Beauty and Marine Life, Those Are The Best Places to Visit in Florida

best places to visit in Florida
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Spending summer vacation in tropical tourist destination is always a great thing to do. In United States, Florida is one of the best places to visit for tropical vacation.

Best Places to Visit in Florida

In fact, Florida is all about beach and water tourist attractions. Of course, its beauty and marine life will make your vacation more wonderful than ever. Those are the best places to visit in Florida.

best places to visit in florida in December
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Tampa Bay Arena

There are a lot of great tourist attractions in Florida which related to water and sea. One of them is Tampa Bay Arena. Tampa Bay Arena, a very outstanding sport centre, attracts a thousands of people visit this place every week.

Usually, Tampa Bay Arena is used for basketball, hockey, and football games. Of course, you will see some nice and outstanding sport games when you visit Tampa Bay Arena. Therefore, best places to visit in Florida with family are Tampa Bay arena.

best places to visit in Florida with family
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Universal Studios

If we talk about the most important entertaining company, then we talk about universal. Universal Studio, a theme park and TV production, is one of the most famous tourist attractions that you must visit in Florida. Around Universal Studios, you can see a lot of exhibitions about movie, especially well-known movie and best movies.

In fact, there are a lot of tours available around Universal Studios. You should take tour to get to know more about information and stories of each movie. During winter, most people usually visit Universal Studios. Thus, it’s best places to visit in Florida in December.

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best places to visit in florida in October
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Gainesville, located in North-Central Florida, is a student town where there are several colleges laid there. In fact, you can visit one of the biggest colleges in Gainesville, which is the University of Florida.

Other than education, Gainesville is in fact a very beautiful and peaceful city. In fact, the evergreen forest is surrounding the city beautifully. It makes its air is so refreshing.

Furthermore, you can also do a lot of hiking activities. Of course, there are many hiking tracks available. In fact, it reaches 30 hiking tracks. Along the tracks, you will see the beauty of Gainesville.

A lot of birds flying around you and horses running freely are some nice views you will get along the hiking tracks. You should visit Gainesville during summer. Therefore, it’s best places to visit in florida in October.

Best places to visit in Florida during summer
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Fort Myers

If we talk about fort, then we talk about history. Fort is always an interesting place to visit as it reserves a lot of histories from the past era.

One of the best ports to visit in Florida is Fort Myers. In fact, the fort was built to protect Florida from Seminole Indians. Right now, the fort has turned out to be a museum for public visitors.

Furthermore, there are a lot of tourist activities you can do other than seeking history around Fort Myers. Some of the best activities you can do are snorkelling, kayaking and swimming.

The water around Fort Myers is very calm. Of course, it enables visitors to do water attractions nicely. Best places to visit in Florida during summer are Fort Myers.

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best places to visit in Florida Keys
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Florida Keys

Water attractions in Florida are always being one of the best in United States. Its beauty and luxury attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. In fact, the best place to visit in Florida for water attractions is Florida Keys. Florida Keys is only around 120miles from downtown, so it’s not that far.

In the tropical island, the water and corals are very beautiful to see. There are several ways to enjoy the Beauty of Florida Keys. First, you can go around the archipelago with boat tour.

It enables you to spot a lot of beauty of Florida Keys around its island. Next you can do several water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking. In fact, snorkelling is the best way to see it beautiful corals. Of course, those are best places to visit in Florida Keys.

best places to visit in Naples Florida
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Dry Tortugas National Park

Travelling to an archipelago consist of several small island is always fascinating. Dry Portugal National Park, an archipelago located around 70miles from Florida Key west, is one of the most beautiful archipelago tourist destinations.

The biodiversity and its marine life are very beautiful. It’s clear and calm water, beautiful corals, and number or turtles are inviting a lot of people visit this National Park.

Furthermore, there are several fascinating tourist activities that tourists can do around the Dry Tortugas National Park. First, Dry Tortugas National Park is the best place for snorkelling in Florida. Its coral is like a heaven of underwater beauty. Next, Kayaking has the second ranking in recommendation. It’s because the water and wave is quite calm.

Some other tourist activities are boat tour around the island and seeing turtles on beaches. And of course best places to visit in Naples Florida are Dry Tortugas.

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best places to visit in North Florida
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Orlando, a town located in central Florida, is best modern theme park in Florida. Even, it’s often called as the World Theme Park Capital.

The park is quite big and of course there are a lot of great things and attractions you can visit in Orlando. Some of the best attractions in Orlando are Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Going around Orlando will never make you bored. There will always be new things that you could find. If you visit Orlando, it would be best if you go with your family or your kid.

Of course, the theme park is specialized for kids. Furthermore, the Orlando also has several museum which good for your kid to learn history. When you go to the Northern part, best places to visit in North Florida are Orlando.

best place to visit in Florida with family
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An island in the middle of archipelago is always interesting to travel to. Sanibel, a small island in Florida near Gulf of Mexico, contains a lot of beautiful small beaches surrounding it. The clean white sand of the beaches is a very good place to enjoy your holiday.

Furthermore, the island is actually specialized for visitors. There are a lot of tourist attractions provided in the Sanibel Island such as souvenir shops, kayaking, snorkelling and even bars. In fact, one of the best things to do in Sanibel is seeing its golden sunset.

In fact, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Florida. But, there are only some that go to the top list. Choosing a travel destination must be selective. Of course, one does not want their holiday goes wrong. Thus, you need to visit those best places in Florida during your trip to Florida.