Best Restaurants in Positano, Eat While Seeing Beautiful Beach? WOW

Best Restaurants in Positano
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Positano, a small city in the Southern coastal of Italia, has been famous for beach vacation in the country. But as a matter of the fact, culinary around the city is something to explore as well as there are many best restaurants in Positano available.

Best Restaurants in Positano

Indeed, exploring culinary in the city would make your trip memorable. Therefore, those are the best restaurants that you should visit in the city.

Best Restaurant in Positano
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La Taverna del Leone

Notably a perfect place for fine dining experience in Positano City, the restaurant named the La Taverna del Leone is truly an interesting one to explore.

Located in Via Laurito area, the restaurant is very easy to access especially if you stay near the beach during your vacation in Positano. Just like any other Italian restaurants, the La Taverna del Leone offers lots of Italian dining options such as pizza, pasta, kingfish and some other Italian foodie.

But what makes it interesting is that the La Taverna del Leone offers food which is cooked in traditional Italian cooking style emphasising only using the freshest ingredients in town. Moreover, its seafood menus are notably the most perfect one as the ingredients are secretly owned by the chef.

In term of location, yes the La Taverna del Leone is not located sided with the beach. But although like that, the dining atmosphere in La Taverna Del Leone are perfect with white dominated room added with some interesting designs and architectures in the restaurant. Indeed, the La Taverna del Leone is truly must visit restaurant in Positano.

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Restaurants in Positano
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Da Vincenzo

A restaurant located in Via Pasieta named the La Taverna de Leone offers classical experience to the patrons as the restaurant is also located in historical area in the city.

As a matter of the factm the Da Vincenzo has been established since 1958. Since that time, the restaurant has been among the most famous ones in the city of Positano.

In addition, you can also enjoy art galleries of the restaurant either before or after dining and enjoying their amazing food. Surely, most of the artworks shown are only the best in the country.

Seafood is the main thing in Da Vincenzo. Whatever food you order in this restaurant, they are all about seafood ingredients. The ingredients of their seafood are directly sourced from the sea near the city so that the freshness of the food is ensured. Do not miss its pasta seafood and tiramisu as they are actually the most popular ones in this restaurant.

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Restaurant in Positano
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La Terra

A restaurant with amazing view of the South-eastern Sea of the Positano City, La Terra Restaurant has been the most famous one in the coastline.

While dining in La Terra, you can enjoy an outstanding view of the sea from the high of the building as it is located on a high hill. Especially during sunset, the restaurant is more likely to get full because the view is spectacular and breath-taking. Indeed, you cannot miss those amazing views from the restaurant of La Terra while travelling to Positano.

In the first place, seafood in La Terra is notably one of the most delicious ones in the city. Although the restaurant is already perfect in term of its beauty, but they do not underestimate on making the best food they could.

Ordering its truffle risotto, branzino, and sea bass are things you cannot miss as they are the most popular ones. At the end of the day, La Terra Restaurant will be one of your best highlights during vacation in Positano City.

Positano Restaurants
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Buca di Bacco 1916

A classical restaurant named the Buca di Bacco 1916 is truly the best around town for fine dining experience. As a matter of the fact, the restaurant was established around 100 years ago and is still the most popular one in town.

The design and its architecture are dominated with white colour and some fancy chair and table. Therefore, every coming patron would feel its classy feeling during dining time in this restaurant.

The food here in Buca di Bacco 1916 is Italian food dominated with seafood menu. What makes it special is that the food is processed with traditional Italian cooking technique so that the taste is very authentic.

Moreover, the ingredients used and its recipes are only own by the chef of this restaurant. So, that the likes of their foods only found there.

Other than its food, the gelato of the restaurant is truly worth to try because the taste is very amazing. Lastly, the price of the restaurant might be high, but in fact spending penny here is worthy.

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Positano Restaurant
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Ristorante da Costantino

For food other than seafood, the Ristorante da Costantino is a top choice in the city of Positano. You can seat either in the outdoor or indoor section in this restaurant.

Whatever section you choose to seat at, all of them offer amazing view of the sea from the restaurant. Hence, dining in Ristorante da Costantino will be more enjoyable. Moreover, the excellence of the service adds the classy things about this restaurant.

The Ristorante da Costantino is quite different than any other restaurants in Positano. They do not merely focus on seafood.

Instead, the foods such as pizza, pasta and sandwiches are things that are best in this restaurant. Keep in mind to try its bruschetta and cheesecake is something you cannot miss when visiting this restaurant. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Positano.

In conclusion, most of best restaurants in Positano offer authentic Italian food dominated with seafood ingredients. Using fresh ingredients from the sea near the city, foods in those restaurants are guaranteed in term of healthiness.

Exploring culinary in Positano would not only make you taste the authentic Italian food. But, also the history behind the culinary as well.

Enrich your knowledge while travelling would even enlarge your knowledge regarding the world and enable to open your mind. Any culinary experiences in Positano will be one of the most memorable in your life.