Best Restaurant in Geelong, Melbourne. Place to Get Best Food

best restaurants in Geelong
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Geelong, a small city in the coastline of Melbourne, has been a very famous tourism destination of its best restaurants in Geelong recently. If you think that Geelong is a perfect destination only because of its wonderful coastline, then you are totally wrong.

Geelong Restaurants

Geelong City is also great in term of culinary. With various kinds of culinary available, Geelong is a heaven to find food anywhere from all over the world.

Therefore, a vacation in Geelong would even make you get more knowledge regarding culinary of the world. Finally, those are the best places to explore culinary in Geelong City.

restaurants in Geelong
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Bistrot St Jean

If you truly want to try some authentic French cuisines, you do not need to spend money buying ticket to Paris if you are visiting Geelong.

In particular, there is a restaurant named the Bistrot St Jean which offers the authentic French cuisine culinary which has the truly same delicious as the authentic one in France.

This restaurant is amazing for some reasons but mainly the reason is food. With its authentic taste of French culinary, the Bistrot St Jean has been one of the most famous restaurants since couple of decades ago. In this restaurant, you can enjoy their best French foods such as steak, charcuterie, and the pate.

Other than food, the Bistrot St Jean Restaurant is known for its outstanding live music performance. The electric music will always accompany the patron’s dining time in the Bistrot St Jean.

With a vintage room’s furniture and architecture added with some art photographs on the wall as well, the restaurant creates an outstanding atmosphere for dining experience. Therefore, the Bistrot St Jean is among the restaurant you must visit in Geelong in order to explore culinary.

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Geelong restaurants
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King George Fish & Grill

For lunch, it’s very often that one would need higher portion of food to give the body extra energy. But the high portion of food does not mean that it would lead to unhealthy lifestyle.

Hence, King George Fish & Grill is a perfect destination if you want a perfect lunch experience in one of the best culinary in the city of Geelong. The King George Fish & Grill Restaurant offers local Australian culinary with some innovative cooking technique.

Sure, the taste of the food in this restaurant is truly the authentic local food. Most importantly, the King George Fish & Grill offers food in a very big portion which surely makes you get full after having a lunch in its restaurant.

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Geographically, Australia is not far from Asia which makes its culture and culinary still has quite strong influences from the neighbourhood Asian. For best Asian food, Donco Restaurant is perfect destination if you miss Asia without needing to visit the land directly.

The Donco Restaurant is especially serving Eastern Asian foods with mostly Korean food. You can find the likes of kimchi, bibimpap, and some other authentic spicy Korean foods. The spicy chicken rice bowl with kimchi, surely would make your day hot with its perfect spicy taste.

Once you enter the restaurant, you will suddenly realise the Asian atmosphere within the restaurant. It’s not merely because the Asian cultural interior existed within the restaurant, but also the warmness of their staffs also would make you really feel the Asian culture. One would admit that this place is the best Asian restaurant in the city of Geelong, Australia.

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Eastern Spice

One more international food, Indian culinary has been known throughout the world for its delicious and tasty culinary. Therefore, the Eastern Spice existed to serve the visitor the best Indian food that they offer other than any other Indian restaurants in Geelong City.

A casual atmosphere, added with very white and clean restaurant and dining room, with the great service of their staff as well, the Eastern Spice would make you comfortable during your either dining or lunch time.

You also do not need to wait for a long time for the food because they will serve your lunch or dining in a very fast duration.

Talking about its food, the Eastern Spice is truly the best around town. The food they offered is the authentic Indian food with authentic cooking technique and Indian ingredients as well.

Some of the ingredients of Eastern Spice are brought directly from India. That is to make sure the taste of their food authentically. Moreover, you can eat here with no worry of spending too much because their food is actually very affordable in term of price.

Lastly, keep in mind that its curry foods are the best to order. Also you cannot miss the likes of foods such as butter chicken, samosas and the dahl. I would bet that this would be your most memorable experience of exploring culinary in Geelong

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Black Bull Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Far away from Australia, Mediterranean culinary has already influenced lots of international culinary all over the world including Australia. In the city of Geelong, the Black Bull Tapas Bar and Restaurant has been the best restaurant which offers the authentic Mediterranean culinary.

In this restaurant, you cannot miss the great and delicious taste of their tapas, churros and croquettes. With an original chef from Mediterranean, the taste of their food is also the authentic one.

You need to make an early reservation to secure your seat as this restaurant is full at almost all time.

You can either reserve to have a romantic dining within its private dining room or in its public dining room. Moreover, their food is serve seasonally so that it could match your eating mood. Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants in Geelong City.

In conclusion, most of the Geelong restaurants are all about international food. Yes, you can find the local culinary of Geelong. But surely, an exploration of culinary in Geelong would be one of your best experiences in Australia.