Best Restaurants in Tijuana, Full Your Visit to Tijuana Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Tijuana
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Since long time ago, Tijuana has been a city with bad image in Mexico: crime. Yes, the city had bad reputation regarding the crime statistic happening around even if having lots numbers of best restaurants in Mexico.

But as a matter of the fact, it was just decades ago. In particular, today’s Tijuana city has turned out to be a fun tourism destination in Mexico and is even the major destination one.

As the time goes by, the city has developed a lot to be a modern one but is still keeping the strong culture and tradition of the old Mexican cultures. Indeed, the city has a lot to offer in term of tourism.

best restaurants in Tijuana
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Best Tijuana Restaurants to Visit

Unexpectedly, Tijuana was one the list of list of places to visit in the New York Times last year. Indeed, there must be something interesting about the city. In the first place, the burgeoning food scenes are the main reason to visit the city.

You do not even have to worry about being unsafe while craving for culinary around the city because the city is already a safe place for visitor eventually. Well, foodies have been the main thing about the city in the last few years and are still growing until today.

Around Tijuana City, you will be able to find lots of culinary places such as restaurants, bars, food trucks, breweries, coffee houses and lots of bars as well. With its big numbers, you will even confuse of what place to visit for best culinary on your short visit to the city.

Therefore, it is also not even easy to choose what the best one is. But for you culinary exploration guideline, we have compiled some of the best restaurants to visit while travelling to Tijuana. Have fun reading and exploring.

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best restaurant in Tijuana
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Tijuana is a city that contains most of the local culinary of Mexico. One of the best local culinary one has to visit in Tijuana is the Cabanna Restaurant. The place is comfortable as well as very eye-catching. You will seat comfortably on its wooden chair and table while waiting for the food.

But you do not have too long tough. In particular, it is because the staff will serve the food as fast as possible to the patrons. With some artworks shown around the wall and the dining section, strong Mexican atmosphere is to be felt.

Most of the food offers are the seafood ingredients Mexican food. The seafood in the restaurant is known for its freshness as they have their own food supplier in order to ensure the quality of its seafood.

Indeed, the taste is very delicious as the food is processed with traditional Mexican cooking techniques as well as the recipe. Further, the chef is also the one who knows how to create beautiful foods. Therefore, the foods in the Cabanna is also very instagrammable as well.

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Los Arcos Restaurant

Probably the best dinner destination around the city, the Los Arcos Restaurant is located in the Boulevard Salinas y Escuadron. The dinner venue is perfect with the vintage Mexican atmosphere. In the dining section, you can truly feel its luxurious atmosphere as well as the excellence of its service.

The foods offered are the combination between Mexican culinary with some other international foodie scenes dominated with Latin selections. The foods are varies as well as the cooking technique to each food is varies as well. It’s not a wonder why the food in this restaurant is very delicious because of the amazingness of the chef.

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Mariscos Loreto

A classy restaurant named the Mariscos Loreto is truly interesting one to visit. This is actually an award-winning restaurant which notably has been serving the patrons since couples of decades ago. Until today, its popularity is even getting higher as its high quality of foods is always improving.

The menu is dominated with perfect combinations between Mexican and the South-western foods. Surely its tacos selections are things you cannot miss while visiting the restaurant as well as the tequila selections which notably only choses from the best local producers.

Tijuana restaurants
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El Truck Nuestro

For something different, then you must visit a restaurant named the El Truck Nuestro Restaurant especially if you are looking for food in the middle of the night. Mostly, the foodies options that are available in the middle of the night are tacos or pizza, but the El Truck Nuestro provides something different with its torta de chilaquil specialty.

As a matter of the fact, chilaquiles is the traditional Mexican light food to either eat for breakfast or in the middle of the night. It is comprises the typical Mexican ingredients such as cheese, sour cream and the tomato salsa. The taste is very creamy so that it would really melt your feeling. Indeed, although the El Truck Nuestro is a small one but its food is worth to try.

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Villa Saverios

A fancy dining time is what people want especially for special occasion such as family or romantic dining. Although the Villa Saverios is not serving the authentic local Tijuana food, but the venue is already became famous and is the most popular fine dining destination in the city.

The staffs are known for its friendliness that would make you comfortable. The food variants are mostly taken from the combination between Italian and Mediterranean culinary.

Its beef carpaccio, and the short ribs are the foods you cannot miss. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Tijuana. Lastly, the authentic wine selections from Italy are also something must order in this restaurant.

In conclusion, Tijuana is a city that contains lots of interesting about culinary. Travelling to Tijuana without spending time exploring at least one of its authentic culinary is like you do not visit Tijuana.

With such best restaurants in Tijuana, you can visit them for the best culinary experience in the city. Indeed, you will always find something new about culinary on each of them. Therefore, it’s not a wonder why the city is listed on must visit place in New York Times.