Best Restaurants in Thane That You Must Visit This Year

Tourist Attractions in Thane
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Thane, a modern city in India, is not only a tourist destination because of its history, but also because of the culinary available around the best restaurants in Thane.

Thane Restaurants

As a matter of the fact, culinary around the city are too many in numbers but an awesome one to explore. The kinds of culinary are not only the Indian one, but also featuring several international culinary from east to west. Therefore, we have listed some of the best restaurant to visit in Thane.

best restaurants in Thane
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Kath N Ghat Restaurant

Kath N Ghat Restaurant is something special when talks about culinary destination in Thane. In the first place, this restaurant is listed among the Asia’s 500 top restaurants in several years.

Dominated with cultural yellow colour, the wall that surrounded with various artworks and cultural decorations, complete with excellence of service of the staff, the Kath N Ghat Restaurant is driving people to satisfaction when dining on its venue.

Lastly, the restaurant is known for its comfortable atmosphere of dining so that this is a perfect place to spend romantic dining in Thane.

Under the direction of the Indian-born chef, the food selections are simple, fine and soft added with the ingredients driven. In fact, the Indian foods in the restaurant are popular for its high quality authenticity in term of taste.

The deliciousness of its food is made of the original ingredients and typical Thane ingredients and recipes. The best menu features the motton, bhaji, and chicken curry selections. Indeed, culinary experience in this restaurant is perfect as it is one of the best in the city.

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best restaurant in Thane
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Kangan Restaurant

A restaurant with spectacular venue, there is a restaurant named the Kangan Restaurant. In the first place, the Kangan Restaurant is located on the top building of The Westlin Mumbai Garden.

Hence, the patrons would be able to see spectacular view of the whole Thane city from the height of the restaurant. Most importantly, dining in Kangan is actually good at any time.

In particular, it’s because whether you come during evening, or night, it always enables you to catch great view of the city. On the night, the colourful of Thane city astonishes your eyes while on the evening the beautiful view of sunset would truly amaze you.

Kangan Restaurant cuisine is simple but a fine one. Although dominated with Indian food selections, but the foods are actually combines with some other Asian culinary.

To make the it perfect, the chef uses the typical Indian ingredients processed with various Asian cooking style techniques. Well, even such occasions are things that make the food tasted really delicious.

Indeed, you cannot miss the taste of its best foods such as kebab, del makhani, and the kulfi selections. Lastly, the drinks selections are also very refreshing and are good choices to close your dine as a dessert. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Thane.

Restaurants in Thane
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Seasonal Tastes

The Seasonal Tastes Restaurant is a different one. The fairy lights, luxurious atmosphere, and the haute cuisine atmosphere are things that make the restaurant an interesting one to visit.

In the first place, dining in the restaurant is very comfortable as well as very classy one with its spectacular venue. Moreover, with perfect service of their staff, you would get treated like the king since you enter the restaurant until you leave its door after dining. At the end of the day, it is not a wonder why the restaurant is the choice for fine dining destination in the city.

The Seasonal Tables serves an eclectic menu of the American European cuisine. Well, the food is notably dominated with the American one but the cooking techniques and ingredients as well as the recipes are using the European style.

Most importantly, there are also several Indian foods available on their menu. Indeed, the taste of food in Seasonal Tables is very delicious. Further, the menu is always changing based on the season but surely all of the seasonal menus in the restaurant are perfect and quality.

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Barbeque Nation

The Barbeque Nation Restaurant is all about barbeque menu. The barbeque menu in the restaurant is dominated with Asian culinary selections. Dining barbeque in the restaurant is perfect especially if you dining as a group.

In fact, the chair and big table of the restaurant as well as its private dining section is the one that should interest you to dine here. With private dining room the staff would be also more attentive to the patrons. Further, barbeque in the restaurant is actually cheaper if you dine as group.

The barbeque selections are many in numbers. Most of the foods are unique as they are the combination among several Asian culinary although the food is still dominated with the Indian one. The food is big as well as the taste.

The likes of prawns, veg starters, and the kulfi are must order foods in the restaurant. Indeed, the cheap price of the food is actually not match compared to its quality of food as they are tasted truly delicious and high in term of quality.

best restaurants in Thane India
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British Brewing Company

British Brewing Company is a must visit culinary destination if you truly want to explore culinary in Thane. The restaurant is quite small but do not underestimate the menu it offered.

Offering classical style of venue added with some wooden elements. Make you feel great while dining in the British Brewing Company. Moreover, some historic heritages collections regarding brewing history of British in India would make you astonished as well.

The food is the British one with some selections of other European foods such as Pizza and pasta. The food is served in very outstanding way as reflected the amazing cooking creativity of the chef in this restaurant.

The best foods would be the butterfly prawns, shepherd’s pie and the fish and chips. The wine and beer selections are things you cannot miss in this restaurant as they are main things about.

Thane is something special city in term of culinary after looking at best restaurants in Thane.

The restaurants selections are spectacular with each strong dining characteristic. Even you won’t only get to taste its amazing food, but also learning a lot of new things about culinary.