Best Restaurants in Pigeon Forge, Do Not Miss One of Them

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Pigeon Forge has been very popular tourist destination since lots of historic and ancient heritages were found in the city.

But as a matter of the fact, visitors do not only visit this mountainous city for its history, but also for culinary as there are many best restaurants in Pigeon Forge available.

Best Restaurants in Pigeon Forge

Culinary is something interesting in the city notably the local culinary one. There are lots of restaurants available which serves local food with lots of different ways.

Therefore, we have compiled the best restaurants that you should visit in Pigeon Forge.

Best Restaurant in Pigeon Forge
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The Old Mill Restaurant

Since its establishment couple of years ago, the restaurant named the Old Mill Restaurant has been among the famous ones in the city.

Well, it’s not a wonder why this local American restaurant has been really famous. As a matter of the fact, the food here is very delicious as it is serve and cooked with homemade style and cooking technique as well as its ingredients.

Furthermore, the restaurant also serves food in Southern Style which notably only few such restaurants available in the city of Pigeon Forge. Therefore, the Old Mill Restaurant should be on your bucket list while travelling to Pigeon Forge.

When you visit Pigeon Forge, you cannot miss the foods such as corn fritters, banana nut muffins, and its salad. Furthermore, its fried chicken is also something you must try because the taste is truly legend and very delicious as it is cooked as homemade cooking.

Indeed, although the Old Mill Restaurant serves food in homemade style, but surely they do not lose competition with any other high class restaurants in Pigeon Forge. Indeed, this should be the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge.

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Restaurants in Pigeon Forge
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Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant

A restaurant located in Parkway area named the Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant is truly amazing with its local style culinary. The restaurant serves either breakfast or lunch or dinner. But especially for breakfast, the restaurant is a very popular destination.

Do not get deterred with small size of the Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant. In fact, the food serves is truly delicious which notably compared to 5 star foods.

Surely for breakfast you can order the likes of country ham, eggs and pancakes then you can already get full during your breakfast. Keep in mind that even if the restaurant is always getting full especially during breakfast, you will get your food very fast because of their perfect service.

Restaurant in Pigeon Forge
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The Pottery House Café and Grille

Although the Potter House Café and Grille is also a café, but this place is more of a restaurant. In particular, the food serves in this restaurant is very outstanding in term of taste as well as the design of the restaurant’s room which specialise for lunch or dinner.

The environment is quite green which makes you feel peaceful during dining time. The chair and table is made of wooden material which added the classical feeling of the restaurant.

If you come around, you can either come for lunch or dinner. But popularly the visitors would visit the Pottery House Café and Grille for dinner time and enjoy its live acoustic music with some drinks after the dinner. The food is seasonable

It is particularly that the food is always changing based on what season is in. For current menu, you can order the pumpkin squares with sweet potato pie and easy beef stew.

And close your dining night with some wine selections available while enjoying nice atmosphere of the restaurant with your family, friend or couple. At the end of the day, a dining experience in this restaurant will be one of the most memorable in your life.

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Pigeon Forge Restaurants
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Local Goat New American Restaurant

A restaurant which specialises on making the likes of fast food but in term of restaurant’s style, there is a restaurant named the Local Goat New American Restaurant. But the interesting thing is that the taste is unlike the fast food one.

In the first place, it is more delicious as it is processed and cooked in different way other than the fast food one. Of course, there are still other menus available as there are too many foods available as the options.

Therefore, it is quite hard to pick a favourite one. But for best experience, you can try ordering pulled pork sandwich pilled with coleslaw. In size, it is a quite huge one so you are guaranteed to get full.

This restaurant is notably a perfect place for family dining. First, the dining sections support to do so as you can bring your kid freely to this restaurant.

If you want to dine in a quite larger group, then you can make a reservation for its private dining section. For kids, there is a special menu that the food is already made in a way to fit to kids. Surely your kids will be happy dining in the Local Goat New American Restaurant.

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Pigeon Forge Restaurant
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Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

The Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is a top choice for Italian culinary destination especially for pizza. This restaurant is special because there are various pizza flavours available on the menu.

Moreover, they have an open-kitchen so that the patrons could watch how their pizza is made. The interesting fact is that this restaurant serves and cooks pizza in unique cooking techniques.

So that the pizza would taste quite different but is truly delicious. You can make your own style pizza in this restaurant. If you do not want to try the options on their menu.

In term of dining section, the place is very comfortable with nice seat and chair. The room’s air condition is perfect so that the health is guaranteed.

Most importantly, the service is truly perfect as the staffs are very friendly and accommodating. In the end, you will never ever regret your decision coming to this restaurant as every element is perfect.

To summarize, the Pigeon Forge is a heaven of local American culinary. As the list of best restaurants in Pigeon Forge is dominated with local restaurant. It is a must for you to explore culinary while travelling to Pigeon Forge. Have fun exploring them!