Do Not Miss the Best Restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.

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Ginza, a district in Tokyo, is famous for a reason. In the first place, Ginza district is very well known as having the best place that provides authentic Japanese culinary around best restaurants in Ginza.

Ginza Restaurants

In numbers, there are too many restaurants available throughout the district.

With lots of high quality restaurants available, you might a bit confuse to choose what restaurant to visit while travelling to Ginza. Therefore, those are the lists we have listed for your guideline of what to visit to explore culinary in Ginza District.

restaurants in Ginza
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Tapas Molecule Bar

A general Asian restaurant, the Tapas Molecule Bar is among the top restaurants that you must visit while exploring culinary around the Ginza area.

The Tapas Molecule Bar is a luxurious style restaurant with very strong Asian cultural furniture especially the Japanese one with perfect service as well.

Its luxuriousness added with the fact that the patrons are allowed to see the process of cooking directly in front of their table. Therefore, a culinary experience in the Tapas Molecule Bar would be one of the most memorable in Tapas.

Furthermore, various kinds of Japanese foods would adorn your either dining or lunch time in this restaurant. But other kinds of Asian foods such as tapas and truffle are also available in this amazing restaurant. Whatever food you choose to order from their menu, all would be best in term of taste and health.

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The Yamazaki Restaurant

A Japanese culinary restaurant which focuses on making seafood kinds of culinary, there is a restaurant named the Yamazaki Restaurant.

The restaurant which located on the Tsukiji Market Building is truly a must visit one not only because it offers authentic Japanese food, but also because of their seafood culinary is very excellent in term of taste.

Most importantly, their chef has an outstanding cooking creativity which makes their food a lot more different rather than any other local restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo.

As a matter of the fact, there are over than 50 kinds of seafood available in this restaurant. The interesting fact is that you can choose what kinds of ingredients or fish that you want to choose to eat.

In particular, they offer wide selections of raw fish that you can choose directly so that the chef would cook them in front of you. That’s why the Yamazaki Restaurant is truly worth to visit while exploring local culinary of Ginza area.

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Sushidai restaurant is all about sushi. As a matter of the fact, they have one of the biggest selections of sushi in numbers around best restaurants in Ginza.

With an affordable prices of sushi, you can enjoy its delicious taste of authentic sushi without worrying to spend much money because their price is very affordable other than high class sushi restaurants in Ginza.

With the sushi selections such as fatty tuna, omakase and the horse mackerel, your culinary day would be perfect after having a lunch in this restaurant.

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Sushi Mizutani

An amazing restaurant for such a romantic dining, casual dining or even business lunch, there is an outstanding restaurant named the Sushi Mizutani Restaurant.

The Sushi Mizutani Restaurant is known for its high quality sushi and other Japanese food. Moreover, the high quality of its room’s interior and its excellent service also makes the Sushi Mizutani Restaurant a worth one to visit.

As a matter of the fact, spending a dining time in this restaurant is a privileged because it is always getting full all the time. Further, they only offer limited seat for the patrons to make sure the patrons are comfortable while spending time within the restaurant.

In the first place, one has to make at least two months in advance reservation in order to secure seat. Although the process to eat in this restaurant is a bit hard, it is a really worth to spend money at.

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Bird Land Ginza

Bird Land Ginza Restaurant, a perfect place to spend romantic dining at, has been among the most famous restaurants in the area of Ginza, Tokyo. The Bird Land Ginza Restaurant is actually a very luxurious restaurant with luxurious and high quality food as well.

Mostly, they offer the likes of Japanese food which dominated with sashimi, grilled food, or as a liver pate. In fact, the Bird Land Ginza is the best for a reason. Therefore, you even need to make earlier reservation to be able to spending dining time in this restaurant.

Well, reservation does not merely means that because the restaurant is full, but also to make sure the food and its ingredients are cooked in a fresh condition which also leads to the deliciousness of their food.

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Bairin Restaurant

A historic restaurant which has been standing in the Ginza area since almost a century ago exactly in 1927, a restaurant which has the original taste of Japanese food which even no other Japanese restaurants are able to copy them, there is a restaurant named the Bairin Restaurant.

Until today, the Bairin Restaurant still serves and becomes the best restaurant in the Ginza area in Tokyo. Therefore, you cannot miss to visit the Bairin Restaurant if you truly want to explore the authentic culinary of Japan in Ginza.

In fact, the Bairin Restaurant is known for its high quality tonkatsu which served on various kinds of cooking technique. For best experience, you can order the likes of tonkatsu with breaded or fried pork placed in sandwiches or as katsu as well.

Lastly, the Bairin Restaurant is actually only have limited seat which only offers 18 table seats and 18 counter seats. Thus, you need to book earlier in order to be able to spend dining time in this restaurant.

In conclusion, most of best restaurants in Ginza offer authentic Japanese food. But even if they offer the authentic one, they have their own signature and secret recipe to make the best of their foods. Therefore, a culinary exploration in Ginza district would be very unforgettable.