TOP 9 Best Restaurants in Worcester, Best Food For 2018

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Worcester, a city located in the middle of Massachusetts, has been long popular of its historic international culinary especially around best restaurants in Worcester.

Worcester Restaurant

As a matter of the fact, this city is also known as the hearth of commonwealth. Put aside beautiful pieces around the city go explore its culinary around those best restaurants and you will always find something new to learn.

best restaurants in Worcester
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Shawarma Palace

Although not a local culinary, but Shawarma Palae which notably a Lebanese restaurant is just something you cannot miss while travelling to Worcester.

For some reasons, the food here is very delicious and tasty. Even its selections are also unique as they are not merely offering Lebanese culinary such as kebab, but also combine them with some typical local flavours.

Do not get deterred with its small building when you come. In fact, Shawarma Palace is not a high class restaurant. But when talks about its shawarma selections, they are the best in town.

What make this restaurant is that it is a family owned restaurant which the owner is very friendly and seem to know every costumer by name.

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best restaurant in Worcester
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The Fix Restaurant

The Fix Restaurant is typical local culinary hwn it comes to its food, with local culinary selections as well. But in the first place, the Fix Restaurant offers very luxurious dining venue which notably very classy and excellent on every elements.

The deliciousness of its food is also a thing differentiate the Fix Restaurant with any other local restaurants in town. Indeed, visiting this restaurant is something special and is special experience. If you visit this restaurant, do not forget to order its short rib nachos, polenta tater tot’s and the veggie fries.

restaurants in Worcester
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The Sole Proprietor

Fairly to say, the Sole Proprietor has been long regarded as among best seafood in England. Fresh seafood, tasty, delicious, are just things serves to its costumer.

Most importantly, the Sole Proprietor is known for the creativity of cooking style of the chef which has results the restaurant to produces seasonal menu.

Hence, every time the season changing, that’s when the menu is always changing as well. But on table, sometimes the menu is also changing everyday as well. Among their must order foods are oyster baked stewed and fried.

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Via Italian Table

An Italian cuisine is always interesting to try. Not merely because the popularity of its culinary, but also because varieties of flavours it given.

It’s especially in Via Italian Table Restaurant, you will find out various dishes on its menu which reflected various flavours from culinary all over Italian region at once.

The interesting thing is that they try to unite them and combine them on its food. Well, it’s not a wonder why people are so curious to visit this restaurant.

Moreover, the venue is peaceful and comfortable that you can’t deny its great service too. When you visit, do not miss to order its meatballs with Italian authentic taste.

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Choose & Mix Korean

Experience Korean food as comfort as you have never experiences before in Choose & Mix Korean. The menu features flavourful Korean culinary cuisine.

Serving with hot plate, it even adds your joy of dining in the restaurant. Even if one has been there multiple times, one would not get bored with either its venue or its food varieties.

With the likes of foods such as hot stone bowl with bibimpap, sweet potato noodles with brown rice, and a fried egg with lemon soy sauce, your dining experience in the restaurant would be perfect.

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Mare E Monti Trattoria

Mare E Monti Trattoria features unique type of dining with its colourful venue and seasonal menu added with its award-winning cocktail and wine selections.

Furthermore, the Mare E Monti Trattoria also emphasises on producing food with the freshest ingredients available. Even they supply the ingredients on a daily basis to ensure the quality of its food.

Thus, it’s not a wonder why food here tasted very fresh and delicious at once. In this restaurant, each dish is crafted to serve the costumer with its great wine as dessert. Join them for dinner and try its best dishes such as pappardele alla bolognase, mushroom ravioli, and roasted garlic dipping oil.

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Deadhorse Hill

Among the oldest restaurants in Worcester, the Deadhorse Hill is among the best. In fact, this is a place where the locals come for family dining and enjoy the classical ambience of the town thoroughly.

Specializing for dinner, the restaurant is notably creative with its idea of making various innovative menu for patrons. The menu features various American dishes combines with the British style culinary.

Those combinations create perfect foods such as fried chicken tights and tapas British style. Lastly, the food serves in very big size to ensure each patron get full after dining in the restaurant.

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Miss Worcester Diner

If you look for a place for breakfast, the Miss Worcester Diner is truly best choice. In the first place, the restaurant is popular of its breakfast and brunch seasonal menu.

Only open from 5am to 2pm, the restaurant specialises its menu only for breakfast and brunch. Food is fresh and refreshing while the drink selections are also fresh ones that truly would make a good start for your day. Among their must order foods are French toast selections, and the strawberry cheesecake French toast.

9 best restaurants in Worcester
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Meze Greek Tapas

Greek tapas are something different in Worcester City. Meze Greek Tapas found out its way as popular restaurant since the last decade.

From its name, meze means appetizer or small dish in Greek translation. On menu, there are various small dishes for patrons to enjoy some Greek light foods especially its tapas.

Go soon take the opportunity to enjoy those authentic Greek culinary with some friends and companions.

Those top 9 best restaurants in Worcester would truly surprise you with its delicious and unique characteristic of culinary. Exploring them would not only lead you to enjoy food heaven, but also known various new things to learn about culinary and its historical background.