Enjoy Walt Disney Resort While Taste The Best Restaurant in Epcot

best restaurants in Epcot
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Coming to Epcot should make you also come to one of its best restaurants in Epcot either to have a rest for dining or to try its culinary.

Epcot is an amazing theme park in the middle of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, is not only a place to spend a day having fun, but also a place and centre of culinary of Florida as well.

So, those are the best places to eat in Epcot.

epcot best restaurants
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The Garden Grill

A restaurant with strong Disney characteristic, there is a restaurant named the Garden Grill. The restaurant is a worthy one to visit if you visit Epcot with your family and kids as well.

Surely I bet that your kids will be so happy to eat here. Once you enter the restaurant, various Disney characters would ready to greet you. Moreover, you can ask to pose picture with them as well as asking for an autograph sign. Indeed, this is the best Sidney restaurant in Epcot.

As a matter of the fact, the Garden Grill is not only about Disney, but also about food. The food here is amazing with mostly the likes of Italian food.

In the first place, the Garden Grill is known as buffet-style restaurant so that this restaurant is great either for lunch or group dining. Once you come, you cannot miss the delicious taste of its char-grilled sliced fillet.

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best epcot restaurants for adults
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La Hacienda de San Angel

Epcot is a place which contains lots of international foods including Mexican food. For the best Mexican food, then the La Haciande de San Angel is the best one that you should come.

With various Mexican menus, this restaurant attracts lots of people to come. The restaurant is known for its speciality of meat and seafood.

Thus, almost all foods in the restaurant is made of either meat or seafood. Lastly, the architecture shows Mexican culture strongly. If you come to the restaurant, do not forget to try its authentic tequila brought directly from Mexico.

le cellier epcot
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Le Cellier

Probably the best restaurant in the Epcot area, the Le Cellier is a must visit one while you travel to Epcot. The Le Cellier is actually a Canadian restaurant which offers traditional Canadian food as well.

If you see the restaurant from its architecture and furniture, you might think that this restaurant is just the same with any other restaurants in Epcot. But surely once you try its food, you will admit saying that the Le Cellier is the best restaurant in Epcot.

Thinking about eating its amazing bowl of Canadian cheddar cheese is not enough. You need to come to get it. There are still lots of great Canadian foods serve in the restaurant.

Further, the whisky selections of the restaurant is also worthy to consider trying. And as a matter of the fact, although the restaurant is the best in term of the food, the price is quite affordable. Indeed, this is among the best restaurants in Epcot.

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Tokyo Dining

Japan might be far from the United States, but surely the Japanese food in Tokyo Dining would feel like the authentic one. The Tokyo Dining is very well known as a restaurant that has the most menus around all restaurants in Epcot.

On the menu, you can find various Japanese foods either the authentic one or the mixture one with American food. The best selections of Japanese food in Tokyo Dining are including its tempura, sushi roll, edamame and oyster.

Surely this will be the best Japanese restaurant that you ever visit in your life. For best experience, we recommend you to come on the evening and take a seat with its balcony section. In particular, you can get the best view of the IllumiNation show from there. At the end of the day, it will be your most memorable experience during vacation in Epcot.

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Restaurant Marrakesh

And old style building in the middle of Epcot, there is a spectacular restaurant called the Restaurant Marrakesh. If you come to Epcot during evening, then it would be wise to take a stop in Restaurant Marrakesh.

It is because you will eat accompanied with very great acoustic music. Moreover, the food served to you is very good in term of taste.

As Moroccan restaurant, most of the foods here are from Morocco as well. Although there are several other African foods on the menu, they are good in taste as well. With the likes of lemon chicken, seafood bastille, roast lamb, and couscous, the Restaurant Marrakesh would make your evening unforgettable.

If you come with your family or as a group, surely the staff would take care of the costumer individually. So, do not worry if you cannot have individual check in order to pay the bill.

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Rose & Crown Pub and Dining

For a truly vacation in Epcot, then you must come to the Rose & Crown Pub and Dining. In fact, you can either to come to this place to have a drink or to have a fantastic dining.

In particular, the restaurant offers two sections which visitor can choose. One is for drinking within the pub, while the other one is for a casual dining. But surely whatever your purpose to come, they still always be the best in Epcot.

As a matter of the fact, pub in the restaurant is very amazing with very wide selection of alcoholic drinks. Even they are regarded as a restaurant which has the biggest selections of wine and whiskey.

Epcot is not only a place to spend a day playing around. In fact, there are many great restaurants available around Epcot that you should try.

After a day spending time going around the Disney Epcot, surely you want to find a great place to rest and eating. At the end of the day, those lists of best restaurants in Epcot would truly make your vacation in Epcot a perfect one. Indeed, you need to come to at least one of them while travelling to Epcot.