Best Restaurants in Quezon City, Philippines. Best Place To Get Food

Best Restaurants in Quezon City
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Quezon City always has a lot to offer in term of culinary. Since the last two decades, lots of culinary best restaurants in Quezon City have grown a lot throughout the city from all over the world.

Best Restaurants in Quezon City

Today, there are already too many restaurants available. As a matter of the fact, culinary in Quezon is not only about local culinary, international culinary which offers colourful culinary style. Therefore, those are the best restaurants you should visit while travelling to Quezon.

Best Restaurant in Quezon City
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1000 Revolving Restaurant

A spectacular restaurant located on 33rd Floor of Mdc 100 Building, there is a restaurant named the 1000 Revolving Restaurant.

This restaurant is regarded among top high class restaurants in the Philippines. It is highly recommended to dine in the restaurant during the dinner time.

In particular, it is because you will be able to see outstanding view of Metro Manila from its high building which is very colourful and full of lights.

Indeed, this is a perfect place if you want to have romantic time with your couple. Surely your couple will be a lot happier. In addition, the top-notch service of 1000 Revolving Restaurant is also the contributor for excellence of the restaurant.

As fine dining restaurant, the menu serves is all about the combination between Asian and international culinary. Using modern style cooking technique, as the chef has amazing cooking creativity as well, most of the foods available are unique and notably combinations between several culinary which make it interesting to try.

As a matter of the fact, the steak selections in 1000 Revolving Restaurant are known for its best quality as they are only taken from the best and prime cuts of beef.

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Restaurants in Quezon City
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Vikings Restaurant

Vikings Restaurant is a Quezon City destination for Japanese culinary. The restaurant offers excellent fine-dining experience to the patrons with its high class restaurant dining’s section as well as its top-notch service.

The design, architecture, and its interior reflect the perfection of a classy restaurant. Hence, it’s not a wonder why the Vikings Restaurant has been very popular in Quezon City for the locals.

The Vikings Restaurant offers unique characteristic of its foods culinary style. Although Vikings Restaurant is a Japanese Restaurant, it serves the combination between Japanese and Filipino culinary.

Uniquely, those combinations are not eradicating the authentic taste of its Japanese food itself. Indeed, you cannot miss the foods such as sushi, tempura, kare kare, and its luxury buffet menus.

Restaurant in Quezon City
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Xin Tian Di

If you visit a city in Asia, you cannot miss to try its Chinese foods. In numbers, there are too many Chinese restaurants and food stores available throughout the Quezon City.

In the first place, one of the best of them is the Xian Tian Di Restaurant which offers Chinese culinary in form of fine dining restaurant.

The classy of the restaurant shows on its luxurious furniture and design as well as the service of the staffs. The patrons will never get confuse or wait too long during their dinner time because the staffs are very accommodating and friendly.

Moreover, it has an open-kitchen so that the patrons could watch how their food is made in some unique ways.

The Xian Tian Di Restaurant is popular of its authentic taste of Chinese food. Using original ingredients and recipes from traditional Chinese culinary, as well as the cooking technique, foods in the Xian Tian Di tasted truly delicious.

The dim sum, xiao long bao, and the peking duck are foods you cannot miss while dining in this restaurant. You can either come for lunch or dinner as they have different menu available. Therefore, you do not even need to come to China directly to taste authentic Chinese food.

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Quezon City Restaurants
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House of Wagyu Stone Grill

Probably the best steakhouse throughout the Quezon City, the House of Wagyu Stone Grill should be on your bucket list while travelling to Quezon City.

Indeed, this place all about wagyu steak so that you should come if you are wagyu lover. As a matter of the fact, all of their steak menus are made of Japanese ingredients and recipe to make the taste interesting and unique.

for lots of reasons, many visitors come to the restaurant to answer their curiosity of its Japanese steak selections.

Steak here is only using the freshest beef available and its best prime cuts available to ensure the quality of the food. In numbers, there are more than 20 steak selections in the restaurant so that you can choose freely.

The steak is served in top-notch way. If you visit the House of Wagyu Stone Grill, you are recommended to order its steak instead of other foods such as bread because steak is the best thing offered. But in the first place, House of Wagyu Stone Grill is one of the best restaurants in Quezon City.

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Quezon City Restaurant
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Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

French restaurants always have something to offer in term of culinary. For best French Restaurant in Quezon City, the Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant is a perfect choice. The restaurant offers the patrons with fine dining experience.

Offering the patrons with two dining section either outdoor or indoor, the patrons could choose as they like. But in fact, one should make an earlier reservation in order to secure seat and table as the restaurant is more likely to get full all the time.

Food offered tasted like the authentic one in France without any other intervention of other culinary in the world. Although the recipe is taken from the local ingredients, but the chef has its own way on keeping the authenticity of their food. The carpaccio, soft shell crab salad, and pork belly are something patron cannot miss while exploring the restaurant.

In conclusion, those best restaurants in Quezon City are truly perfect choice based on our recommendation. There is no ‘but’ to visit those restaurants.

In particular, all of them offer their own characteristic so that you will always find something new on every visit you made. At the end of the day, culinary exploration in Quezon City would enhance your knowledge regarding culinary in the world.