20 Best Places to Visit in Spain Most People Visit

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The best places to visit in Spain are popular as the best country. It has many places. The tourism destinations in Europe, Spain are unforgettable. It memories for your whole life. You may know some popular cities. They are Barcelona, Madrid, and more.

Well, those are famous with their soccer team. You can enjoy some places for taking photos. It is enjoyable to get the street food. You can walk around the town only. Now, we would like to discover best cities in Spain for tourism spots.

20 Listed Breathtaking Places to Visit in Spain

The Sierra Nevada for Skiing and Snowboarding

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The Spain’s Sierra Nevada is the highest peak of mountains range, the Mulhacen. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. You can look at the Sierra Nevada National Park for local flora and fauna.

Magnificent Madrid City

This is the capital city of Spain. Madrid becomes one of magnificent capital cities in Europe.  You can find restaurants, cafe terrace, and bars easily. There are the world’s peak museum and artworks, pedestrianized zones lined with shops, and a vibrant nightlife.

Barcelona City

Barcelona will offer various shopping, drinking, and eating. It is the cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast. You can visit some art and culture museum. They are Picasso Museum and Joan Miro Foundation. This is the places to visit in Barcelona.

Santiago de Compostela City

The full name is Santiago de Compostela. It has the title, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town. This is a semi-autonomous region of Galicia in the northwest of Spain. The Old Town is famous for it a pilgrimage site for Christians. This is one of wonderful city in the Spain.

Spaghetti Western in Almeria

You will feel as one of the Hollywood actors in the first visit.  This lace lays on about 66 kilometers from the Tabernes Desert and Sierra Alhamilla Mountains. It does not make the place seem far.

Salamanca the Golden City

“The Golden City” is its nickname. Yes, it is a fascinating city. Many buildings with glowing lights coming out from the stone at the sunset brought. It is a great place. You must go visiting Spain.

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Relaxing Almeria

Almeria is best for the soft relaxing holiday. It has warm weather temperature in the Andalusia. The small population is a perfect combination with the small river alongside. You can chuck up a tent for the night. That is enjoyable.

St. James: A Busy Area

St. James is a pilgrimage route to the Santiago de Compostela. It is about 800km. Many people walk across it on foot or bicycle. This route will be busier during high season.

Granada in Southern Spain

The Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounds this area. You will find the perfect traditional culture. Some Moorish arts and Alhambra are so popular. The visitors can get the splendid ornaments of the stronghold.

Spanish Islands

Spanish Islands have many lovable beach views. This beautiful island is the largest in Spanish. You will enjoy the beach views with very clear seawater. It locates between the Balearic Islands.

The Costa Brava: Best with Warm Weather

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Costa Brava in Spain has a great warm weather. It is an ideal place for relaxing and sunbathing on the white beaches. You can find a Montseny Natural Park.

Pueblos Blancos – Andalucía

Pueblos Blancos is popular in Spain. These white villages dot a rug hillside. It defies the place gravity. You will see the wonderful farming village. Enjoying flower strewn, narrow street and white houses are a blessing.

Mount Teide Volcanic Views in Tenerife

Finding a volcanic view in Spain is easy. You can visit Mount Teide in Tenerife. This place gives natural landscape with different views. You will see the dark gray sand and steep slopes. There is a popular central in the area. They may call the Canary Islands.

Formentera: Full of Wonderful Beaches

You will find many beaches in Spain. One of them is the Formentera. The virgin sands attract everybody. You may find the ultra-white sand unspoiled beach along the area. Enjoying by boat is available on the mainland.

Stunning Picos de Europa

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Picos de Europa has magnificent natural scenery. It is surprising with the sandy coastline. This lofty peak lays on the mountain ranges. You can enjoy the craggy mountain peak with the verdant valley. The raging river is very beautiful.

Valencia: City of Sciences and Arts

Valencia is popular with the arts and science. You will find the astounding architecture. Many historical buildings look firmly for great culture. The most popular one is the Guggenheim museum. It amazes everybody with its wonderful curves.

Seville: Worth with Plaza de Espana

Seville is famous with the majestic and magnificent capital. It is in the Andalusia region. You will find the beautiful sights and atmospheric. Anibal Gonzalez built this Plaza de Espana in 1929. There are canals and a huge fountain in the center.

Segovia: Roman Remains

The remarkable Segovia reminds us with the Roman architecture. It serves a wonderful building. The double height sets the graceful arches. It offers the carved block building. You will fee satisfy watching this building architecture.

The Guggenheim in Bilbao

Bilbao has a great Guggenheim Museum. This is the unique building in this world. The giant sheets of the titanium and glass cover the exterior. It brings the curve and waves. You will find this modern and sophisticated art museum.

Cathedral: the Historical Santiago de Compostela

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Everybody knows this historical place. It features the Gothic Testament for Christian traditions. The building is huge with remarkable facades and fixtures.

Well, you can visit many places holidays in Spain. We only can mention some of the places. Many others are beautiful, historical, ancients, and interesting. Those tourist destinations in Spain are great. Just take some of days in your busy activities and enjoy Spain.

Are you curious? You can visit these best places to visit in Spain. It gives perfect vacation. You will find many types of tourism objects. It starts from mountains, beaches, and building architecture. Spending time in Spain is valuable. You will get many experiences. You must now miss those places. Love them with all breathtaking places.