List Of Best Restaurant in Accra, Ghana. Come and Enjoy the Food

best restaurants in Accra
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Accra city, the capital city of Ghana, is a very wonderful city. First, you might find it wonderful from its natural sights and coastal terrain. On its west coast, long white beaches are awaits you to enjoy its beauty.

Moreover, the beaches lines have lots of resorts which will make you enjoy them so much. On the other hand, as the city is the getaway to explore Ghana as a whole, Accra is the city that mirrors the whole culture of Ghana.

Accra Best Restaurant
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Best Restaurant in Accra

Other than its culture, the great culinary of the city is the one you must explore. Thus, you need to know what best restaurants in Accra are in order to do so.

Once you visit Accra city to explore its culinary, you might find it confuse of what restaurant to visit. In the first place, there are too many restaurants available around Accra city. So, you need to know what best restaurant in the city is. In the end, those are the best places to explore culinary in Accra city.

Accra Restaurant
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Mamma Mia

To find Italian food in Accra city, then you must come to Mamma Mia Restaurant. When it comes to Italian food, the restaurant has it best. First, the menus of Italian foods in the restaurant are varies.

Further, the foods are cooked in a very unique cooking style especially its pizza. Even before you get the food you already got entertained watching the food is cooked. In addition, well trained staffs and chefs of the restaurant add the perfectness of this amazing Italian restaurant.

Once you visit the Mamma Mia restaurant, you might find it confuse to choose what to eat from their menu. Of course, it is because there are too many choices. And all those choices are actually food in term of taste. But keep in mind that you must try eating its amazing pizzas, sea food platter and calzone while visiting the restaurant.

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Best Accra Restaurant
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Labadi Beach Hotel

If you think that a restaurant within a hotel is only for the hotel guess, then you found it totally wrong. Everybody is allowed to eat in the restaurant of a hotel. In Accra city, you must try a restaurant within the Labadi Beach Hotel.

In the first place, the restaurant is really awesome on every side just like its hotel. The casual and elegant architecture as well as its amazing cleanliness make the restaurant very interesting to visit. It’s not a wonder why this restaurant is often regarded as the most famous restaurant in Accra city.

Whether you come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the restaurant will always good as it is open for 24 hours as well. But if you come during the night especially with your couple, be ready to get a very amazing atmosphere of romantic dinner in the restaurant.

The nice foods and its amazing architecture will amaze your romantic time. In addition, the foods in the restaurant are amazing with lots of authentic local kinds of foods and ingredients.

list of restaurant in accra
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Coming to Ghana especially Accra enables you to be able to try its amazing local food. Of course, exploring local culinary is the one you cannot miss while travelling to the city.

For a truly authentic African restaurant, the Buka Restaurant is the amazing one. Starting from the food, all of them are spectacular.

The grilled fish and meat which made of local ingredients will make your lunch very meaningful. Moreover, the fresh coconut drinks await you to make your throat really fresh in a hot day in Accra.

Basically, the Buka Restaurant is not only about its amazing food, but also the beautiful environment as well. From the restaurant, the wide array of rice terraces will make your mind fresh while eating their fresh food.

On the other hand, they have choices of places to eat. In particular, you can choose either to eat in their open-air restaurant or in its air-conditioned restaurant to make you feel cold from a heat of the city.

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The Republic

If you visit Accra city, visiting the Republic Restaurant is the place you cannot miss. In fact, the restaurant is like the iconic for culinary of Ghana.

All of the foods in the restaurant are traditional food of Ghana. Supported by it’s the traditional architecture of Ghana, this place become the main icon of culinary and culture in the country.

Furthermore, the restaurant is also a place to have drinks during its colourful night. But as a matter of the fact, you will not drink the like of vodka, whisky or such kind of things.

In the first place, almost all of the drinks they offered are the traditional drink of Accra city. No worry for you, it is because the drinks are healthy and great on taste as well.

Accra Best Restaurants
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Urban Grill

Right in the middle of city centre of Accra city, the Urban Grill is the best restaurant in Accra. This restaurant has been famous of its characteristic of European food. Pizzas, burgers, steaks, are the one you must try in the restaurant.

Aside from the dishes, the some light food such as ice cream and bread are great to try as well. But in fact, meat foods are the main thing about the restaurant which make meat lover really love to visit this amazing restaurant.

For a romantic dining, the restaurant also has the best to offer. The great room architecture and furniture is the one that make the restaurant very romantic one. With some great foods and lovely live acoustic music, your romantic time with your couple is granted. Even if the price is quite high, but surely the expensive price is worthy a penny.

In conclusion, best restaurants in Accra are amazing at all. The foods are spectacular as well as its uniqueness. Furthermore, Accra culinary is not only about the local food, but also about the mixture of local ingredient and international food as well. Thus, you must explore culinary while on vacation to the city.