Best Restaurant in Byward Market, The Ottawa Historic Market

Best Restaurants in Byward Market
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Right in the middle of Ottawa city, there is a historic market named the Byward Market and lays there best Restaurant in Byward Market. In the past, Byward Market was only a traditional market.

But today, the market has turned out to be a famous food market that you can explore deeply the culinary of Ottawa city as well as international culinary.

Byward Market Restaurants Ottawa

Thus, it is a must for you to visit this amazing market if you want to explore the culinary in Ottawa. Furthermore, there are big numbers of restaurants available to visit around the area. In order to help you, those are the best restaurants in Byward Market.

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Play Food & Wine

A clean, fancy, and casual restaurant, there is a restaurant named the Play Food & Wine. Even if there are many restaurants existed around the Byward Market, but this restaurant is worthy one to visit.

Its greatness reflected in numbers of visitors which always full every time. But the good news is that even if the restaurant has lots of visitors, they always serve the food in a very fast time.

With fresh food, this place would make you feel full but a healthy one. Once you enter the restaurant, you will soon realise that this restaurant is very clean with great service as well.

The cleanliness does not stop around the restaurant’s public room, but also in their kitchen and their food as well. In fact, food in the Play Food & Wine is always renewed with fresh food every day.

Other than food, the Play Food & Wine is also known for its great wine selections. If you want to find wine with high quality and great taste as well, then you come to the right place.

In numbers, there are over hundreds of wines selections available in this restaurant. Therefore, this place is often regarded as the best restaurants in Byward Market.

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Baton Rouge

A barbeque in the Baton Rounge with its delicious and refreshing food would truly make you a lot of fresher than before. Coming with either group of friends or family, you can order their share BBQ.

In fact, you can only feel the greatness of Baton Rounge once you already tried their food. It is because if you see the restaurant from outside you might see that this is an average restaurant but instead, it is among the best. Moreover, the price is reasonable with a food with expensive quality.

the grand pizzeria and bar ottawa on
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The Grand Pizzeria and Bar

A large and tasty pizza awaits you to eat them in the Grand Pizzeria and Bar. Located right in the middle of Byward Market, the Grand Pizzeria and bar offers very amazing pizza.

Even there are lots kinds of various pizzas that you can choose on their menu. And uniquely, some kinds of pizzas provided in the restaurant are unique one that you won’t find them anywhere else.

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The Scone Witch

If you are looking for vegetarian food, then the Scone Witch is the right place to come. Unlike any other culinary options around the Byward Market, the Scone Witch offers all of the vegetarian food on their menu.

In fact, they have their own menus for the gluten free foods. The freshness of the food is felt strongly once you bite their food for the first time. There are many reasons to come to this amazing restaurant, but their scone is the main reason as it will be the best scone that you will ever eat.

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Aulde Dubliner & Pour House

A building with a classic style stands bravely right in the corner of the Byward Market. Even if the building is classic, but you can already see its luxurious feeling once you get near the restaurant. In the first place, the building is the Aulde Dubliner & Pour House restaurant.

This fancy restaurant offers the kinds of traditional Irish foods. In fact, the restaurant reflect long history of some Irishman who live around the city of Ottawa since couple of decades ago.

Until today, the culture of Irish and its culinary is still easy to be found around Ottawa city especially in the Byward Market. Even if you travel to Canada especially Ottawa, it is not a mistake to try the Irsih culinary as well.

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milestones ottawa lansdowne
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Milestones Restaurant

An American restaurant with American culture as well, there is a restaurant named the Milestones Restaurant. The restaurant’s room is very nice that it will make you a lot of comfortable during your dining time.

The great environment is not only made of its nice room, but also the great service of the staff. Even if you are on a group, the staffs would be able to do individual check for the payment. The full care of the staff is the one reason you should come to this restaurant.

Coming to their food, you can feel its traditional American taste. Even if they have several international menus such as Mediterranean food, but surely they still tasted like the American one.

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Luxe Bistro

A classy restaurant right in the middle of Byward Market, there is a restaurant named the Luxe Bistro. This restaurant has an amazing environment which reflects luxurious furniture and its architecture.

If you want to find a place for either romantic dining or casual dining, then the Luxe Bistro is the right choice.  If you come during day time, then this restaurant would make you feel comfortable during the hot day. But if you come on the night, you can feel its amazing casualty.

Coming to the food, this restaurant has an iconic food named lobster burger. This food is very iconic so that everyone is eager to try this lobster burger.

In fact, the lobster is taken directly from the Alaskan sea. Thus, this will be one of the best memorable moments of culinary exploration in your life.

At the end of the day, visiting the Byward Market enables you to have lots of choices of culinary in Ottawa. Even as there are too many restaurants existed, it was a bit hard to find the best ones. But keep in mind that those byward market restaurants ottawa are truly the best.