Best Restaurants in Andheri West, Taste Mumbai Food

best restaurants in Andheri West
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Best Restaurants in Andheri West, Andheri West is a town in West Mumbai, is actually the centre of culinary in West Mumbai City. With a long history of multiculturalism on its area, the town turns out to be the centre of food.

If you expect to see lots of local foods-only in this town, then you are totally wrong. In fact, Andheri West is a place where you can find lots kinds of foods from all over the world. Therefore, you cannot miss exploring best restaurants in Andheri West when you travel to Andheri West.

Best Restaurants in Andheri West

Around Andheri West, there are lots of best fine dine restaurants in Andheri West that you can easily find. Even as the numbers are too many, it might confuse you to choose what to visit while travelling there. Thus, we have listed some of the best restaurant in Andheri West to help you.

Andheri West best restaurants
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Tipsy Gypsy Restaurant

Not far away from the downtown of Andheri West, there lay best lunch in Andheri West called the Tipsy Gypsy Restaurant. Basically this is European restaurant.

But in practice, they serve lots kinds of foods including Indian food as well. Uniquely, there are several dishes on the menu of the restaurant which notably the mixture of European and Indian food. It must be interesting to try different kind of recipes made of a great chef as well.

Other than its food, the restaurant is also comes on top in term of its architecture. The feeling of elegancy is strong within the restaurant. Further, the great service of the staff and waitress makes you feel like a king while visiting this restaurant.

Uniquely, the restaurant has its special service for the guess who wants to experience romantic dining in the Tipsy Gypsy Restaurant. Indeed, no wonder why this restaurant becomes one of the best restaurants in Andheri West Mumbai.

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best fine dine restaurants in Andheri West
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Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is all about Asian food. As a matter of the fact, Asian food is among the best food in the world. And so does the restaurant, it is also among the best Thali restaurants in Andheri West.

All the menus offered in the Barbeque Nation are the barbeque kind of things. Therefore, this restaurant is good if you want to eat with your group of friends of family. Among the greatest menus in this restaurant, the best are its Chinese foods, Kebab and some North Indian foods.

best lunch in Andheri West
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Glocal Junction

You might find the Glocal Junction a bit unique restaurant. In the first place, it is because the Glocal Junction is the only Indian fast food restaurant in Andheri West.

Serving fast food on their menu does not mean that their food is not in good quality, even food in the Glocal Junction is regarded among the best restaurants in Andheri West Lokhandwala.

On the night, the restaurant turns out to be a dining place as well. As there are lots of cocktails and wine selections on their menu, this restaurant will bring you to the world of fun.

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best restaurants in Andheri West Mumbai
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Lord of the Drinks

As its name ‘Lord of the Drinks’, this restaurant is a gem for a dining place. First, the architecture of the restaurant will make you feel really comfortable and elegant while eating there.

On the other hand, the food offers on their menu is also mostly spectacular food that will adorn your night. Moreover, the drink menus on the Lord of the Drinks are also amazing just mirroring its name. In fact, wine selections in the Lord of the Drinks are the best among best Chinese restaurants in Andheri West link road.

best restaurants in Andheri West link road
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Bamboo Garden Restaurant

For an Indo-Chinese meal, the Bamboo Garden Restaurant comes as the best restaurants in Andheri West link road for such culinary. There are lots kinds of Asian food offered in the restaurant.

If you are backpacking to Andheri West and would want to find a cheap place to eat good food, then this restaurant is the best of it. Even if the price is quite reasonable, but the Bamboo Garden Restaurant offers some spectacular foods that you might only in high class restaurant.

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Mexican restaurants in Andheri West Lokhandwala
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Mia Restaurant

Mexican food is always amazing wherever it is located on. In Andheri West, Mia Restaurant would be my recommendation for best Mexican restaurants in Andheri West Lokhandwala for Mexican food. Once you enter the restaurant, you will suddenly feel like you are really in Mexico.

Well, the great architecture of its Mexican-style should be appreciated. But the thing is not about its architectures. Instead the food in the restaurant is very amazing in term of its taste. Visiting this restaurant enables you to get to know deeply about Mexican food.

If you are a vegetarian, then this restaurant is also the best destination for you. In particular, they have their own menu for vegetarian food. Even you might not expect that there are several of foods of vegetarian in the restaurant. Once you come, surely you cannot miss the Kaffir Lime Cottage Cheese Cigar Rolls and its amazing Mexican Ragda Pattice.

the best restaurants in Andheri West
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Behrouz Biryani

Once you travel to India, the Biryani is a food you cannot miss. It is because if you eat Biryani outside India you might find the unoriginal one. Thus, when you travel to Andheri West it would be a chance for you to eat authentic biryani. In Andheri West, the best place to eat biryani would be the Behrouz Biryani.

As a matter of the fact, the Behrouz Biryani Restaurant offers lots kinds of Biryani on their menu. Even there are some biryanis that you will only find in this restaurant. With some little new recipes on their biryani food, this restaurant slowly becomes one of the best restaurants in Andheri West.

Andheri West is always a nice place to do culinary adventure. Not only because there are lots of culinary from all over the world, but the best restaurants in Andheri West also offers quite reasonable price as well. Therefore, once you visit the Andheri West you cannot miss to have food adventure during your vacation.