Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, The Virginia Peninsula County

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Williamsburg, a quiet city in Virginia, has been among the local’s favourite destinations for culinary in recent decades.

Of course, culinary is something to be admired because of its characteristically local culinary around best restaurants in Williamsburg which tasted so good.

Williamsburg Restaurants

As the city is dominated with many local American restaurants, the restaurant we talk about is also the local one. Hence, those are the best restaurants that you must visit based on our recommendation.

best restaurants in Williamsburg
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Chowning’s Tavern

A restaurant with spectacular dining atmosphere creating peaceful ambience, the Chowning’s Tavern has long becomes local’s favourite restaurant.

The restaurant might be a small one, but its deliciousness of the food is big in term of quality. While exploring this restaurant, nobody would miss to get served by the excellence of its service.

Indeed, Chowning’s Tavern is even more beautiful with such occasion and it is not a wonder why the restaurant is listed among the best on Trip Advisor and got 5 stars as well.

Chowning’s Tavern is actually a restaurant offering American culinary. As it is a barbeque specialty, the best recommendation would be to dine with companions.

The beef trencher would truly hit your tongue perfectly with its delicious taste. Furthermore, the stew selections are also recommended. As the food is served using traditional cooking technique, it’s not a wonder why the restaurant is a gem of the culinary.

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The Hound’s Tale

If you look for a place for a night-out with friends in Williamsburg City, the Hound’s Tale should be a great choice. The fun ambience but classy is truly a perfection.

In the light of it, the excellent of its service is also the one that would make you feel comfortable while dining there. All of the foods are all about organic food to emphasis its health quality of the restaurant.

Most importantly, the ingredients used are also only from the freshest available. Of course, do not miss to try its tasty wagu burger, skirt steak and fried Brussels sprouts. At the end of the day, with its cocktail selections, your dining night would be perfect with friends.

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Buccaneer’s Brand

There will be enough words to describe great things about this restaurant. Indeed, the Buccaneer’s Brand is absolutely a gem when it comes to culinary.

Located inside a hotel, come to visit this restaurant and try one of its foods. Surely, you cannot deny the great tastes of its delicious foodies. Even after you eat in this restaurant, you would always want to come back again.

Talking about its foods, the chef is trying to bring the traditional American stylish foods to today’s world. Does not underestimating its effort, the chef uses authentic and original ingredients, recipes and traditional technique to make the food taste as authentic American as possible.

Try its blackened salmon sandwich with Asian slaw, trust me it is perfect. Of course, this is one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg.

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The Cozy Patio Bistro

Southern culinary is always exciting. In the first place, a restaurant named the Cozy Patio Bistro notably offering southern culinary is absolutely a gem that you cannot miss to visit.

The foods are perfect from the entrees, appetizers, main course up to the dessert which you can add with its wine selections.

Indeed, you cannot miss the spectacular taste of fish platter, gator bites, and the jambalaya which tasted very good because it is the specialty of this restaurant.

Keep in mind that this Bistro is an award-winning one so no wonder why the experience here is very great.

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A chef’s Kitchen

Probably the best choice for fine dining destination, A Chef’s Kitchen is just something you cannot miss. Indeed, the food selections of American culinary are perfect with excellent process of how the food is made.

As a matter of the fact, this restaurant has an open kitchen to allow the patrons enjoying how the chef created its food. Actually, this restaurant is not only great of its main courses, but also some other appetizers such as its cake selections. Do not miss its combread, Hereford beef and the meringue and you will get its best.

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Oceans & Ale

Oceans & Ale is truly a place you cannot miss while travelling to Williamsburg. This restaurant is actually a steakhouse and is probably the best steakhouse around the city.

It’s not a wonder, because their steak is made of perfect cooking technique as well as the ingredients which notably only taken from the freshest available.

Even if there are several imported meats on its menu, but the healthiness of its steaks are guaranteed. When you visit, do not miss its amazing foods such as crab dip, ahi tuna stick, and white chicken chilli nachos.

As a matter of the fact, Oceans & Ale is not only perfect based on its food, but also some other elements enabling this restaurant to achieve its awards for several times.

In fact, the cocktail drink selections and non-alcoholic selections are refreshing. Furthermore, the Oceans & Ale is also great because of its venue. Decorated with modern stylish architecture, the venue is perfect for every occasion.

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Berrets Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse

Berrets Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse is among the top restaurants in Williamsburg because of its food tastes. Offering local traditional seafood culinary, with amazing venue and peaceful atmosphere, creating healthy ambience, the restaurant slowly becomes the most favourite one away from downtown.

Indeed, everything about this restaurant is perfect especially its food. For best experience, try the fresh local oyster, local monkfish and grilled salmon. Indeed, dining in this restaurant would be among your best experiences.

As a conclusion, exploring this city is not complete without exploring those best restaurants in Williamsburg.

Of course, culinary is even the iconic of the city as well.

You wont only get  amazing foods, but also learning many things regarding historical background of Williamsburg. In addition, I bet you would find many unexpected things during your exploration.