Best Restaurant in Kihei, Maui. Feel Best Place, Taste Best Food

best restaurants in Kihei
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Kihei is not only a place in Hawaii which offers outstanding summer vacation with its beautiful beaches and challenging rainforest. As a matter of the fact, Kihei is also a place where lots of high-class culinary are placed around best restaurants in Kihei.

Therefore, exploring culinary is something you cannot miss while travelling to the area. With lots of choices of culinary from all over the world, your vacation is even more colourful.

best restaurant in Kihei
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Best Kihei Restaurants

Along the beach line in Kihei, there are numbers of best restaurants in Kihei are available. Thus, you really need to be ready with your budget to explore the best culinary here. You don’t have to worry the choices.

In particular, you will even want to try all best restaurants available as they are all interesting to visit. But to make it clear, we have compiled some of the best restaurants to visit in Kihei.

restaurants in Kihei
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5 Palms Restaurant

Having a venue which sided directly with the western part of coastal of the Kihey City in Hawaii, the 5 Palms Restaurant is worth to visit. You can either come to this restaurant to enjoy its wonderful view or to enjoy its amazing foods.

Yes, the 5 Palms Restaurant is popular for its amazing view of the sea. With such view, you’re eating of Hawaiian local food’s enjoyment will be increased. Moreover, coming during evening to this restaurant enable you to see very amazing view of sunset from the restaurant.

Although the 5 Palms Restaurant has very spectacular view, it does not mean that they underestimate to focus on making great and delicious food.

Offering the fusion between American culinary and Japanese culinary from the east, this restaurant enables you to spot some unique foods.

For best experience, try the sushi in the restaurant which known for its high quality. At the end of the day, dine in 5 Palms Restaurant offers its own characteristic of dining for you.

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Three’s Bar and Grill

The Three’s Bar and Grill, a restaurant which offers a perfect combination between a beautiful view over its outdoor sections with hearty, down-to earth Asian especially Japanese flare. The café has two sections particularly indoor and the outdoor one.

Seating in its outdoor section enables you to feel a peaceful atmosphere and environment which would make you truly feel what the summer vacation in Hawaii is looked like. In addition, the perfection of its service and professionalism of the staff would even add your enjoyment of eating their delicious Asian food.

Yet there are lots of Asian foods available on its menu. But most of the foods are dominated with the Japanese options along with authentic Japanese ingredients as well.

The prime cut of fish, poultry and seafood are cooked very well which emphasises on serving fresh ingredients from the private local supplier. Fish is actually the main ingredients of most foods in this restaurant. Their salmon’s kinds of foods are the ones you must try as it tasted really perfectly delicious.

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Sansei Seafood Restaurant

Located near the waterfront, the Sansei Seafood Restaurant is an interesting place to visit in order to explore Japanese culinary in Kihei. This restaurant is very well known as serving the best sushi in the island.

With authentic ingredients from Japan and very fresh fish ingredients, added with top-notch cooking creativity, sushi in the Sansei Seafood Restaurant felt very delicious. You can try their best sushi such as salmon smoked, mackerel, and the sea eel.

Surely you will even want to try eating more in this restaurant as the taste is very delicious. In addition, tempura in Sansei Seafood Restaurant is also thing you cannot miss. Indeed, this is among the best restaurants in Kihei.

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Maui Thai Bistro

A fancy restaurant located in the area which near the Western coastline of the island, where most of the most high class restaurants are located.

This place emphasises on promoting the culture of Thai within its restaurant. It’s started from the Thai traditional furniture as well as the serving technique is taken from Thai culture.

Once you enter the Maui Thai Bistro for the first time, the hearty service is the thing that you will directly feel as showing the strong Thai culture to the patrons.

Furthermore, the food served in the Maui Thai Bistro is known for its authenticity. Emphasises on making authentic food of Thailand with the original taste, the restaurant is using the original ingredients which is taken from Thailand directly.

Taste of Thai foods such as curry and its tom yum are really delicious as you taste it in Thailand. At the end of the day, eating in the Maui Thai Bistro does not only make you taste its delicious food, but also be able to learn about Thai traditional culture too.

Kihei Best restaurants
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Maui Chef’s Table

Probably this is the best restaurant in Kihei for fine dining experience. The Mau Chef’s Table located in Honoapiilani hwy should be on your bucket list while travelling to Hawaii.

Most importantly, the restaurant is a bit unique for fine-dining experience. This restaurant has an open kitchen. The patrons are able to watch how their foods are processed. From the first time up to they are served on the table.

You can also choose to take lots of choices of Hawaiian and American culinary from their small plate choices.

In numbers, there are over than 50 menus of the combination between American and Hawaiian culinary available. For some reasons, the Maui Chef’s Table offers its own characteristic of culinary experience. In addition, don’t miss to try its amazing champagne. It is also the main things promoted in the restaurant.

In conclusion, Kihei is a place which offers paradise of culinary in Hawaii. Although there are many restaurants available, those five best restaurants in Kihei are enough to answer your curiosity regarding the best food in the area. At the end of the day, any culinary experiences in those restaurants are things you’ll never forget.