Best Places To Stay In Costa Rica 2017

the best places to stay in Costa Rica
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Coastline on the Carrabin and pacific, Costa Rica is a popular country to stay in US. There are lot of the best places to stay in Costa Rica.

Retire overseas here is proper, but it is quite expensive. The capital, San Jose, it is known as the center of rain forest country in U.S The mother of nature in Costa Rica calls you to stay, even live permanently here.

Best Places To Stay In Costa Rica 2017

It is home for culture institution like a Colombian Gold Museum. It is far from NYC and the best place to escape from air pollution. Moreover, Costa Rica has various wonderful place to stay with family and couple.

best places to stay on the beach in Costs Rica
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Incredible beach access and nice spots in Costa Rica

Arenas Del Mal is located near Manuel Antonio National Park. In central pacific, the coastlines of Costa Rica are invisible and many sloth spotting beaches. You access the beaches with anyone.

The best coast road scenery can be seen from this location. You should know that there are two exotic beaches near here. Feel like living in a lonely planet which faces to the ocean. You cay lay out under palm trees and feel like you are in the private island.

In the National Park You can walk and explore lot of nice spots. You can also learn the local ecology. The best places to stay on the beach in Costs Rica are Northwest. Many resorts and hotel which offer the kinds of service. One of them is natural retreat. Moreover, you can feel mostly organic meals, raw foods, and vegans in various option.

Guanacasta Province has 300 acre width. Many properties are available for those who want to stay in Costa Rica. You can live in this area. Colony town of Isllta is the most entertainment place in this province. You can visit and do outdoor activities along the beach. The activities are horse riding, kayaking, cooking, and seeing wildlife.

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best romantic destination in Costa Rica
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Romantic places to stay in Costa Rica for couples

There will be better excuses to spend the time with couple. Have the best romantic destination in Costa Rica. Are you looking to rekindle or take honeymoon destination? Costa Rica offer the perfect mix of intimacy and romantic places.

Arenal is one of top romantic destination in Costa Rica. High end hotels, cool rainforest, and do fun activities are here. You can do the secret eloping. Spectacular volcano, hot spring, Jacuzzis, and luxury room are not far from the mountain. You can enjoy and relax your honeymoon with lover.

Manuel Antonio National Park is of great places to relax your body. Watch spectacular sunset from high water pool. The important thing is the pool faces to the ocean. Have intimate atmosphere, excellent service honeymoon packages here.

Where is popular place for wedding in Costa Rica? Playa Conchal is the best answer. It is the famous beach  for wedding or eloping in Costa Rica. You can feel white sand and clear blue water. Stunning water and beautiful scenery become the most romantic destination place in Costa Rica.

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cheap places to stay in Costa Rica

Cheap places to stay in Costa Rica

What do you think? Living in a hidden paradise, even low coast living in Costa Rica are perfect. The secret place and affordable, go to Southern Nicoya Peninsula. It is one of cheap places to stay in Costa Rica. With nine charming hideaways includes paradise of pacific. Another secrete place is Amor de mar. The location is appropriate for low budget destination.

The room is designed by using wood pattern in dark wood. There is a tide pool big enough to relax. Only 15 minutes walk to the sandy beach. Have Montezuma tour to explore this area.

Are you looking affordable price in village? Rancho Margot is former’s village far from downtown. This village offer plantation tour and you can participate for calculative work. Play on the farmer field and tap your toes here.  The villager plant kinds of flora. Natural and organic farm can bring you to do many things traditionally. Modern farm attracts the tourist to visit. You can do horse riding, mountain biking, yoga and etc.

the coolest place to stay in Costa Rica

The coolest place to stay in Costa Rica Forest

Forest is the coolest place to stay in Costa Rica. Not only white sand beaches, exotic volcanoes, This country is also rich in fauna. Thee government appreciates international tourists to protect the wildlife. Most of Costa Rica area is covered by jungle. So, there are various lodges, hotel, and resort are well established.

Staying in the edge of forest can challenge you. Resort and lodges offer the best service. Escape yourself to this tropical zones. The cloud forests are the coolest place to stay. In addition, you can find stunning waterfall gardens of La Paz. It is the best part to spend your vacation in the forest. There is plenty to explore and to do useful activities. You can have plantation tour, visit butterfly farm, and hummingbird gallery. It is not far from the lodges.

The lodges are located on the ground of private natural. Find incredible waterfall, lush garden, and animal observatory here. Hence, many things to do in the forest in lodges. The lodges can meet you to amazing landscape. In addition, it is the best hiking trail. You can go to explore the hills.

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Best places to stay in Costa Rica for family

Rustic Lodges to stay in Costa Rica for families

Travel to Costa Rica will not cost too much. Many lower flights and resort to stay in Costa Rica. If you choose jungle for best escape, rustic lodges are suitable. Best places to stay in Costa Rica for family are many. But, remember Costa Rica offer great place in the forest much better. The price for one night stay is based on the lodges. Rain forest and National park get you back to the nature.

Best Places To stay in Costa Rica are easy to find. If you have retirement plan in Costa Rica, you should spend a significant amount to calculate cost of living for retirement. Your decision is the best option to the appropriate destination place including countries, wealthy an etc. Move permanently to cut the cost of retirement abroad. If you are ready and quite brave, and live in nature, Costa Rica forest is the best option.