Best Restaurants in Queenstown, Best Places to Eat & Drink

best restaurants in Queenstown
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Queenstown, a city which located in the shore of a lake in the Southern part of the country, has been something special in term of culinary since ages ago in the past.

The city is very multiculturalism so that lots of culinary around best restaurants in Queenstown from all over the world develop easily around the city.

Queenstown Restaurants

Until today, there are already lots in numbers the restaurants all over the city. People might visit the city for the lake vacation and any other nature vacation.

But as a matter of the fact, culinary is always something you cannot miss while travelling to Queenstown. Therefore, those are the best restaurants that we have listed in the city of Queenstown.

best restaurant in Queenstown
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The Bunker

The Bunker is a destination for fine dining restaurant in the Queenstown City. As the restaurant has been established a very long time ago, the Bunker offers classical atmosphere within its restaurant’s dining section.

Yes, the Bunker Restaurant service is very top-notch as every coming patron would feel friendly and comfortable during their dining time in the Bunker. Moreover, such atmosphere is the one that would increase someone’s mood while dining there.

This place is actually popular for dinner place. Therefore, the menu is specialises for dinner time either for romantic one or the casual one. The foods serve are a perfect combination between three culinary.

In particular, there are European, international and the New Zealand one. Although New Zealand has history back to the European, but the culinary today is just something different from Europe. Indeed, you must try its venision and scampi while visiting this restaurant.

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restaurants in Queenstown
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Rata Restaurant

Rata Restaurant has been a very popular tourist culinary destination recently. Offering the general European culinary, which notably added with its cooking creativity, the Rata Restaurant offers something different in the culinary world of Queenstown City.

Using local source ingredients, the chef has its own way on keeping the authentic of European food on the taste.

Furthermore, the excellence of the restaurant added with its amazing technique on serving the food using French ambience for the patrons. The likes of foods such as beef wellington, cheese roll, and the profiteroles are things you cannot miss while ordering food in Rata Restaurant.

Other than its food, Rata Restaurant is also perfect based on their venue. The venue has two backgrounds. First, they offer casual dining background and shows how classy the restaurant is with its luxurious style architecture and interior.

Lastly, they have a room which give the feeling of ‘being in the forest’ as the background shows how green the restaurant is. At the end of the day, visiting Rata Restaurant offers its own characteristic of dining which makes it very memorable.

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Botswana Butchery

Do not get deterred with small size of the Botswana Butchery restaurant’s venue. As a matter of the fact, the food offered in this restaurant is all about seafood.

What makes it different than any other restaurants in the city is that the seafood here has unique ingredients which make its food tasted incredible. Of course, it is not a wonder why the seafood in the restaurant is very popular.

Furthermore, you will not only find food during culinary exploration in the restaurant. In the first place, wine is something top as well in Botswana Butchery. Therefore, try its wine selections to close your dining as a dessert and surely it will be your best day in Queenstown ever.

Finally, one has to know why this restaurant is very popular. It is because the price is not as expensive as any other restaurants on its level. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Queenstown.

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The Taj Indian Kitchen

Indian culinary has been very popular for the deliciousness of their foods all over the world. One of the best Indian Restaurants in the Queensland City is the Taj Indian Kitchen.

Offering high class dining experience within its dining room, which specialising on serving the patrons for dinner time, added with colourful dining section that surrounded with Indian cultural arts, the Taj Indian Kitchen is a big thing you cannot miss for culinary in the Queensland City.

Talking about their food, the Taj Indian Kitchen truly offers authentic taste of Indian food. Therefore, lots of people are eager to dine in the restaurant because of its authenticity.

Of course, everybody wants to taste the authentic one when it comes to culinary. Especially its curry, it tastes truly amazing and curry in the restaurant is offered in lots of different menus. Further, most of the foods available are all about spicy food. Hence, be ready to prepare to drink much cold drinks for its hotness.

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Bespoke Kitchen

For something different, you can visit the Bespoke Kitchen Restaurant. This place is something special when talks about healthy food. In particular, the Bespoke Kitchen Restaurant offers menu which is all about vegetarian food.

All about vegetarian menu is available in the restaurant starting from Vegan menu up to gluten free food. Moreover, foods in this restaurant are also serves in lots of unique ways and are very instagrammable as well. When talks about the pancakes, it’s surely they all are something spectacular.

But the Bespoke Kitchen is not only about the food though. Instead, it’s all about something behind the food particularly the background.

Offering the patrons with a very peaceful environment restaurant and would make every patron comfortable, the patrons also could gain lots of new knowledge regarding the vegetarian philosophy in the restaurant. At the end of the day, it’s either you are vegetarian or not, any experiences in this restaurant will be very meaningful.

In conclusion, all of best restaurants in Queenstown offer its strong multiculturalism characteristic. But in the first place, most of them have their own characteristic so that the patron could enjoy its amazing culinary and its venue.

Further, the culinary in this city is also known for its reasonable price. Whatever high class restaurants that you visit in Queenstown, the price will always be quite cheaper than any other ones.