Best Restaurants in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

best restaurants in Fitzroy
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Fitzroy is a small town located on the suburb of Melbourne City. The Fitzroy is only a small area but has very rich culinary options around best restaurants in Fitzroy.

Fitzroy Restaurants

Around its notably small area, there are big numbers of restaurants and food stores available. Located near the famous Melbourne museum, you might want to visit this place for the museum.

But surely you need to know and explore its culinary because they are very amazing in term of taste and food creativity. Lastly, those are the best restaurants in Fitzroy, places to explore culinary in Fitzroy.

best restaurant in Fitzroy
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Luxurious and classy, the Scopri has too much to offer when it comes to local Melbourne food mixes with some Italian ingredients.

In the first place, this restaurant has its own secret recipe that only this restaurant could offers. As a result, its secret recipes led to the creation of lots of foods creativity on its menu.

Surely the likes of pizza, pasta, spaghetti, and the kingfish carpaccio would be the one that make you curious to visit this amazing restaurant.

The Scopri restaurant is also known as a restaurant which offers rabbit kinds of foods. Well, try visiting this restaurant if you want something little different than any other best restaurants in Fitzroy.

Other than its foods, the luxurious atmosphere of the Scopri restaurant would make your dining experience unforgettable. It is fair to say that scopri restaurant is a great place to have either casual dining or romantic dining.

Whatever kind of dining you choose, the staff will always happy to accommodate you. But we would like to remind you to make an early reservation in order to secure seat in this amazing restaurant.

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Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta
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Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta

Long history of Italian in the city of Melbourne makes the most of culinary is influenced by Italian culture. To visit one of the best Italian restaurants in Fitzroy area, the Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta should be your destination.

With the mixture of Italian and Mediterranean foods, lots of options on its menu are mostly amazing in term of taste. Moreover, the chef is taken directly from Italy which makes its taste more tasted like the authentic one. This restaurant which located on the street of Lygon also has best Italian food to offer such as pasta, tagliolini, and tiramisu as well.

Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta is a restaurant good for special occasion, eating with group of either friends or family, or even romantic dining.

Lastly, if you make a reservation in advance, you will get the best service in this restaurant. One thing I also need to tell you. This restaurant has a beautiful private dining section so that you can spend a romantic dining time in privacy.

Naked for Satan
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Naked for Satan

Do not get deterred with its location in Suburban of the city, this restaurant has a lot to offer in term of spectacular night and culinary as well. A restaurant with a unique named notably “Naked for Satan”, is also actually has something unique to offer within its restaurant.

Other than its famous name and great atmosphere, there is one main thing to visit this restaurant. In the first place, the Naked for Satan is a mixture of restaurant and bar. Surely you can get great dining time while also enjoying its drinks afterward. At the end of the day, it will be your best spectacular night in the city Fitzroy.

If you want to have a dining time, then you can come to the restaurant’s section on the second floor. There you’ll be offered lots of local Australian culinary within the menu. Moreover, you can see a spectacular view of colourful Melbourne city from its top floor.

If you want to spend a night drinking its local wine and cocktails, then the first floor is ready for you. In fact, a great live music performance and great wine selections is ready to make up your night. Wine selections in this restaurant are one of the best in the town of Fitzroy.

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Fitzroy restaurants
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The Grain Store

Although the Grain Store is a quite small restaurant seeing from the size, but their food quality is not as small as you think. In hand, the Grain Store offers amazing local food of Melbourne.

With the authentic taste and authentic ingredient as well, the Grain Store is a must visit restaurant if you truly want to explore the local culinary of Fitzroy city.

Surely the likes of thick cut bacon added with pumpkin halloumi fritter, you will have the best local food ever. The Grain Store offers a quite affordable but very good food in term of taste.

restaurant in Fitzroy
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Cutler & Co

Travelling with a couple is always fun and interesting. If you visit the town of Fitzroy with your couple, then you cannot miss the experience of romantic dining in the Cutler & Co Restaurant. This amazing fusion restaurant offers general international foods.

The likes of European food, Mediterranean food, Asian food and even Middle Eastern foods are available in the restaurant. But in fact, they also have their own special menu for gluten free and vegetarian food.

For romantic dining, the restaurant does not only offer amazing romanticism atmosphere, but also beautiful private dining section as well. Well, you can also make a reservation for party planner of your romantic dining session. At the end of the day, the romantic dining in this restaurant will be very unforgettable for your relationship.

In conclusion, Fitzroy is a suburb with lots of choices of best restaurants in Fitzroy around. If you travel to Melbourne to try real local traditional culinary of the city, Fitzroy should be your destination. Moreover, the overall price of foods around restaurants in this suburb is also very affordable as well.