Best Restaurants in Bandung, Indonesia. Taste Bandung Food

Best Restaurants in Bandung
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Bandung, a city in West Java, is a very wonderful city with lots of wonderful view of its mountainous terrain also laid many best restaurants in Bandung. Since couple of decades ago, Bandung has been one of the most popular tourism destinations in Indonesia.

Bandung is a home to lots of unique and wonderful restaurants. The food is great. The restaurants are great as well. Even most of them offer a very unique and wonderful architecture. In the end, visiting Bandung enables you to visit some of the best restaurants in Bandung.

Bandung Best Restaurants
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Bandung Best Restaurants

Not only because of its wonderful view, but Bandung is also a city which has excellent mixture of culture and modernity. Among the culture of Bandung, the food is its best one.

Once you come to Bandung, trying its local foods are must thing to do. Moreover, Bandung is a home of some of the best restaurants in Bandung. Thus, those are the best restaurants in Bandung.

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best Chinese restaurant in Bandung
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Oza Tea House

Bandung is the home place of one of the best tea in Indonesia. In the first place, the cold climate of Bandung supports the tea to grow in good environment.

To try some of Bandung’s best tea, then Oza Tea House would be your right destination. In Oza Tea House, wide varieties of tea are offered. Moreover, the tea fresh leaves is taken from the local tea farm in Bandung, Indonesia.

Amazingly, the Oza Tea House is located directly within the area of tea plantation. Therefore, drinking tea directly from its farm means that you drink a really fresh tea.

Once you visit, the silver needle white tea is a menu you cannot miss. If you want to eat lunch while having a tea, then they also have various selections of menus.

The menus are not only the local Indonesian foods, but some other selections of western and Asian food are also available including food from best Chinese restaurant in Bandung.

best halal restaurant in Bandung
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Floating Market Lembang

In Lembang exactly located in its wonderful lake, a floating market is getting crowded every day. Well, you won’t see a big floating market like in Borneo.

It is because this is not actually a floating market, but designed to look like one. But never underestimate this place in term of its foods. In the first place, the Floating Market Lembang is a place which offers you lots kinds of local foods.

Once you arrive, you can see lots of food stores within a small boat. All of them are Indonesian food but mostly are the local food from Bandung. You will be able to see the kind of batagor, siomay, seblak, cheese, sate and lot other Indonesian foods. Most of them are food like in best halal restaurant in Bandung.

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best Sundanese restaurants in Bandung
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Motzen Restaurant

A restaurant with great food and outstanding view of mountain, there is a restaurant called the Motzen Restaurant. While travelling to Bandung, Motzen Restaurant is a worthy one to visit.

Even the Motzen Restaurant is often regarded as one of the best Sundanese restaurants in Bandung. Motze is a restaurant that offers some selections of steaks and beefs. Well, most of them are European food but surely you can find Indonesian foods as well.

Eating in Motzen Restaurant is really comfortable. In particular, the room and environment is very peaceful and beautiful. Further, you will also sitting in a room that showcased various cultures. The obvious ones are the mixture of Indonesian and German cultures where you can see the waitress wearing traditional German attire.

best café and restaurant in Bandung
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The Restaurant at the Trans Luxury Hotel

One might think that restaurant in a hotel is only for the hotel guess. In fact, that is totally a wrong idea. Since everybody is allowed to enter and eat a restaurant within a hotel, then you should try that unique experience at least once.

The best one would be the restaurant at the Trans Luxury Hotel. In the first place, they offer lots kinds of international foods in a very luxurious restaurant’s room. With the kindness of the staffs and waitress, this restaurant will really make up your time.

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restaurants in Bandung Zomato
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Café D’Pakar

Bandung is a city with various terrains which make it a very wonderful city. Thus, it would be nice to eat while enjoying a nice view of Bandung city and its mountainous terrain.

The interest to do so should bring you to one of the best restaurants in Bandung Zomato named Café D’Pakar. It is an outdoor café which you will sit and directly see breath-taking view of mountainous terrain in front of you.

But the café is not only about its view and architecture, the Indonesian food serves here are also the best among best café and restaurant in Bandung. The restaurant offers local food at its original taste. But the good thing is that food in this restaurant is really affordable in term of price.

best seafood restaurant in Bandung
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Noah’s Barn Coffeenery

One more a restaurant at a beautiful place in Bandung, it is the Noah’s Barn Coffeenary. This place will be the one who adorn your eyesight while eating within its restaurant.

The unique architecture which looks like a Noah ship in the middle of rice terrace might be a bit funny, but surely they are amazing. The restaurant also serves food in a different way. In particular, it is like in a bar-like fashion.

Lastly, the food is really amazing in the restaurant, just like its wonderful view. Indeed, as the building is looked like a ship, this is the best seafood restaurant in Bandung.

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best family restaurants in Bandung
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Lawangwangi Creative Space

A wonderful city they said. Yes, Bandung is a very wonderful city which its best family restaurants in Bandung also share the same beauty.

Right in the middle of rice terraces area and mountainous terrain of Bandung, there lay Lawangwangi Creative Space. This place is consists of café, gallery and art shop. Once you arrive, you can explore its creative space and see lots of artworks of the local before ordering food.

Just like its creative art, the food served is the best one as well. The food serves is mostly Indonesian with majority traditional food of Bandung. Of course, it is nice to have little break from the city to enjoy a peaceful environment in this one of the best restaurants in Bandung.