big and long table if you come as a group.

Most importantly, they have some private dining sections if you make an earlier reservation. With many contemporary Canadian dishes on menu such as butternut squash agnolotti, heated patio, and cubano sandwich, your dining is perfect.

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Minami Restaurant

Among many Japanese restaurants around the city, the Minami Restaurant is an excellent choice. This restaurant is a big while the architecture is also perfect.

But aside from its beautiful dining venue, the food is something to be considered as best. The ingredients are only taken from high quality ones while they are just focusing to adult menu instead of kids friendly one.

Dining in this restaurant is even more beautiful if you choose to have its aburi sushi, scallop roll, and tofu salad.

The best restaurants in Yaletown
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The Flying Pig Restaurant

The Flying Pig Restaurant has been the most popular restaurant in Yaletown since many years ago. Although the age of this restaurant is quite ‘old’, but its food never fail to attract visitors until today.

It serves the patrons with local food selections while also focusing on vegetarian menu. In fact, even this restaurant is included among top restaurants in Trip Advisor as the foods offered are very delicious. For best experience, you can order the likes of Brussels sprouts and bone marrow.

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The best restaurant in Yaletown
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Provence Marinaside

Provence Marinaside is a unique one. Offering patrons with the combination between French and Mediterranean cuisine, this restaurant has been a gem when talks about culinary.

The menu features simple foods but surely it would refresh your mind as the ingredients are mainly refreshing ingredients.

Provence Marinaside is not only popularly known for its food, but its view which notably located in seaside is also wonderful as well. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Yaletown.

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Yaletown Brewing Co

Yaletown Brewing Co is a mixture between American restaurant and pub. Thus, you can come here either for lunch or dinner. But for dinner, it also serves patrons with its cocktail selections on the pub.

Food is spectacular with best menus such as smoked applewood cheddar, potato & ale soup and wild salmon chowder. The location is perfectly lies near downtown and colourful part of the city.

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Lupo Restaurant

While Lupo looks like just a normal one, it is actually listed on second best restaurant on Trip Advisor. The food is great as well as the service which has enables the Lupo Restaurant to get awarded several times since its establishment long times ago.

While the concept of the dining is perfect, the food such as pasta, octopus carpaccio and the focaccia bread is known for best seller. But although the restaurant is just excellent, the price is still very affordable.

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West Oak

West Oak is simple, classy, and a best place to have quality dinner time with either your couple or family at. In the first place, West Oak is not only good based on its food tastes, but also the amazing venue specialises for dinner.

Moreover, it is a perfect restaurant as it is located near the waterside. From where you sit while enjoying its delicious foods, some very wonderful views from the restaurant await especially during evening. Further, the selections of Canadian foodie such as triple cooked fries would even astonish your dinner even more.

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Wildtale Yaletown

Among the oldest restaurants in Yaletown, Wildtale Yaletown is one of them. Well, Wildtale Yaletown was actually built around more than 30 years ago enabling the restaurant to be the oldest one in town.

But although holding a status as the old one, its food will never fail to attract any visitor to come. In fact, this restaurant is still the best one until today. Moreover, the designs of its architecture are very modern and clean and comfortable at once.

Indeed, Yaletown is a gem when it comes to culinary. Reflected by those best restaurants in Yaletown, it is just a city you cannot miss. Visit them as soon as possible to get to know various new things about its culinary.