Fulham Restaurants or Best Restaurants in Fulham?

Best Restaurants in Fulham
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Fulham, a small city located right beside the river Thames, has been famous of its local culinary around its best restaurants in Fulham recently. With a city background that has very rich history even before the Roman Empire, Fulham has strong culture and culinary.

Until today, you can still find out and explore its amazing various culinary around the city. In fact, as the city is quite small geographically, it is easy to explore culinary as there are many best restaurants in Fulham available.

Fulham Restaurants

Well, you might want to visit Fulham because of its beauty as a city and its historic heritages. But surely culinary is something you should not miss while traveling to Fulham for vacation otherwise you would regret it.

222 Veggie Vegan
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222 Veggie Vegan

Vegetarian food has strong root on the culinary of Britain especially in Fulham. Even there is a restaurant specialised for vegetarian food in Fulham which the best one named the 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurants.

In the first place, this restaurant offers all kinds of British vegetarian foods and gluten free options on their menu. The unique thing is that they create lots of creative kinds of vegetarian foods that you might not see in any other restaurants in Fulham.

Once you come, you should not miss to try its seitan, tofu and the delicious raclette as well. If you truly want to explore the local culinary, then this restaurant should be on your bucket list.

In the restaurant, you can either choose to eat in a small plate or big plate if you come to dining as a group. Moreover, the atmosphere of its dining room and the service are things that would make you really comfortable. Indeed, this is among the best restaurants in Fulham.

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The Andover Arms
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The Andover Arms

Located on the roadside of Aldensley Road, a building with old-style architecture which always full of visitor, added with vintage atmosphere within its room, there is a wonderful restaurant named the Andover Arms Restaurant.

The restaurant is using old-style as it is also serving traditional British culinary as well. Further, the excellent service of the restaurant Andover Arms even make it a perfect place to have dining at. Once you enter its restaurant’s room, you will soon restaurant is.

Other than first impression to the Andover Arms Restaurant, the food is also on high quality as well. With the likes of traditional British foods such as Sunday roast, lamb shoulder and fish & chips, the Andover Arms would really make you feel so good with its delicious tastes.

Moreover, the restaurant also has an amazing bar as well. A bar with so wide selections of British wine and cocktails would be the thing you want to try while travelling to Fulham.

Fulham Restaurants
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The Baileys Fish and Chips

The Baileys Fish and Chips become the number one the list of best restaurants around Fulham in Trip Advisor for some reasons.

If you see it from its building, then you’ll get deterred. The building of the restaurant might look just small and normal one, but surely the food they offer is very amazing based on the taste. Even in fact, the restaurant has achieved several times the certificate of Excellency. Of course, you must curious of what their food and menu look liked.

This restaurant offers the kinds of fast food. And surely their food is very tasty and delicious and of course, healthy as well. Unlike any other fast food restaurants, this restaurant offers less cooking oil food which makes it a lot healthier.

Moreover, the food size is very big so that you will not only get to taste its delicious food, but also getting full as well. In this restaurant, the foods such as burgers, tartare and cod & chips are things you cannot miss to try.

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Rangrez Restaurant
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Rangrez Restaurant

If you want something little different than any other great restaurants on this list, then you should come to the Rangrez Restaurant.

A clean, luxurious style building and furniture, with great staffs as well, the Rangrez Restaurant has been regarded as the best Asian food restaurant in Fulham.

The menu is more likely full with lots of Indian foods, but the table, there are also some other tasty Asian foods as well. But in fact, they only serve the best Asian foods for the costumer.

You are more likely to see some kinds of curry-food in the Rangrez Restaurant. Furthermore, the likes of spicy foods are also mostly dominating its menu.

You can try foods such as dal makhani, poppadoms, and the delicious lamb rogan josh with biryani rice. Surely you’ll get all the fat afterwards.

The Best Restaurants in Fulham
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Brasa Restaurant

As a matter of the fact, Fulham is a city full of BBQ restaurants. If you truly want to find the best of them, the Brasa Restaurant is probably the right one.

Located right inside the Broadway House, in the Fulham Road, the restaurant has unique interior and architecture style which taken from the culture of Basque. Visiting this restaurant would enable you to feel something unique from its atmosphere.

Coming to its foods, you also will find something great to know. First, as the restaurant is a meat speciality restaurant, its meat is only taken from the best meat producers in Dorset.

Furthermore, the cooking tools are taken directly from Basque country which makes the cooking technique a little different as well. If you come to the restaurant several times in different seasons you would find the menu always changing based on the season

To summarize, each best restaurants in Fulham offer something different and its characteristic itself. Of course, its characteristic is one of the reasons to visit them other than their food.

Everybody would want to visit a restaurant not only for food, but also the story behind the restaurant as well. At the end of the day, you will get very memorable experiences around those 5 best restaurants.